9 Proper Steps to Break-In New Mercedes or AMG During First 1k miles!

9 Proper Steps to Break-In New Mercedes or AMG During First 1k miles!

Have you seen all these people having
problems with the car? Same people … always
having problems with cars? They don’t
know how to break-in the car in the first place!
Today, I’m going to use the
so I can write on it.
I still remember when my dad told me: Son!
Make sure to warm up your engine
in the morning before you start driving!!!
Was he right?
This and much more, stay tuned!
“How to properly break-in the brand new Mercedes or AMG during first 1,000 miles (1500 km). Tips & Tricks”
Guys, to explain this – I’m going to use
this little blackboard. I’m going to write on it.
“Question: Why do you need to break-in a brand new vehicle anyway?”
Let’s compare a brand new car to a little
brand new baby. If you give to baby milk,
if you give him the vitamins, the right
and… especially if you give him a good-looking nurse!
Guys! I said: “good-looking nurse!”
Yeah – much better! Anyway, the end result
will be happy and healthy grown up.
And the same is with the car. When you get brand new “baby car”, if you pay a lot of money,
And you do a proper break-in, instead of milk, for the first 1,000 miles; – the end result will be
no problem of driving for up to 1 million
miles or maybe even more!
“Question: Did you know, brand new Mercedes-Benz and AMG vehicles are pre-programmed to be in the LEARNING MODE
during the first 1,000 miles (1500 km) of driving? And TEACH-IN procedure must be performed!”
To answer this question let’s look at
Operator’s Manual. This one is for GLS but it
works the same for any others. As you can see: “Effectiveness is not reached until
the end of teach-in procedure. Let’s look
at some steps on how to break-in the new car
“Drive at varying vehicle and engine speeds for the first 1,000 miles”
during this period you have to
vary the speeds. You have to drive with
different speeds, don’t drive with the
same speed
do not use cruise control. So use 10
miles per hour, 20 miles per hour,
30 miles per hour… just use different speeds
go up and down up and down
“Avoid heavy loads, e.g. driving at full throttle, during this period;”
Don’t do it!
DO NOT do it!
“Change gears timely, before the tachometer needle gets to Red;”
obviously you can shift gears on this
car… but during this time I don’t
recommend, just use automatic
transmission, let it shift itself
“Do not manually shift to a lower gear to brake the vehicle;”
For the first 1,000 miles, do not downshift
to slow down the car, just use brakes
Avoid depressing the accelerator pedal beyond resistance (flooring);
If you do it, and you blow the piston out
of the engine! You will have to pay for a repair.
Because warranty will not cover.
That’s your problem, And it’s very expensive to fix!
You need to take some
additional steps for AMG “babies”
Well… let’s change “babies” to
“brand new vehicles”
“DO NOT drive faster than 85 MPH (140 km/hr) during first 1,000 miles;”
“ONLY allow the maximum engine speed of 4,500 RPM briefly;”
I don’t even recommend to go more than
4,000 rpm, but if you have to go 4,500
just go for very short time, very short
“Change gears in good time;”
“Ideally, drive only in “COMFORT” drive program during this period;”
there are different driving modes from
all the new Mercedes and new AMG
this particular car is GLS and you can see
there is Individual mode, Sport, Comfort,
snow, slippery, but for the first thousand
miles make sure you’re in the “Comfort” mode.
After 1,000 miles you can do whatever you want, but first 1000 miles make sure
you are in the “Comfort”. Some other models
they have.. they have select button
“Dynamic select” button in the different
position for example this one is over here
but the bottom line you have to be in
“Comfort” and you can see it on your
instrument cluster.
You see the instrument cluster has to be in “C”, which
means “Comfort” mode. Obviously you can change
Sport, Individual etc..
but make sure for the first 1,000 miles
it has to be “C” you have to be in the
“Comfort” mode.
So let’s go to the question
we asked at the beginning of this video
Should be warm-up the engine in the morning
on a brand new car?
Was he right?
when you start your car
first thing in the morning obviously
your temperature is…. there’s no
temperature – so it’s cold
Most people will wait until it warms up
but it’s actually WRONG. Okay? And if you
don’t believe me we’re going to look at
Mercedes Benz manual and Mercedes Benz
manual says: “DO NOT warm up the engine with
the vehicle stationary.
Drive off immediately! And obviously don’t push it
until it’s warm – until temperature is
raised…. but don’t idle it either…
“The more you look after the engine when it is new, the more satisfied you will be with it’s performance in future”
“Special bonus: Deleted Scenes for….. Comedy Central”
I still remember when my…
I still
remember when my dad told me: Son,
make sure to warm up your engine every
morning before you start driving
you think he was right? Was he right?
Was he right about that?
Was he right about it? Do you think he
was right??
Guys! If you blow..
Guys! If you blow the piston
out of the engine… You will have to pay
for repair! Warranty will not cover and
it’s very expensive to fix it!
Very expensive.
I’m telling you…
Hello Internet!
Today we’re going to talk about breaking-in brand new Mercedes Benz
if you go to
YouTube and enter MBZ Master
and search for it, you will get almost
2400 results… but my channel is number 1
so if you click on it,
you can see all my videos I have, a lot
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everything about Mercedes and AMG, so you
hit “Videos” and you can see I have a lot of
videos that you can find useful like video manuals etc…
But right now I have to go to a car-wash. My car is dirty! “TO BE CONTINUED!”

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  1. I added English subtitles. If someone wants to contribute the translation into another language, here is a link http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?v=M–A02UxNXw&ref=share

  2. Your dad was right about the old cars which required to warm up the engine, but with the new cars it’s not necessary

  3. This is nonsense. This video should be called "how to wash your bores and prevent rings from sealing".
    Break-in only lasts for maybe 100-200 km on a modern engine. Drive it normally until up to normal operating temperature, and then let it pull hard a few times, slowing back down in the same gear.
    Do this a few times and your break-in is over and done with. Breaking in a car by being gentle with it is just a bad idea.

  4. What happens if you go over 4,500 a couple times is this a issue? I go at varying speeds all the time have a new 63s??

  5. i've driven 200km/h and floored it and put it in sport+ a few times (probably around 10 or less) in the 500km I have put on so far. how bad is it that I have done this?

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