A Phone you can SHAVE with?! – Durability Test

A Phone you can SHAVE with?! – Durability Test

So we got a weird one today…a little something
I saw over on Unbox Therapy channel a while
It has to be one of the strangest phones I’ve
ever seen, but surprisingly only costed me
$35 on eBay.
A self-proclaimed dust-proof, shockproof,
waterproof, and rugged, dual SIM card cellphone,
with, get this, a built-in shaver.
Like the kind of shaver you would shave your
face with.
In the box it even has one of those little
bristle cleaners for the foil head.
I’ll be testing all of these features, if
it ever turns on, side-by-side with a normal
razor blade from Dollar Shave Club, who’s
sponsoring this video, all in the name of
science of course.
Let’s get started.
Turns out that the phone wasn’t dead out of
the box.
The phone has a massive old-school removable
3800 milliamp hour battery that has some tape
over the battery contacts.
And once I got that tape off everything started
We do durability tests here on my channel
to make sure…
[ Weird song starts playing from phone]
…to… make sure the manufacturers are giving us
quality durable products.
And that includes this Frankenstein monstrosity
of a cellphone shaver.
Let’s see what this thing is made from, starting
with the screen.
I have a set of Mohs picks that visibly show
us what the screen is made from.
Glass is a level 6.
A diamond screen would be a level 10.
But since this unique machine is only $30
on eBay, the screen is plastic, scratching
at a level 3 with deeper grooves at a level
It does have the brightest flashlight I’ve
ever seen on a phone though.
So if you’ve ever wanted to call your grandma
while shaving in the dark, this phone is for
The front buttons are painted plastic – kind
of what we would expect to find on the lower
end of the quality scale.
A higher end plastic button example would
be the embedded buttons on the Nintendo Switch.
We aren’t just here for the buttons though.
Let’s shave the shaver.
The side buttons are made from plastic.
It seems to be a reoccurring theme throughout
this phone.
The back panel is also made from plastic.
The center logo thing has more of a clear
rubber over the top.
The flashlight on the top of the phone has
a plastic lens which is fine and normal.
The camera lens though is also plastic.
It’s a bold move.
That little piece of plastic is protecting
all .3 megapixels of the camera, so it’s pretty
safe to say that quality pictures were not
the first priority on this flashlight shaver
that happens to make phone calls.
The little flap doohickey down at the bottom
protects the micro USB and regular sized USB
slot, and hasn’t stayed shut since I unboxed
this thing.
So I think that waterproof claim is completely
It will be nice to use that full-sized USB
slot to charge up some other accessories though.
It’s interesting that the dedicated shaver
switch on the side doesn’t have a safety lock.
I imagine this shaver randomly going off in
your pocket is going to be a real issue…still
more useful than Bixby though.
Let’s give this thing a shot at shaving.
You might be thinking to yourself, why is
this grown man shaving his arm with a cellphone,
and you’re right.
This is an incredibly weird situation.
I think maybe we should just clear your search
history and not talk about this again.
But if I’m being completely honest, this is
the best shave I’ve ever gotten with a cellphone.
10 out of 10.
I’m legitimately surprised it even works.
Fair is fair though.
Let’s see what an actual razor can do.
Dollar Shave Club has this starter box they
send out for $5 with free shipping.
It has all kinds of goodies.
They even have stuff like toothpaste and hair
styling products, for those of you who have
hair, that you can add into the kit later.
Not just razors.
And the best part is there are zero contracts,
so if being clean is not your thing, you can
quit whenever you want.
Not a bad deal at all for just $5.
Replacement blades are sent for just a few
dollars a month after the first batch and
I’ll leave a link in the description.
The razor is just as, if not more, efficient
than the shaver phone.
And it won’t awkwardly go off in your pocket.
Grab your own $5 kit with a link in the description,
or head to dollarshaveclub.com/JerryRig.
It’s pretty easy.
Thanks to Dollar Shave Club for sponsoring
this video.
Let’s finish off the durability test and see
how this shaver phone works from the inside.
One of the biggest flaws in this phone is
the lack of games.
There is no Snake game, which is kind of a
deal breaker for me.
The 2.6 inch screen is covered by that thick
layer of plastic so the heat from my lighter
doesn’t penetrate down into the display below.
But we can see it melting the outer plastic.
It did last about 18 seconds before turning
into a molten mess.
Which is good to know if you happen to be
shaving outside by a campfire.
Structurally, if it looks like a brick and
feels like a brick, there’s a good chance
it’s actually a brick.
And that is indeed the case with this random
conglomerate of gadgets.
The shaver phone is surprisingly sturdy.
I still have massive doubts about the waterproof
claims though, since there is no actual IP
rating and the back panel and bottom flap
keep opening up on their own.
So maybe don’t get this thing wet while shaving…you
might lose your $30 investment.
I vote we open it up and see how the shaver
operates from the inside.
It’s actually rather simple with 2 screws
holding the bottom together, 4 invisible screws
holding together each of the golden metal
side rails, and 2 more Phillips head screws
up at the top.
There’s one last tiny little guy guarding
the battery housing, and then the whole phone
can start to open.
The problem with opening up this phone is
that the screen is semi clipped into the front
housing, and since there are no Lego connections
holding the screen to the motherboard, I shredded
all the soldered ribbon cable between the
Kind of like how we saw on the World’s Smallest
Cellphone, except for I didn’t break that
The motherboard has the silver grounding tape
all over it, but once that gets peeled back
we get our first look at the circular vibration
motor and the even bigger loudspeaker sub-woofer
Remember that catchy little jingle that played
when I turned the phone on?
[Weird song playing from phone.]
This speaker is probably the biggest speaker
I’ve even seen inside of a cellphone.
The shaver motor, which is quite a bit bigger
than the Nex S front camera motor, is soldered
directly onto the main board.
No Lego connectors anywhere inside of this
phone, but there is an aluminum heat sink
on the back of the LED flashlight diode.
The thing is so powerful and bright that it
needs it’s own mini heat dissipation system,
which is actually super cool.
Thumbs up for that.
Let’s see how the shaver portion works.
The top metal circular foils pop off allowing
the insides to be clean.
But under those triangle pins is another trap
door with massive white circular gears.
The big motor inside spins it’s singular gear,
which in turn rotates the two larger gears
attached to the bottom of each of those triangular
silver posts.
Which then rotates the shaving mechanism underneath
the circular metal foils.
Pretty brilliant.
We can snag a closer look at the under side
of those foils.
You can see that the gaps in the foil are
just big enough to let hair through, but not
big enough that the little metal twisty bits
can snag on your skin.
The same basic principle applies to all shavers,
it’s just super interesting to see it here
on a cellphone.
I would put the whole thing back together
again, but somebody accidentally ripped the
screen off and destroyed the ribbons.
So it’s kind of incapacitated at the moment.
Still a super interesting phone though.
Grab your own $5 shaving kit from Dollar Shave
Club using my code and link in the description.
With free shipping, it’s cheaper than even
your local grocery store.
Would you ever use a phone like this?
Let me know down in the comments, and then
come hang out with me on Twitter and Instagram.
Thanks a ton for watching.
I will see you around.
[Phone playing weird song… again]

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