welcome to TTI welcome to a whole new
world of science fun and machines sharp
the sharp ATV combines strength and
power and a modestly sized all-terrain
mini monster known for its ability to
tackle environments ranging from ice to
water too pushy undergrowth with equal
ease the sharp ATV is the results of
decades of innovation and development by
st. Petersburg based designer Alex I
gotta Gaussian with its blend of cool
and practicality this no-nonsense
vehicle seems to scream bring it on as
it tackles all that the world’s can
throw at it
it features a 15 gallon tank which feeds
power up to a forty four point three
horsepower Kubota the 15:05
four-cylinder diesel engine and has been
shown to reach top speeds of 45
kilometers an hour on land and about
seven kilometers an hour on water this
four seater of 1.3 ton vehicle can carry
up to a thousand kilograms of weight and
could be yours at a price starting from
$65,000 as torille shaman a buy eight
a Russian company by the name of Taurus
has designed an 8×8 all-terrain vehicle
with four-cylinder turbo diesel engine
known as AB Taurus shaman this 8×8 beast
can tackle any terrain land water or
mountains with its six point three meter
long 2.7 meter high and two and a half
meters wide dimensions and low pressure
tires powered by an IV co fi c 3.0 liter
turbo diesel engine it can draw on a
maximum power of 146 horsepower and 350
Nm of maximum torque to carry up to one
and a half tons of cargo while reaching
speeds of 80 kilometers an hour on the
road and seven kilometres an hour on the
water this vehicle features 260 liter
tank and costs around 180 3125 euros
Knight XV
the night XV was designed by conquest
vehicles based in Toronto Canada for one
reason alone to provide the most
luxurious armored vehicle on the planet
judging by the high demand for the night
XV they appear to have met their goal
this classy monster is loosely based on
the Ford 550 chassis and is powered by
6.8 liter gasoline engine it’s
durability is ensured by ballistic
hardened steel and ballistic fiberglass
fenders with armored glass 64
millimeters thick ballistic run-flat
tires rims constructed from the same
material as commercial aircraft landing
gear to the knight XV is powered by
engines providing 325 horsepower and 400
pound force of cork for 300 horsepower
and 660 pound force of torque with the
body stated to be 20 feet long eight
point two feet wide and eight point
three feet tall with a ground clearance
of 360 millimeters its wheelbase is
given as 12 point 8 feet and has a
curved weight of five point nine tons
other extras include an Alpine
multimedia system GPS navigation system
parking sensors stainless-steel running
boards and remote entry with push-button
start if you’re excited by this shopping
list of capabilities
you should probably hurry because only a
hundred units of the night XP are
presently in existence oh you should
have your wallet ready as one unit comes
at just above six hundred twenty
thousand dollars Gayo rescue
the gaya rescue is the vehicle the world
never knew it needed this four wheeled
stalwart is a custom-built multi-purpose
rescue truck with a wide range of
capabilities including transportation
medical support and firefighting not
content to be the automotive equivalent
of the behemoth this tank sized crusher
comes with seating for close to a dozen
people and is customizable with the
addition of stretchers medical
monitoring equipment and yes even a
pneumatic pillow to complete your
wildest fantasies what about power you
may ask well this 3.2 ton miracle
possesses heavy-duty transmission with
lockable axles and is driven either by
ridiculous petrol powered engines with
outputs ranging from 340 bhp to 500 bhp
or diesel units producing between 218
bhp and 304 bhp and get this membership
to a military outfits means you can add
even more capabilities to this already
stacked vehicle such as electromagnetic
and water protection ripsaw a v3
in the race to be the biggest fastest
monster on the planet the ripsaw eb-3 is
way ahead of the competition produced by
a team of innovative engineers exists at
how we and how he technologies a main
based R&D company the ripsaw IDI series
seems determined to dominate the
competition and show taste why it’s one
of the fastest selling vehicles in its
class on the planet it blends luxury
with high performance speed with
strength and holds the record for the
fastest dual track vehicle ever
developed the ripsaw is available in
three seating configurations to suit
your needs
this single seat eb-3 x1 which boasts of
a single seater twin track leisure tank
with a 727 cubic inch Hellcat Hemi
engine and the two-seater Evy 3f 2 and
the 4 seater Evy 3f for at a price
starting from $300,000 you can own a
unit of this perfect blend of utility
and luxury with its high strength and
durability granted by aerospace grade
steel and aluminum composites 1,500
horsepower and a top speed of 120
kilometers an hour
Bulldog Xtreme 4×4 innovation is
consistent and Holley and how we
incorporated seemed determined to prove
that their success with the ripsaw was a
no fluke as they stunned the world yet
again with the Bulldog Xtreme 4×4 this
bulldog 4×4 is the world’s first truly
american-made production brush truck and
it lives up to its name with a stunning
capacity of 2,000 gallons of either
water or foam the specs of this vicious
beast are 12 tons of pure power to push
back even the densest of undergrowth in
order to get to the flame 54 inch
military heavy expanded mobility
tactical truck tires and a hundred and
one by a hundred and twenty by 300 of
top durable material powered by
inefficient diesel engine
in an 80 gallon tank to give it more
than enough drive to meet its goal belaz
when you think of the belaz 75710 you
are reminded of the recent evolution in
the realm of mining tracks the belaz
75710 provides the biggest capacity in a
mining truck in the industry where size
has become everything
it proves its dominance in this regard
with a stunning capacity for about 496
tons of payload with an empty truck
weighing another 360 tons by itself this
heavy-duty monster was created by the
Belarusian company the last in response
to demand by a Russian shipping company
and the rapid sales of this unit have
demonstrated that it was a truly
necessary addition to the industry for a
very reasonable price of 6 million
dollars you can get your hands on one of
these monsters with specification such
as 20.6 long eight meters high and 9.8
meters wide eight Michelin tubeless
tires powered by two 16 cylinder
turbocharged diesel engines providing a
staggering total power output of 4,600
horsepower this surprisingly PC monster
runs at 64 kilometers an hour and makes
use of electromechanical transmission
powered by alternating currents
PNH mining equipment 4100 AC created by
a company interested in all aspects of
mining the P and H mining equipment 4100
AC provides 1645 tons of sheer power
what’s called the precision and control
that a Centurion electrical control
system can give you it combines superior
performance monitoring and data
integration capabilities with direct
integrated communication with the motor
drives which allows for the precise
control and speedy cycle times needed to
move a hundred twenty ton payloads of
material every 30 seconds into the tray
of a nearby 400-ton capacity haul truck
thanks for watching which machine did
you find the most interesting and why
let me know the reason in the comments
section below if you’re new here feel
free to subscribe I’ll catch you guys in
my next video peace


  1. Can you please use one measuring unit?
    For example in one video, either use metric or imperial (or translate from metric to imperial or vice versa) but between different machines use the same units (keep Newton meters, meters, centimetres… for each machine)
    Otherwise good video ! Keep it up!

  2. Nice video & thanks for this information
    I want to know the name of the background music which you use after 2:46 min in this video

  3. Love the vids, but can you PLEASE stick to one unit of measurement? I'm watching and I constantly have to convert them, which makes me miss specs sometimes. Thank you.

  4. Apart from the mining digger i loved them all! What i wouldn't give to drive that Belaz on a rampage through the street,lol! The Ripsaw EV3 is definitely the most fun while looking futuristic, but the Knight XV looks the coolest.

  5. I'm no expert, but to me 18 percent doesn't sound like such a great speck, especially where those trucks are used, in strip mining operations.

  6. why do you write it metric on one machine standard on another then euros on one dollers on another.i hate that.and you sound like your phoneing it in.
    its a deal breaker for me.i didnt finish watching it.

    i understand the world has gone meteric.
    but at 52 i cant grasp distances,weights ect
    that are in metric.
    so its frustrateing to me,when im engagued in the video and then the spects,that are important to me,come in a form i cant relate to.
    just my .02
    ilk go watch the other guys videos

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