7 Finger Robot

7 Finger Robot

It is well known that the motion of human fingers is controlled by synergy. Which is the idea that groups of muscles are activated together by a single control signal. This coherent activation is much more efficient than controlling redundant muscles individually. Through sequencing and super-positioning of only a few synergies we can achieve a variation of complex motions that we perform on a daily basis. We want to extend the synergy base control to wearable robotic limbs. Everyday we use various tools. We use a knife and fork and then we drive a car. And if you use these tools for a long time you feel that those tools are just an extension of your body. So that’s exactly what we would like to do with robotics. You have extra fingers and extra arms, if we can control and communicate with them very well you will get to feel like those are an extension of your own body. These are the SR Fingers which are robotic fingers that mount to your wrist. It has six degrees of freedom, three degrees of freedom in each finger. The fingers are quite long so the user can grab things that are usually much larger or much heavier than can do with a single hand. We take input from a sensor glove, which you see over here, and we have these bending sensors that can measure the position of the human fingers. And through an algorithm we can control the output, which are the positions of the SR Fingers with the position of the human fingers so the motion can be very natural and implicit. With the assistance of the SR Fingers the user can grasp objects that are usually too difficult for them to do with a single hand. For example objects that are too large, too heavy or the surface of the object is too hot or too cold. You can also perform tasks that usually require two hands, with a single hand for example taking the cap off of a bottle, or opening a letter. For elderly or people with disabilities, these fingers can help them enjoy a living much more independently. I think that all the technologies and tools that are developed for the handicapped turns out to be useful things for healthy people. And with these particular hands and fingers, we can find many other ways we can be using it. We are still exploring what the kind of tasks will be most useful for the people.

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  1. Explore the possibilities of making music! Any researcher wanting to eventually productize their electro mechanical creation should consider making it MIDI capable in way!! Look into this, dear sir and lady: this will be rewarding!

  2. Information technology has profoundly compounded human mental capacity, it is time for robotics to evolve human kinetic limits to unprecedented levels.

  3. Just a reality check here dude, you have only 3 inputs.  Synergy?  nope. 
    The result would be better by simply averaging those 3 inputs together, and the video didn't show otherwise.
    If you used a proper hand tracking glove to track more than 3 points (ideally 20+, but wow please get it to at least 5), that would have been of interest.

    My only guess is that you indeed tried to use a proper hand tracking glove (coz why on earth wouldn't you?  MIT is awash with them), but your algorithms didn't like the data, and you had to fall back to only 3 axis to meet a publication deadline.  Yes?

    THE NINTENDO POWERGLOVE FROM 1989 HAD MORE DEGREES OF FREEDOM THAN THIS SETUP (Albeit for more than 2-bits per finger you'd want to tap the fingers directly.  Still… MIT hello?!  Grab a $10 P5 Glove or something.)

  4. Is it possible to know how the hand is moving by just " measuring/analysing" the nerves , lets say…In the shouder?

  5. I scratch head (actually forehead only) – to think – what use is this? Eureka – if 24 giant fingers scratch – whole head – maybe I could think of a good idea

  6. Add fingers on top of our fingers, so that we can type faster on the keyboard.

    Perhaps a mouse that can be controlled with the foot or knee.

    A set of eyes that look to other ways, that are displayed to us, perhaps using Glass. So to give us a greater field of vision. There could also be an option of zooming in with a gyroscope checking the tilt of the head.

    This could be 3D printed, so that it's available and improved by many around the world.

    The biggest profit that I can see is parallelization, doing many jobs at the same time.

    A strong pair of small pinching and opening fingers, so that one can open something that's hard to open, like a window. Or when squeezing something that needs more than human strength.

    A pair of closer fingers, so that one can cut hair with just one hand instead of two. Pinching the hair and cutting.

    The tongue would be a good output of movement, since it's very flexible, but only used when eating.

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  8. Maybe we should focus on making a perfect arm or leg prosthetic before we start adding more limbs than we originally have.

  9. how much do they get paid to make useless crap?
        "helps you lift thing you couldnt normally lift"
      how does adding 2 fingers to your wrist make your arm stronger? (unless you       have really weak hands)
        "helps you open a bottle cap"
      all she did was really use her own fingers anyway..
        "helps you open letters one handed"
     she didnt even open it….
    good engineers make useful things like iphones, they just put useless chopsticks on their wrists and call it technology

  10. I broke my wrist some months ago, when it was still healing, I would have given anything for this thing 😀

    It's really hard when living alone and needing to do stuff with one hand for over a month :I


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  13. Oh good, it can help the elderly become more independent?  So all we have to do is teach an elderly, technologically challenged man/woman how to use this bionic arm, I can't believe it's been so simple all this time.

  14. xD der größte Mist ever ;D so geil komm ausn lachen nicht mehr raus^^ schön das es Menschen gibt die Ihre Zeit und Fördergelder so schön verschwenden 
    Aber naja gute Unterhaltung will bezahlt werden 😉

  15. This is awesome. My wife lost use of one hand because of a stroke and I would be very interested on this 7 finger robot. How can I contact you guys?

  16. 1:45 What is your other hand doing?
    1:48 That's an okay example. But if you're returning to your computer, those added fingers are going to make typing difficult.
    2:04 Again, what is your other hand doing?
    2:06 What is your other hand doing?!
    2:11 What a mess.

    For amputees, this is beneficial. But I'd rather have a prosthesis instead of a missing limb and 2 giant fingers.

  17. I am also an amputee from the wrist down due to an industrial accident 30+ years ago and would like to know where can I get a 3D prosthetic hand I am presently using a 3finger movement prosthetic hand with limited movements . Hope somebody can provide me with more information Thanks

  18. Very cool idea.  I'm sure that anyone who lost a hand would love this added versatility.  Obviously this is "just" a proof of concept prototype, but looks awesome.

  19. Hmm..I got a better idea lets have 9 better yet just double it with 14 where you dont need other hand. Stupid! ~~ "yes sensai"?

  20. Man, that must be the most useful thing ever. I mean i would definitely wear a robot on my wrist the entire day to open a envelope with one hand!.

  21. If this is the best M.I.T. can do then our future is looking bleak. I could go out to the shed and make this from old computer parts. I've seen better stuff made with Lego. I expected better from M.I.T…..

  22. The hand itself is not useful yet. It could at most be a simplification of what it could be. Rather than telling us what the hand right now could be used for, tell us what are its potentials for development instead. It would be so much more exhilarating.

  23. If the patients' fingers have lost motion, why do you still use their fingers to control the extra fingers??? doesn't make sense.

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