8 Most Powerful Insane Vehicles You Must See

8 Most Powerful Insane Vehicles You Must See

welcome to TTI welcome to a whole new
world of science fun and machines hexapod walking machine the hexapod
walking machine is the result of more than four years of research and
development by micro magic systems the Mantis has been described as the biggest
all-terrain operational hexapod robot in the world and if you’re lucky enough to
see this absolute behemoth in the flesh it isn’t that hard to believe it stands at a frightening 2.8 meters
high with a 5 meter working envelope and weighs in at just under two tons it can
be controlled manually or with the use of a remote control it is powered by a
2.2 liter turbo diesel engine and designed by British engineer Matt Denton
who is famous for holding the Guinness World Record certificate for the largest
rideable hexapod robot and for his work in Hollywood blockbusters including the
movie Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban buzina 5 the buzina 5 was
designed by way industry a company based in Slovakia
it is a remote-controlled demining system used to help remove
anti-personnel and anti-tank mines in war-torn countries from all over the
world it works with the use of a rotating
flail chain demining system which houses a primary machine body flail device and
an operators cab and transport platform trailer it has been demonstrated to be
able to withstand the equivalent of a nine kilogram TNT blast making the
buzina 5 indispensable in high threat decontamination this device can also be
used to clear bushes and low vegetation and its specifications include a total
weight of 12,000 20 kilograms the ability to Ford up to 800 millimeters a
stated engine output of 170 kilowatts and a working speed of up to 9
kilometers per hour the operator of the vehicle can keep an eye out of the
exterior with the use of protected lights PTZ and fixed cameras with
infrared capabilities fly nano the fly nano seems like it belongs in a
movie it is a single-seat carbon-fiber
seaplane built for the ultimate adrenaline rush for those so inclined
the carbon fiber components bring its way down to a manageable 70 kilograms
which boosts up the take-off speed to a stunning 90 km/h in a level speed of 120
kilometers per hour the fly nano has undergone a redesign to
replace its previous gas tank with an all-electric power plant and its unique
carbon-fiber frame is said to actually make the fly none of lighter-than-air you can fly this beautiful machine if
you already have a pilot’s license although this may not be required in
some regions but most importantly you must have a handy pair of goggles and
your weight should be less than 100 kilograms or 220 pounds phantom ray the
phantom ray was created by Boeing to be the latest and most advanced
demonstration stealth unmanned combat air vehicle or UCAV in the industry it was fully developed by Boeing and
made its flight debut in April 2011 it was based on the Boeing designed X 45 C
prototype aircraft the Boeing phantom rate was reputed to
have made a very short trip from the minds of the designers to having an
actual functioning product in less than three years befitting its role as
Boeing’s flagship unmanned airborne system it has been demonstrated to be
capable of carrying out a program of test flights involving surveillance and
ground attack and is reputedly able to lift with apparent ease ex8 thousand
east six excavator the hitachi IX 8000 d6 electric drive hydraulic excavator is
said to be the first of its kind in the world it was assembled in China and
rumor has it that it took up to 14 days for the ultra large excavator to be
transported from the hitachi naka port in japan to its final destination at the
mine it is the largest excavator made by
Hitachi with its 43 cubic metre coal bucket and the capability to work in
temperatures exceeding 50 degrees centigrade this giant machine is powered
by twin Cummins diesel engines assisted by computer-aided engine pumping trol
the Hitachi IX 8,000 east six electric drive hydraulic excavator is rumored to
take almost two months to assemble and has been shown to have been received
with great demand in North America Australia and Mozambique ultra tracks
amphibious excavator clogged waterways have been a problem
since the dawn of civilization ask the Romans the ultra Trek’s
amphibious excavator makes this problem a thing of the past designed to stay afloat even in shallow
water this device can help scrape the surface of the water bed clean in less
time than it takes to make a fresh cup of coffee it is fast durable and
efficient and can be trusted to work in a variety of suboptimal environments
like peat swamp waterlogged land shallow channels as well as in fast flowing
river ways it works with the use of a detachable
amphibious hydraulic undercarriage with an ultra low ground pressure which
grants an unparalleled mobility and efficiency it is strong enough to
withstand corrosion and heavy duty use and adaptable enough to rotate through
360 degrees if required the Punisher the aptly named Punisher brings fear to the
hearts of drivers and pedestrians alike this vehicular monstrosity looks like
the famous Batmobile at first glance but a closer look would showcase the
difference the punx Gesser was developed by the Russian Special Forces and is a
thick armor plated all-black vehicle designed to withstand attacks by
projectiles and even survived landmine explosions aside from its near
impenetrable defenses the Punisher also gives you the opportunity to attack with
intentional gaps in the class 6a armor which allows for firearms to be mounted
and deployed with extreme prejudice it is rumored that this vehicle was shown
to Vladimir Putin himself and met with his enthusiastic approval which is
pretty much all you need to know to prove how absolutely wicked this vehicle
is lilium jet make no mistake the lilium jet is a
fully functional aircraft no matter what it may look like this stunning vehicle
was designed by German air taxi start-up lilium as a response to the problems
associated with the need for extended runways before takeoff and landing it is
a five seater 36 rotor Electric prototype capable of going as fast as
100 kilometers per hour or 62 miles per hour with a projected range of 300
kilometers or 186 miles lilium has just recently completed its
first manufacturing facility with the help of a veteran aerospace executive
and reports say that they are poised to launch passenger operations in several
locations around the world by 2025 what the low iam jet offers is an electric
vertical takeoff and landing aircraft with a unique egg-shaped cabin and wings
with 36 electric jet engines an abling vertical takeoff and horizontal flight
stay strapped to your seat folks because the lilium jet may just be the aircraft
of the future there you have it folks a list of the
eight mind-blowing vehicles from all over the world which of these vehicles
did you think were the most insane tell us in the comments below don’t forget to
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  1. The "Punisher" was the baddest of them all. But I am really tired of seeing that "Hexapod" machine. Every channel on YT similar to this one has featured it and it has no real purpose that I can see. It is however, unique.

  2. Hexapod creator MATT DENTON more famous for engineering BB8 from star wars tbh – look him up. Mantis is a beautiful beast thou. Stunning piece of engineering

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