8 Awesome Vehicles That are so Unusual

8 Awesome Vehicles That are so Unusual

welcome to another exciting video of TTI
welcome to a whole new world of science and fun today we are going to watch some
unusual vehicles which your eyes have never seen before so sit back relax and
enjoy my friends number one man to five have you ever thought how cool it is
walking on water just like Jesus Christ today we are living in the miraculous
scientific age where even running the bicycle on water is possible meat man 2
5 a freaking awesome water paddle cycle an indigenous designed bike that
overcame the complexities of hydrofoils and propeller positions now this wonder
cycle is a perfect way to get fun with enhanced speed and better stability on
water just keep paddling the cycle to recharge your battery which is
responsible of powering 400 watt motors the cycle body is aerodynamic
hydrodynamic and modular nature push out the cycle from water just by paddling it
now it is ready to defeat your competitor in the water race thanks to
its carbon-fiber body it weighs only 20 kilograms and it can reach more than 20
kilometers an hour of speed number two row bike maybe we think that old people who are
suffering from harvey lated problems don’t have happiness and fun in their
life introducing robic a new hope for not only fun but also is a great way for
cardiovascular exercise designed by engineer Scott Olson and his team now
say goodbye to worries about unwanted and predicted knee joints and spine
fractures during exercise surprisingly now you can burn 1,200 calories per hour
that’s almost four times compared to regular bicycling moreover this crazy
bicycle is made up of aluminum of grade seven thousand five with the 66
centimeter long power lever number three the box what will happen if your
suitcase becomes your vehicle yes you got that right it’s one of the most
unusual electric scooters within a compact size geometry the Box scooter is
now available in a variety of versions its most expensive version is equipped
with 6,000 watts powered motors that’s why it’s capable of reaching 80
kilometres an hour but when the scooter is fully charged
then surprisingly it can reach up to 96 kilometers an hour the Bucks scooter was first introduced
at the Portland International Auto Show and designed by its founder Eric Vaughn
thanks to its innovative technology now you can recharge it in just one hour
number form you are be electric scooter this electric scooter is the most
compact floating scooter which weighs only 11 kilograms and requires four
hours to fully charge with awesome intrument panel it is the best electric
scooter for people who travel for short distances like going to the office for
work or going for shopping at the nearest supermarket the 250 watt rear
wheel motor powered by lithium ion battery helps to reach its maximum speed
of 24 kilometers an hour on a single charge it can go up to 32 kilometers of
total distance this also has a USB port to recharge your phone during free time
thanks to better suspension systems now you can enjoy your ride with total
expenditure of 900 dollars number five the jet boiler have you ever wondered after watching
the magic carpet in the Aladdin series nowadays water surfing is boring too if
you know the Silver Surfer then ensure that the Silver Surfer has the coolest
surfing board ever to be imagined introducing the jet boiler which is
developed by Don Montagu for those who want autumn it fun this miraculous
flying board is a motorized surfboard which uses both an electric motor and a
hydrofoil for more efficient water top cruising the surface feels almost like
on a magic carpet plane that’s awesome I know you are thinking how do you control
its speed the answer is very simple a wire to remote-control running from the
board to the surfers hand that’s the most easy way to control its speed even
though it has electric motors it is the fastest and most silent surfing board
ever created but changing direction of this magic board requires her feet with
controlling body weight and gravity in almost every suitable way number six
Joe hammer j1 whenever I think about enjoying bike rides
I think Wolverine is the best person who enjoys it Ghost Rider is another person
who does crazy bike stunts introducing Joe hammer J won a miraculous electric
bike which can go 300 kilometers on one single charge even though this electric
horse weighs 150 kilograms it can reaches maximum speed of 175 kilometers
an hour with the help of an 11 kilowatt engine if you look at this beauty it
seems to be a medieval hounding horse with armor Joe hammer j1 is developed
and manufactured in Austria which takes three hours to get fully recharged even
though it is the best way to enjoy wide on roads with two awesome rear view
mirrors but luckily it doesn’t require maintenance number Seven’s BMW
landspeeder experts from the company revival cycles
of Texas created this unusual BMW motorcycle for a special customer the
main idea behind the creation of the BMW landspeeder was to make it a lighter
vehicle than the original one and to increase efficiency and speed to achieve
that the developers use the engine of another motorcycle notably the display
version does not use lights battery or alternator since racing bikes don’t eat
them nor do they need brakes instead the motor was connected directly
to a magnets on the other hand the vehicle was equipped with an individual
frame of the long wheelbase a stainless steel body of for an adjustable rear
shock absorber and stainless steel exhaust system was brown pipes it should
be noted that the steering wheel brackets controls and many other details
were created manually unfortunately we couldn’t find out the cost of this
unique model number eight Ark aboard the ARCA Space an aerospace company
introduced the ARCA board even though it looks like a wooden block in actuality
it is more complex it contains 36 electric motors with more
than 270 horsepower a digital circuit for stability and wireless communication
systems were included even though it is heavy almost 80 kilograms thankfully it
can generate thrust of 200 kg F that’s enough power to fly with a person whose
weight is less than 110 kilograms so tell me guys are you light enough to
ride this board thanks to its complex software calculations now balancing
became easy and even though you can control it via your smartphone ARCA
board is a great way to enjoy it because it can lift you up to a safe
height of 30 centimeters and it can provide you with the safe speed of 25
kilometres an hour but unfortunately the ARCA board is not
powerful enough to fly for a long time and it generates a significant amount of
heat which is not expected by consumers thank you for watching which vehicle do
you want to enjoy if you get a free try let me know in the comments I will catch
you in my next video peace now our channel is available in the Hindi
language for technology penetration in India check out and discover something

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  1. Childhood square daughter ggqfq impression spread punishment environment cool weapon ideology transition fundamental.

  2. What is the narrator or script writer's native language? I enjoy the content, but wish the grammar was better. All I can concentrate on during these videos is how will he butcher the English language next.

  3. Once again… Neat stuff in video but still only one star because nothing the narrator says sounds like anything other than what a mentally challenged person would sound like if he were narrating a homeless guy taking a shit….

  4. Why does it sound like you're reading the instructions from a cheap chinese made product? Much of your commentary is out of order and nonsensical. Are you translating from another language? I'm still watching your videos, I'm just curious why your commentary is so disjointed. If you're ESL, I mean no disrespect and your english is great for ESL.

  5. I'm down for getting that small electric scooter, is awesome for going shopping nearby and well more of a specific issue of my, getting myself from where I can park my car to my job that's always atleast 8 to 10 blocks of a 100m to a 150m each.

  6. “An indigenous design bike”… um, maybe not. You really need someone whose primary language is English writing your copy.

  7. Ordinary surfboards don't make any noise whatsoever, so how can this be quieter than something that's dead silent?

  8. Why would you refuse all the electric scooters and motorcycles even including the 5:20 Johammer J1 or even the weird,small,ugly and most UNaerodinamic body ever 2:30 Boxx to pay for a 3:20 shitty,elongated kid push bike who charges in the time of the first 2 combined and look HIDEOUSLY RETARDED and CRETIN on it ?

  9. Could you not seal out the air on the Arcaboard to prevent over heating, sense you need air to be present for there to be heat generated. An if that does not work assemble the generators in an air free environment reducing the air in the device will help it stay cool. I really like it. 242.508 lbs. is the best it can do. I would need two, but most likely I would go for it. But in a chair configuration like MODOK from marvel comic's.

  10. The URB electric scooter looks like a pretty innovative design for less than $1000, especially considering it’s Made in America!

  11. This video must be made in a foreign area either than the U.S. because all the measurements of distance is all in metric. That's freaking annoying where I have to convert it just to understand the actual speed. You could've added both so all of us can understand it.

  12. Mostly silly or frivolous ' limited use ' vehicles, but the Johammer 300km range ebike is actually practical and useful. I'd love one. Only two problems. First of all, there are only 2 models, 150km range and 200km range, there is NO 300 KILOMETER RANGE BIKE ON THEIR WEBSITE. Second problem, the price of the 200km model is 29,900 English pounds which translates into a whopping, staggering, stratospheric FOURTY – FIVE THOUSAND CANADIAN DOLLARS. Good God, $45,500. You can buy a luxury vehicle for that kind of money, or at least two Toyota Corollas. Why so much for the bike? As it is, its only a toy for the stupid rich, way out of reach for regular people and that's a shame, a good ebike would be a useful commuter, but at that price you have to ask yourself, would a bank president ( someone who could afford the bike ) ride an ebike to work or just take his Mercedes?

  13. The rowbike is a similar drive technique to the 1970s Honda kick n go. Now the t.v. commercial song is playing in my head. Why some useful memory cannot be stirred from the depths, I'll never know. Say no to drugs, kids. I know of what l speak!😊

  14. johammer j1 what an ugly duckling and no matter how you present it it will always be an ugly duckling never a beautifull swan

  15. Some very unique vehicles. However, the rowbike, though it seems great and good exercise too, it is reminiscent of something from about 100 years + ago. That vehicle was called the Irish Mail.
    I guess we sort of reinvent cool stuff from the past for ourselves today. The suitcase scooter is kinda neat as is the collapsible green scooter.

  16. that water bike sound good since my country is full of water so it might be able to replace short distant water transportation.

  17. The number one where they're riding that bike in the water I think they should put that in the Olympics Summer Olympics

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