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  1. Would you live in a TINY 🏡? To Know The 5 Biggest Lies Of Manufactured Homes ➡️ https://youtu.be/4O2Ns0S14GU

  2. 🤔 I DONT GET IT ….

  3. After the separation and divorce in 2018 my wish was to pay off my debts and buy a manufactured tiny home with my share from selling our house. Sadly I got just enough to pay off my debts. My savings are now slowly building up again from close to nil. Just the same, it feels good to finally be out of a loveless marriage and be debt free.

  4. Halllowww
    I don't wana buy a home on Amazon.

    I mean do we have to have Amazon everything. We need a competitor to Amazon

  5. I'd rather buy like 6-8 cargo containers a combination of 40 footers and 20 footers… Then I could stack them up to 3 levels high and then have a nice view from the roof of the top floor and maybe put a Zipline into a swimming pool.

  6. I don't know why you would not buy the wood and build it yourself. Seriously, if you need to save the money, then learn the skills to DYI.

  7. Any of these homes that are going to be used as a primary dwelling (as opposed to a 'shed')
    would probably fail to meet energy codes, foundation codes, plumbing and electrical codes etc. etc. etc. The first thing anyone who is even thinking about buying a 'tiny home' should do is take their idea and plans to their local building department. There are almost always LOTS of rules. You need to meet setbacks, egress and mechanical requirements in almost all municipalities. I also wonder about the engineering. Anything that doesn't conform to 'standard' building practices may be subject to engineering requirements. I love the idea of a tiny home, but what I see for many people is a quagmire of difficulties in actually putting one of these to use for living space. Just sayin'.

  8. You can build a shed and turn it into a house with 640 sq ft + for 10,000. The second floor is a full story so no crawling around in a loft

  9. other costs-remember people you need to own or buy the land and you need utility connections installed if not already there. And there are other expenses to consider. Just be sure you know what all is involved.

  10. I want to see SCALABLE tiny homes. I love the concept! I love the cheaper price. But, I really want to get one that is over 1000 sq ft. If I marry and she has 3 kids, that's a home for five people I will need to provide for. So, if these manufacturers could offer the SAME FLOOR PLANS in simply larger aspects, it would be perfect.

  11. 6:12 The only way to enter the bathroom is from the outside on this "house", you have to walk outside, across the porch, into the bathroom. That is VERY! strange

  12. carbon footprint stuff is BS, Humans are carbon. All that carbon footprint crap is complete hogwash. Carbon is one of the most available elements in the world. You want to reduce carbon? toss out your diamonds, they're nothing but compressed carbon. Some people will buy into anything.

  13. You talk way to much and offer your personal opinion way to often. Show us the homes and talk about the specifications, not your personal opinion. If you need attention that desperately, create another channel!

  14. Just so you know you can build a tiny home of all them sizes for a lot cheaper and with all the plumbing and insulation plus make it bigger and use real wood .If you buy a tiny home because it is cheaper you can get used wood from people that take down old buildings you can buy used sinks so on used windows. Free floor plans just go on line and look it all up. yes new looks nice but is it really worth the price ? for what was shown on a 10.000 building no insulation no plumbing you can get so much more doing it you're self. Remember also you have to own you're own land put in a septic and well.

  15. What kind of a lot do people buy or lease to live in these and are they firmly mounted on a foundation or are they made to just pick up and put on a bed truck to move? Thanks .. BTW the guy that sold his house and rebuying one can use his tiny house for his dog.

  16. Okay 1000s of homeless in LA and they want to build apartments fo them at 600,000 a piece. How the heck can't you buy a whole bunch of these and put them in their own gated community?

  17. In Austin there is a young man making 3-d printed CONCRETE homes for about $10,000 that does exceed the Florida hurricane code. the good news is that this idea is here and now and seems to be progressing very quickly. Austin home prices just shot up by an unprecedented 7% since one year ago and inventory is at an all time low in the fastest growing City in America.

  18. Generally, Tiny Houses fall under the concept of Romanticism… something folks truly love the idea of, yet in reality fail to appreciate once experienced long-term… great for a weekend and or when on vacation, but not so practical for everyday living.

  19. My Dad built several camps at different locations for certain seasonal subsistence hunting and fishing. Looked like tiny homes

  20. Kristina – a great video. Some people like a kit that all they have to do is assemble. Also if you live in a rural area, it is nice to have all you need. Making many trips to the not-so-local lumber store can be a nightmare. I am curious just how far the free shipping will go – Alaska??

  21. In my area I can buy a portable building that's built cabin Style with a residential type door into Windows delivered to my lot 10 ft by 16 ft 4 less than what allwood wants for their 113 square foot cabin
    The interior Dimensions might be somewhat smaller, do the thickness of the framing, but it's probably better built too

  22. i like the second one,the modern one as a she shed. Asd At IKEA everything is easy to assemble, all my furniture is from Sweden lol..I know i am the exception, bt I find them easy

  23. I don't get the prices on these for the size. Where I live in kentucky you can get an insulated storage shed that looks like a small house complete with porch thats 500-800 square feet set up and delivered free for under $2000. You can even pay on them monthly. Sure you would have to put in electric but if you have to assemble these its the same thing…

  24. You're reviewing the website? Wtf? No one needs you to read to us.

    And you clearly don't understand tiny house living. "Who sells a 300k house for a tiny house"? Yeah, you don't get it.

  25. You do realize that a large portion of Amazon reviews are fake, right? Amazon has come under fire because of this in the past and still can't control it.

  26. Na i don't want to live in a shed if i want a small home i'll by a comfortable 3 bedroom 2 bath modular home brand new for about 80000 you can afford that easily even working a Walmart job.

  27. There is not enough room in the house to store clothes so she can only store her slip which is also her pjs.

  28. Hey Kristina I caught your videos when I was looking for info on moving a Mobil home. Appreciate you showing theses options for under $40K. Definitely reenforces the possibilities of home ownership for people struggling to find a way to buy. Your videos are definitely inspiring and proves you can live your dreams.

  29. For this kind of money, can't you just buy a stick-built shell, or even get a large shed kit from Home Depot?? I mean if it doesn't have any insulation or interior finishing, what's the point of spending between $5K and $40K??

  30. Regarding wondering why the person sold his $300k house to try a tiny home…
    I agree it wasn't a well thought out plan. The person should have rented out his house for a year while trying the tiny home lifestyle.
    That said, inflation and fear can cause folks to make a lot of decisions that aren't well thought out. People are using tiny homes as a way to get a life free of financial slavery. Unfortunately most articles don't describe the lists of cons, but rather embellish pros.

  31. My issue with Allwood cabins is that any loft space can only be accessed by ladder, and no insulation of any kind.

  32. With no electric or plumbing you might as well buy a ready built storage building to convert into a home. It comes already dried in and open so you can plan windows, plumbing, and electrical where you want it.

  33. You remind me of one of my friend, just as pretty, smart and articulate, but the only thing is she is an artist.

    I had to click on your video because these homes are nice, but in reality, it’s difficult to live in for a prolonged time because it definitely depends on the people whom we live together. Even if we live in the biggest house possible it still might be difficult, but at least we would have some breathing space!

  34. buy a damn Mobile home ( 14×70 or 16×70 ) for $10K and use the rest to fix it up like you want it and add Solar. You will spend $40K or more for this and it will be worth < 1/2 to the next buyer, if you can sell it at all since you can't get normal financing for it. You can get Mobile houses that are 110MPH rated.( Zone 3 ) I used to sell mobile homes. In many places they can be made into a Deed property if you remove the wheels/axels and put on a permanent foundation like a site built house. I personally lived in a very nice 5th wheel travel trailer ( 3 slide outs ) for 5 years and was very comfortable. It cost me $6500 and was $38K when new. I am all for tiny living but building a $40K new tiny house is crazy. If you want to help the planet, buy land, plant trees, get a normal size house, and use solar to power it.

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  36. Wow! Great video. You said a lot of what I was thinking. I’m definitely seriously thinking about purchasing a tiny home. This was very helpful. Thanks for sharing! Peace and Blessings to all!

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