8 Crazy Amazing Snow Vehicles 😎

8 Crazy Amazing Snow Vehicles 😎

hi everyone welcome to TTI today we’re
going to explore eight insane snow vehicles that are on the next level Lotus concept ice vehicle the Lotus
concept ice vehicle was designed by Cary on Bradley
to be a scout for larger heavier vehicles on ice of questionable
thickness powered by an R to 59 oil head BMW motorcycle engine running on e85 bio
ethanol the Lotus concept ice vehicle plans to see action at the moon regen
Transantarctic expedition held in Antarctica coming in at fourteen point
eight feet in length and width the Lotus concept ice vehicle has three oversized
skis for low friction and a large spike to metal arm for braking functions with
an inbuilt radar to detect the treacherous terrain and the capability
to handle conditions that few other vehicles can this ice vehicle is truly
ahead of the pack MTT one three three six led the MTT one
three three six LED sounds like what it is a terrifying combination of a
snowmobile and a war tank designed by Yvonne Martell this all-terrain
all-electric vehicle is multifunctional as it is enigmatic delivering a range of
somewhere between 45 and 220 kilometers 137 miles depending on the battery
selected and this lightweight vehicle can reach to speeds up to 49 kilometers
an hour when it really gets going it possesses a strong pulling functionality
granted by a low center of gravity loads upon loads of electric torque and a 136
inch caterpillar treads system all working in tandem to make this one heavy
pulling electric monster Lynx Boondock er
the new iteration of the boondock revolutionizes the way we had previously
thought about snowmobiles the Lynx Boone docker is powered by a hundred sixty
five horsepower Rotax 850 e-tec two-stroke engine which gives it more
than 30% higher throttle response than its previous iteration without
sacrificing its fuel economy it also maintains its trademark PPS 2d S Plus a
rear suspension system intact to provide a shallower angle of attack which
improves flotation in deep snow new improvements have been introduced to
improve handling and power and also include narrower bottom pan side panels
and running boards together with the short Radian DS tunnel to reduce drag snow pad the so no pad is a futuristic
combination of snowmobile and a moped designed to make travel over the snowy
ground a fun and enjoyable experience designed by Joey Reuter this vehicle
takes the form of a computer hard drive and was built by fabricator Jeff long
using lightweight aluminum paneling to form its body the front of the vehicle
features a bright LED light which illuminates the snowy terrain while
cylinder snow scooter seats its ride in a low-slung cafe racer posture at the
rear made as efficiently as possible this notepad measures six feet
lengthwise and is a stunning six inches wide ripsaw Eevee
the ripsaw Eevee was designed to be the biggest and meanest vehicle on the road
created by a crack team of engineers at the prestigious Howie and Howie
technologies incorporated the ripsaw is the fastest dual tracked vehicle on the
planet and it features the perfect combination of speed strength and
luxurious finishing and what is guaranteed to be the wildest driving
experience of your life the ripsaw drives smoothly for such a large and
fast vehicle and was built to tread delicately over a variety of landscapes
be it ice or snow or mud the ripsaw has been shown to travel at a top speed of a
hundred 20 kilometers an hour produced in three seating configurations the
single seat Evi 3f1 the two-seater v3 f2 and the
four seater evie 3 F 4 and with prices starting from just $300,000 the ripsaw IV offers options and seating
as well as the range of uses with each unit possessing high strength and
durability granted by aerospace grade steel and aluminum composites think Frost the faint frost was first conceived by
Norwegian designer Anders gloss late currently a student of ie D Torino and
Italy it was designed as a concept proposal for think which is an electric
car company based in Norway the think Frost was created as a two-seater sports
car platform based on a tubular spaceframe chassis with a double
wishbone suspension and it’s inspired by the harshness and unforgiving nature of
the Arctic climate to reflect this the exterior of the think Frost is stark and
beautiful it also offers superior traction on the treacherous mix of ice
and slush with its trademark radical tracks Arctic airboat
the arctic air boat travels faster than light well not really but this speedy
vehicle may well be the fastest thing on a hard ice designed by 3d CAD designer
Henrique Parrish these vehicles are particularly suited for rescue
operations providing a fast smooth and reliable ride ever since their invention
in the 1930s hydro copters vehicles like the Arctic air boat have been popular in
Nordic countries as the primary means of transportation in areas where no other
means are reliable hydro copters are able to traverse over thin ice and water
and are more durable than hovercraft which gets their skirts damaged by the
sharp ice in response to this innovator Henrique Parrish constructed an airboat
with air suspended pontoons which were made of polyethylene which was a more
flexible than the traditional aluminum and had much less friction against ice
and snow the Arctic airboat combines all these advantages with a unique design
and an ability to run at speeds exceeding a hundred km/h on ice making
it the true flash over the ice snow tracks 1,100 turbo diesel series the
snow tracks 1,100 turbo diesel series is a high powered low weight vehicle
capable of climbing pulling and plowing ahead of the competition designed to be
as low slung as possible this powerhouse can drag groomers trailers sleighs and
any other equipment you can attach to it through a variety of weather conditions
most notably at high elevations and during winter the light Trax is driven
by hydro static power providing a fine control and maneuverability not found
elsewhere it combines this with intuitive handling comfortable sitting
experience and durability requiring very little maintenance
the base model comes with a radio rear and front light 12 gallon fuel tank
heaters and is capable of producing 45 power to reach a top speed of 18 miles
per hour the snow tracks 1,100 turbo diesel series is ideal for ice fishing
hunting utilities site maintenance transportation and snow removal why are
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  7. Love the videos! Very cool machines and footage/editing. The only criticisms I really have is are the audio quality(almost sounds like you’re too close to the mic maybe) the other is just pronunciation. (Howe & Howe Tech is pronounced like How & How)
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