5G and mmWave – Detecting Your Motion, Heart & Breathing Rate is Being Marketed as a Feature?!

5G and mmWave – Detecting Your Motion, Heart & Breathing Rate is Being Marketed as a Feature?!

Hi recently I’ve been doing some more
articles on 5G and millimeter wave
because people have been asking me more
questions about it so building on that I
just wanted to talk about automotive
applications and other ways that
millimeter waves specifically are used
because the 5G rollout is gonna involve
both things that are in the UHF bands
and the EHF which is extremely high
frequency bands and these are totally
separate dynamics with regards to way
they propagate typically like a UHF
signal will see a lot farther and a EHF
signal in a millimeter wave won’t see as
far but the difference is is that you
have the ability with millimeter wave to
focus in very specifically like a pencil
beam something that UHF really couldn’t
do so I think that’s important to
remember because the applications that
are being rolled out that I see
specifically for millimeter wave and how
that relates to the 5G rollout is that
once the millimeter wave portion starts
to be done more frequently that’s the
part that I’m personally concerned about
more I’m not gonna suggest that other
things aren’t things to be concerned
about I’m just telling you that I’m
concerned about millimeter wave as an
engineer technician from formerly in the
industry so specifically Texas
Instruments has been touting a few
different clips online I’ll put some
links here and a screen shot for them
but basically they’ve talked about how
millimeter wave is great for motion
detection it’s good for seeing through
rain walls detecting small objects
through walls being able to penetrate
through rain layers actually detect
raindrops and also for driver monitoring
so they can check your pulse check your
heart rate all your vital signs while
you’re driving there’s a whole
demonstration the Texas Instruments does
online showing how you can mount
these things underneath the car seat to
do this so you know I think people
should start thinking about
what are the ways these new cars that
have backup cameras and radars can
be retrofitted or rather
modified to integrate millimeter-wave
perhaps rogue electronic warfare
applications because all the ability is
out there to do it currently and that’s
something that’s existing that’s that’s
that’s potentially there right now and
you know a lot of these 5G systems are
just now starting to
be put into public spaces as
far as like stationary fixed base
stations that I think so I think that’s
something to consider as far as if
you’re trying to do detection right now
try to figure out how to determine
what’s going on versus what might be
going on in the future maybe look into
some of these Texas Instrument things
involving millimeter wave and the
sensors and the radars and things like
that the 77 gigahertz range and I’m
gonna post these links for you because
those are definitely worthwhile research
topics for people who are concerned
about the health impacts of millimeter
wave and I think it’s important to focus
your research and to understand the
basic terms because that’s really what’s
going to help you create a bridge and
communicating your concerns to engineers
in the industry I’m just noticing a lot
of things with the manufacturers they’re
all like infrastructure manufacturers
chip manufacturers they’re full on with
the 5G thing and I sense more resistance
from municipalities and governments a
little bit so hopefully you know people
will be able to talk to
their leadership and whoever is inside
your country or whatever and and talk
about these things but what I would like
to do is just provide more data that
says hey you know have you have you
looked into this a little bit is it is
it possible that you haven’t considered
this part you know and that way we can
form and structure a more thoughtful
debate I’m little bit concerned about the
way the 5G thing is being communicated
by not separating the millimeter wave
applications from the rest of it which
is to say that they’re both to be
concerned about if that’s an issue but
I’m saying that make sure you’re
discussing the millimeter wave pencil
beam characteristics and I’m going to
talk about these articles and what they
do compared to the UHF part of the
rollout because that’s gonna be the big
challenge is semantics and terminology
so this is just to help with that so
again here’s your Texas Instruments
articles are gonna be millimeter wave
motion detection rain walls detecting
the small objects through walls and
driver monitoring and how they’re able
to actually check your heart rate
and all your vital signs just
through mounting one of these sensors at
77 GHz (gigahertz) underneath your
seat I mean that’s that’s all involving
you know bio-tech body frequencies right so
it’s worth talking about Thanks

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  1. Great argument for buying a vintage car. Is there an easy-ish way to block 5G in part of in whole? Public-source as well as inside the car…? Thanks for your post 🙂

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