A Honda K24 Powered 240sx… Built to Grip!! Touge Factory’s JDM Frankenstein Madness

A Honda K24 Powered 240sx… Built to Grip!! Touge Factory’s JDM Frankenstein Madness

(car engine) – Honda – It’s beautiful isn’t it? That’s all waste gate springs, that’s not even max boost or anything. Listen to that. – Listen to it sing. (car engine) – Sick, now he needs to do a burnout. (scientific/upbeat music) (country music) – Bright and early in Chicago. We got a special treat for you today. Your boy kinda fell in
love with Honda Motors when I was here for Final Bout, stopped at Touge Factory,
and they were in the process of putting a Honda K24 in
their S14, and I loved it. And I know you can put a turbo on it, don’t touch the bottom end whatsoever, and you can make 500 plus
horsepower no problem. This thing is going to be a beast man. We’re going to go back
now and check it out now that it’s done, makes
over 500 horsepower, and it’s pretty much track ready. But, I needed someone
very special to be a part of this episode, so, (singing) – I hate you all. Almost two hours late. That’s two hours I could’ve
been sleeping, working, (expletives), whatever it
is I could’ve been doing. I could’ve been doing that for two hours, rather than waiting here
in the lobby of my hotel. – Why are you attacking me? (crying sounds) This is my special day. – But I am happy to see
you, I am happy to see you. – I brought you to come look at… – Hondas! – Hondas, and – So excited, I’m going to tell them why you shouldn’t get an F20, and
why it should be a K-Series. – Why don’t you tell me why
I should get a K-Series? – Are we really talking about this? Is this a real thing?
Because I’m so proud, because you started on the
right side of the world, but then you went to the dark side. You went all FR and drift-kid, but you started as a Honda guy. – It’s true. – And now, from what I understand, you may me, we may be bringing you back. – I might be blending it – You’re immersing worlds together, so, I think that’s what we’re
going to see today, I believe. – We’re going to learn a
lot about their kit today, and, yeah, I may already
have bought a Honda K24 before I got here. – See, very excited to
learn more about that. – ….. in the game. They’ve
built a lot of cool cars. So I’m excited to check it out. – Very excited. (upbeat music) Am I just allowed to walk
in, is that what happens? I’m walking in. – Oh man there he is. There he is right there. So, if you remember Mike
from our bonus video, he had the S14 with the
Honda K-Series motor, and he’s bringing me to
the dark side basically. I fell in love with it immediately. What made you do a Honda,
Honda K swap again? Like what was the reasoning? Because… – Uh, SR’s prices are going up, they’re 25 years old plus motors, which I mean, even if
you buy one off of eBay, or even a reputable …. importer, it does require a
refresh, or a full build. At least that’s what we do,
we won’t do an engine swap. K motors being that it’s their style. They’re readily available anywhere. Junkyards, your friend’s garages, I’m sure they have one. They’re cheap. You can have one for literally
from 600 to 800 bucks, fully assembled, dressed, long block. – So crazy. – And they’re capable of up to 450 also, almost 500 horsepower without
cracking the block open. – Which is a beautiful thing. (electronic music) – The Honda K-Series
engine was first introduced to the North American
market in the Acura RSX. Over time, it has supplanted
the B-Series range as the Honda four-cylinder
engine of choice. Much like the B-Series, the K’s cylinders feature
cast iron sleeves, which are more power friendly than Honda’s FRM cylinder liners. However, the improved airflow
and higher compression of its IVTEC heads help
the K-Series lay a 100% grade a quality smackdown
on the B-Series heads. The K20 also features a
coveted square design, 86mm bore and 86mm stroke, striking a balance between low-end torque, and top end power. While the larger K24’s over-square design provides more torque, it
compromises top-end power. Today, the K20/K24 hybrid
has proven to be the most ideal K-Series powerplant. This set up capitalizes
on the improved airflow of the K20 head, with the
increased displacement of the larger K24 block. Couple this with the clockwise rotation
of the K-series crank, that makes it compatible
with more transmissions, and you have a swap-friendly
formula for success. LS the world? I think not. – So we have right now a
bunch of parts actually this is all of your stuff. (gasp) (upbeat music) This is the S Chassis engine mounts. So, what we’re going
to develop is obviously more applications, so the
billet part will stay modular, these steel receivers are
going to be interchangeable. So let’s say we develop
the one for a head E30 – E30 I was just about to say. – All we’re going to
do is keep these same, we’re just gonna make new
metal receivers for the E30. – So you guys are try to
K the world basically? – Yeah, are you saying you want
one for the Twerk Stallion? Is that what you’re saying? – Uh, lets leave Twerk
out of this all right. I got you a stallion. – So this is what delayed
this whole project, because we made about, I
don’t know how many oil pans just to make sure everything
cleared, everything works. This is how we designed
it for clearance purposes. Sub-frame steering rack goes right here. So this little notch here clears the uh, bracket for the steering rack mount. – Right, this one here. – Yep. – So it’s like right on the edge huh? – This is literally perfectly
even with the front sub-frame. – You need something to take the impact, and it shouldn’t be this bad boy. Let’s go look at it. (upbeat music) And here we have it in all of it’s glory. – So we’re not going to
obviously offer plumbing, just because everyone has their own way that they wanted to
showcase their plumbing. – Right. – Ours is a mid mount setup
for our Timeatech bumper we have full ducting setup. So we kinda just have the
inter cooler stacked up with the radiator. – Speaking of plumbing, I see
how far back the engine is sat is there an opportunity
for a V-mount in there? – That’s what we’re going to do. – My JDM fanboy is so excited. That’s the response to everybody
that wants to LS the world, can’t V-mount. Here you got V-mount
opportunities, right here. – So we’re going to try to
do this without V-mounting, so that people don’t have to do a full two frame front, so
people can do a simple, you know ducting through the front. – So I see you got your radiator
plumbing going around here. Is that an adaptor? – That’s going to be
included with the kits, yes. We’re including one of those.
It’s a, you can swivel it. – Kinda put it wherever you need it. – Yep, and this is a kinetic
manifold, throttle body, so you can see you can actually
run factory components here. – Hi Dave – What up – How are you doing? Good to see you. Checking out your, you
guys’ masterpiece here. Getting, well I’m not getting bad ideas, I have a bad idea, and
it’s to put this motor in.. – You have an S Chassis – Yes I have an S Chassis. – And you may also might
have something in the future planned, right, for it? – Yes, maybe, maybe, just maybe. Maybe. – You can see how far the motor sits back. Where SR will end up
usually right about here, so this is, you know,
a really compact motor, and you can see that now
all the weight’s moved back, you know, on top of the front axle. Which makes the car much
better for like track handling and stuff like that so. – You wanna run us
through your turbo setup? – Uh, it’s the Precision Turbo 6062 Gen 2, with the v-band. Precision’s
v-band stainless housing, point 82 AR. This is
going to be our manifold that we’re going to offer for the kit. You can fit a larger than 6266, as you can see there is plenty of space. That’s pretty much plumbed everywhere, through to a belt inner cooler core. Like it was to a K-Miata intake manifold. Which allows you to run all OEM factory components from Honda. – This a fully built motor we using the Wiseco Pistons, a matte Manely Turbo Tuff Rods. I got the CSS treatment
on the motor, CS2 Cams, and then just, we just went ham, we just want everything
brand new OEM on this motor. – Right – The nepotist hardware – Yeah it looks, it
looks like a new motor. – Decreased displacement – Nice 2.4 – I don’t know its not often
you see Time Attack SGIC, and ah this is like one of my
favorites ever, it’s so good. – There’s a certain gentleman
named Under, Suzuki that has.. – I said, I said not many. Just because you still live
in the stone age, that… – Current record holder
in Scoovo right now! (electronic music) – In a testament to the power
of the self-taught master, Tomohiko Suzuki transformed himself into the privateer time-attack
legend, under Suzuki, through hard work and
inhuman determination. Cleverly nicknamed for his early
struggles with under steer, this self-taught owner-mechanic
works as a pharmacist by day, and by night builds an
rebuilds his iconic scorch racing Silvia S15 into a
record-breaking monster. Unlike most of the S Chassis Community, Under Shuns drifting in favor of his pursuit of time attack glory. Determined to be “the
fastest in the world,” Under has made many World Time
Attack Challenge Pro Class appearances since his first in 2011, with podium placements
almost every year since. Under and his scorch
racing S15 currently hold the lap record at The Tsukuba Circuit with
a 52.363-second lap. This smashed his own previous
record of 53.649 seconds. On the track many consider to be the birthplace of time attack. – Now, I like the flux door
panels, flux dash obviously. But that’s a pretty simple
office it looks like. – Yeah that’s real soft – Yeah its got a nice seat the shifter position is pretty.. – Its exactly the same. – So that’s the benefit of
like the ZF transmission, is you can just shoot short. – Well so, we gonna actually
build a linkage rod, shifter linkage, that’ll
position it there. Then were gonna also
include a shifter plate that’ll bolt onto where the
boot retainer rank sits, with a hole cut out for the DMW shifters. – Ah okay, okay. – So, you’ll have to get that
plate welded into your Cassis. – Right – We trying to make, cause like I said we trying to make it so
anyone can do majority of it in their garage. And then, take the car
to a fabrication shop to have the inner cooler
and things like that done. – Right, that’s a good looking race car I seen you put in work previously but never with this motor, so I’m excited to hang out today. One because of the car, and two because I miss hanging out with you. – I don’t know for sure, for sure. – I miss hanging out with you Mike. All right lets do this, huh. (car engine) (trap music) All right so we just made
it to Black hawk Farms. Mike’s S14 is getting ready, we show, we show you that in a second. But we’re gonna take the hot van, on the track, for a little uh wrecky. Is that what they call this,
they call this a wrecky? – This is a wrecky. – This looks like lime
record fours right here, it’s big-fast (singing) (laughter) You know? – Yep, almost yep – I love all these under steer marks this black blasting off the track that’s amazing. That’s so good. – Yep, nice See how big the rumbles are right now – Yeah, those are big – This one right here, I see ’cause Little get air bourne into off – Did they jump it? – Yep – All right Naz, ima go get a test fit – Dude – See if it’s even possible for me to – Let me see this, let’s see this lets get this on camera here. I gotta get that foot action man. Well we got one in What! What! Do you have peddle action? Do you have peddle action? – I have to take my shoes off. (laughter) Peddle so far forward – That’s fact 240. – Wait does this go up? – Nope (laughter) All fixed sir – Why you such a race car junkie? Bamboozled again – What, what, no. We have to figure out a
way to make this happen. – First mike yells at me this morning. Now I don’t fit in another car. (crying) (music) – I’m so sad, I’m so sad right now. I was going to live like
Harris right through ya. – All right, Mike is about to go down for some shake down laps. So, this is actually his first
time really testing his S14 with the Honda K24 swap, with
all of their prototype parts on it. So, it’s a big shake down for them. So they’re going to take
it slow, figure out and make sure everything’s good,
make sure oil pressure is good and make sure boost levels don’t go crazy. Like this is literally
his first shake down. (car engine) – Don’t! Its not a burnout machine. It’s a finely tuned time attack monster. – But, it’s a different sound – It is – So, you go to know what
the motor is gonna sound like burning out, if you’re
going to put it into a car. That’s just like a, that’s pretty basic – ..Is that a prerequisite? – Pretty basic thing Naz. Like anyone can floor it, but what does it sound
like when it’s burning out? You know? (car engine) Titanium exhaust – Dual exit – No that’s a easy 550 horsepower
right there just chilling. (car engine) – What came on – No oil pressure – All right so uh, ending today short due to the fact that the
oil pressure light came on. We want to go back and address the issue, look at the data logs, it does show that it’s dropping below the threshold that we set
the safety features at. – So you gonna hit the drawing boards, what do you think you’ll be changing? – We’re gonna use you
pants to kind of redraw, see how we can increase
capacity without having to make it deeper. Deeper wouldn’t be the easiest solution. Deeper means I’m gonna smash it. – Exactly – 100 percent – We don’t want that, so it’s a tricky situation, because your really limited
to the front sub frame. You also have the sway bar, where it comes down, so we’re trying to make this so
that you don’t have to modify your current existing
Cassis or anything else. We’re trying to make this so
it’s easy for people to just walk just right in and know you’re getting a full proof kit itself, so – Lucky for you I’m a patient guy, so – Well, you see some guys here, we’re trying to make it work full force for the next two weeks. – Yeah, I’m just playing man – Go back to testing
hopefully in two weeks – All right, best of luck! – Thank you – Bye bay, bye beautiful car, I see you later The problem with these
is that limits the hole for me to get in – You’re doing it wrong. I think you’re just suppose
to jump in with both feet an then let your butt
drop down into the seat. – Yeah but, there isn’t
enough room for this. That means I’ll have to go heads first. That’s the wrong way. – What’s up, what’s up. (laughter) (car engine)

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  1. I am thinking about a Honda K series swap into my 240sx but these oil pressure issues everyone has been running into is very worrying.

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