A. C. MOTOR – ENGLISH – Motor from a salvaged tube light choke!

A. C. MOTOR – ENGLISH – Motor from a salvaged tube light choke!

you can make this amazingly simple model with
just an old choke, bulb, copper wire and permanent magnets. first take the copper wire and roll
it to make a coil with about 1200 turns separated in 3 layers by a paper. now take an old choke
and open it after removing epoxy and the copper winding take out the iron core, the U shape
iron core. an old choke is just a transformer. once you remove these wires you can take out
the iron core and tape it to make two U shape iron cores. motors work on the basic principle
of magnetic induction. it says that whenever you pass a current through a conductor it
produces magnetic field and when we pass alternating current through the conductor it will produce
alternating magnetic field or spinning magnetic field and when it interacts with permanent
magnet it will try to repel the magnet. and since the magnet is free to move it will rotate
and this is the basic principle of AC motor. now you can fix this U shaped iron core on
the wooden board using the screws. put another support where you can put the rotating magnets.
you need to connect a 60V bulb to the coil in series. this is because the copper wire
in our coil has very little resistance and if we do not connect it to a load it will
short our power supply and the coil will burn. after inserting the coil in one of the iron
core insert the other iron core on top. take these two magnets and attach it to the cycle
spoke. this is our rotor. now if you put this rotor in the space between the two iron cores,
you can see it does not rotate. the moment we switch on the current, magnetic field passes
very strongly in the space between the iron cores. it interacts with the permanent magnet
and attracts because it is a rotating magnetic field and this is what spins our motor. see
how it rotates beautifully. we need the core to make the EMF concentrated between the space
in the two iron cores. see how children are having fun. you have to be careful making
this model and make sure that you have connected the bulb in series.

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  1. soory to disturb again i did not understood how to keep 2magnets togater i mean same or side opposite side of magnet how to connect the coil and bulb holder with such. please sir make another video. as soon as possible by your self

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