6 Car Gadgets put to the Test

6 Car Gadgets put to the Test

What’s up everybody? Welcome back to my laboratory, where safety is the number one priority.
Well i’m more like in my car because I’m going to put to the test, five car gadgets let’s get to it.
Hopefully it does rain because it’s been so hot and Humid Today I hope the rain will cool
Everything off. For the first gadget right here I got here
Coffee cup warmer, it’s meant for these paper cups, and it says that it fits up to twenty ounces.
Right here “Caution, very hot, do not touch metal plate on the inner bottom”. So this one is what makes everything warm.
Do not use with empty cup
Obviously Because, you’re Going to set your car on fire, “Do not Keep Heat Action for more than four hours”, so that Makes sense don’t
Keep it on I would even
Unplug it when You don’t use it only Plug it in when you’re about to get coffee so this is what we’re going to do.
We just stick it in any
Any way you like to I am probably going to put it this way and then, I’m Just going to plug it in I can
Just tuck the wire away so it’s not in the way at all you car actually has to be on for this one to work.
Boom™ at least the battery and this part is going to keep our coffee
Warm boom™ this is actually awesome that looks cool and you know what it actually sits very steady
Easy to take it out, easy to put it in. I drink hot
I drink hot coffee even in the summertime I do not like
I do not like cold coffee it just doesn’t taste good to me so this gadget will keep your
Coffee warm I love this, this is like a life hack I never seen anything like that let me know
What do you think in comments below, I give this gadget a
Thumbs up you know probably everybody have loose change in their cup holder I like to keep my quarters
Over here I separate them sometimes I forget
But that’s a lot of coins and they get so messy. Especially when you spill a little bit of water. They get really, really dirty.
I got Myself a coin
Holder Two in One you can stick coins in here or in here. Boom™ Quarters, five Cents and ten Cents
So then right here all the five Cents I can just slide it in like this this is awesome.
This Is ten cents so all the pennies I can just
Stick in here. Let’s see what the quarter looks like. Boom™ look how easy it is to put them in
Let’s see
How many coins does it fit. Easy to pull it out. One, two, three, four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine,
ten, eleven,
twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen.
Seventeen quarters will fit into this one so probably all of them will be about seventeen give it or take it.
That’s awesome I love that thing definitely very cool coin
Organiser Now Can Just Stick it Somewhere and I always
Don’t have Messy coins
spread around on my Dashboard
I don’t ever use this Cup holder so i can even Put it in Here Or if I don’t want to use the Cup Holder
I can just stick it in Here and that way if I get two drinks I can Still put one in Here awesome!
For the next Gadget it’s a little fan that Fits Any Cup holders at least that’s what They Advertise on the Box. The idea is
Simple, Just stick it Into Any Cup Holder turn it and then you Can Adjust it very awesome!
right here on an off Button of Course your vehicle have to turn on so i turn on my car now
Turn the car on I try To use it but
Look what happens on this end it’s a missing Part this Is what it’s supposed to Look like you see There is the little tip
Well its
Missing it Is right here I just went to Walmart and Found this Gadget and Bought it Unbox it it looked like This
Package was not Tempered with, it haven’t been unboxed before at least looked like
but This Gadget Does not Work so I have to go back to Walmart and
Get a new one and return this one But You get the Idea get Yourself the Working one and if Your car
Ac (Aircon) doesn’t Work for you
Don’t Have Any Fan Actually had a car that Ac and fan was
Completely Shot so that Gadget Would Actually be useful but I would recommend when You Buy one Before you leave the Store
Unbox it and See if All the Parts These Parts are Working
Go Check in Your car if it Works if it doesn’t go back to the Store and Exchange it
But I feel like it could be very Useful in Those Cars that Ac Or fans
Does not Work if You Guys Have this gadget Let Me Know in Comments Below if You like this Gadget or not it Looks so
Awesome I wish I got, one that Is not broken
oh Well. For the next Gadget I got here Clothes Pole, stick it on this Side and
Then This Part Adjust and then you Can stick it like This boom™you See and
Then This hole Adjust you put it up boom™ it’s Actually sits Really, well
Then You Can Hang your suit so that way it will not get the wrinkled really cool
Idea i like it a Lot I actually Seen People use that Especially if They have to change a lot
That’s awesome and When you don’t need to use it just Take it Off and Just put it in The Backseat
whenever You want to use it Instead of Laying your suit and throwing it on A seat and it gets wrinkled up with This
Gadget you Can Hang it and it will stay Wrinkle free Thumbs up for me. For this Gadget we got here a Hanger Hook.
What we going to do Is Hang it like this boom
Lock it in Push it all the way Down what it’s Made for is Just Hang your Plastic Bag
It’s just going to hang like that that’s Pretty awesome
That way you
Don’t have to worry about your stuff Falling out all over your back seats I actually like that Gadget a lot good Idea
Alright Guys That’s Pretty much it Let me Know in Comments Below Which Gadget
Was your Favorite Thank you for Watching and I’ll see you next Time

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  1. Most cars already have a little hook just for hanging suits and dresses. It's located near those handles that you attached that bar to. Of course, your gadick can handle many more pieces of clothing than those tiny hooks!

  2. On the one said for coffee. What about hot chocolate or other hot drinks. It seems like you saying it only for coffee

  3. So sad and pathetic that political correctness got to your logo! Some people just need lives! Keep up the great work, Taras!!(and Katherine)!!

  4. I have that fan. I got it cause my cars ac the ac's fan is weak at blowing air. The fan fixes that issue and is really good and powerful.

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