5 Things You Should Never Say to a Mechanic

5 Things You Should Never Say to a Mechanic

rev up your engines,
today I’m going to show you five things
that you should never say to a mechanic,
and the first thing is never say, I’m
going to watch you while you fix my car,
years ago
little old lady brought a car over here
for me to work on and she said, oh I don’t have
anywhere to go, I’ll sit here and watch
while you fix my car, so I’m working on
her car and then she says, Oh shouldn’t
you be doing, and I came up and I rolled
my eyes at her and she said, oh I guess I
shouldn’t come and you’re the mechanic
realize that a true mechanic has to concentrate his whole self when he’s fixing
a car, you don’t want to be distracting him by standing there watching, now the next
thing not to say your mechanic is, oh I
brought my own parts, can you put them on
for me, there’s too much liability over,
is it the right par,t is it going to fit, is
it a quality part, mechanics we know
where to get good parts, let us do it
don’t bring your own, or you’re going to
chase a good mechanic away, lets face it
you go to a restaurant you don’t come in
with ham and eggs, and say could you
make me an omelet,
same thing with parts and a mechanic
fixing your car, but if you do want to
buy your own parts, great you can
also fix your own car, a lot of guys do
it, that what I’m here to show
people how to half the time, now the
next thing not to do is, don’t tell your
mechanic any lies about your car, tell
them the truth about what happened so he
can figure out what’s wrong the quickest,
when I was a young mechanic working with
my grandfather who was a mechanic, my sister
said oh my Buick is shaking all the time
have grandpa look at it, so grandpa
couldn’t figure out what was wrong, he’s
checking stuff, couldn’t figure out why
it’s shaking, so I said to my sister what’d
you do to your car, she said I was
following my boyfriend and he went off
the road into a ditch and I went to a
ditch, so suddenly my grandfather go look
I think she bent the drive shaft going into a
ditch and she did, a good mechanic wants
to fix your car as soon as possible and
as quickly as possible, tell them the
truth, we don’t care what you’ve done to
your car, we’re not making any judgment
on you, we just want to get your car
fixed and get on to the next one, now the
next thing never to say your mechanic is,
use the cheapest parts you can, because
there is a difference between really
cheap part and quality parts, for example
many computer parts sensors or computers
on a car, your best using OEM the
original equipment manufacturer, you
don’t have to buy it at the dealer that has
the highest price, you can find them other places, but
for parts like that you want to make
sure you got a quality part, you don’t
want to just buy some cheap knockoff
from China half the time they don’t work,
and yes today it’s a hard job figuring
out which are good and which are bad, I’ve been doing it for the last 50 years
I still have to learn every day some
companies get bought out by another one
and then put out junk, some new companies
come up make good stuff
mechanics know about this stuff and so
we’ll get you the good ones, don’t just
go oh that’s the cheapest one I’m going to
buy it, and the last thing never to say
to a good mechanic is, oh take your
time I’m in no hurry, because if you say
so, a good mechanic is always busy and
almost all the other customers are
going to say I’m in a real big hurry
get it fixed as fast as you can, and if
you say you aren’t in a hurry, you might
get lost in the shuffle and it’s going to
take way too long to get your car fixed
just tell them you know, I want it fixed,
fix it in the correct amount of time, do
a good job and use quality parts, so now
you know what never to say to mechanics
and believe me if you follow this, you’re
going to be a lot happier and your
mechanic is going to be happier too, so if you
never want to miss another one of my new
car repair videos remember to ring that

100 Replies to “5 Things You Should Never Say to a Mechanic”

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  2. Well Scotty this is the first time I disagree with you. Mechanics over price and jack the cost of parts on cars. I can get parts from distribution supplier for half the cost that a mechanic or shop will charge with their markup.

    So I say find a mechanic (good one) ask if he’ll fix it if you buy the parts. Saves the customer money.

  3. Rite Scottie …. Never buy your own part because you are robbing the mechanic profit he will charge you (and secretly use his wholesale account) …. Never watch your mechanic work so he can lie about labor charge while your car sits on a lift and he does oil changes on the side ….. Mechanics need Thier dough like anyone. ?????? Wawawa ….

  4. In Australia, mechanics charge a premium for no-name brand parts! That's why its best to know every information about your own vehicle and KNOW what parts to pick for your car 🙂 That way YOU KNOW what's going on your car.

  5. When customers bring their own parts I make them sign a waiver so they can't hold the shop liable for any failures related to that part.
    One poor guy brought his own autozone alternator for his Escape and the part failed a week later. We tried to get autozone to pay the labor but they refused. So the customer paid labor twice.
    Plus he had to take the defective one back and exchange it. Which left a vehicle on the rack disabled for hours.
    Sometimes it works out fine though and the customer saves a few bucks.
    But when people ask to bring their own parts I ask for a quote on that part and then see if our parts department manager can get our part price close to the customer's quote. Sometimes it can be done

  6. Mechanics don't want to bring your own parts because they want to earn more money from you!!! I never give my car to a mechanic and leave from there!! I always BE THERE!!!

  7. had a mechanic buddy who said to people who wanted to watch him , sure ! i charge by the hour ! he would ask them the time and sit down and talk to them about nothing . they would clue in and leave everytime . it was hilarious !

  8. Did you say a mechanic knows what his doing? I’ve gone to a few mechanics and they don’t know left from right. 😂 😂 😂 😂

  9. Not bringing your own parts is BS. I’ve known plenty of mechanics that will install your own purchases parts. I can find deals on parts. Mechanics aren’t going to bargain shop. They want to a make a buck off what they buy the parts for.

  10. In simpler times I could do routine basics on my vehicles. Those days are gone, plus I’m just too darn old and lazy to be messing with it, lol. I ate my vehicle to the dealer now. I figure, theoretically, they have the genuine parts and training to work on my car. Plus , I’m hoping that since they see me on a regular basis and we’re on first name basis, maybe, just maybe, they will value customer loyalty and be honest, since they know I’ll be a repeat customer if I’m satisfied. At the very least, even if they pad the bill a little bit, or they sell me something I really don’t need, if I drive out of there and everything is truly satisfactory, I can live with that, as long as it’s not exorbitant. To guard against that, I read the manual and keep all my receipts and work orders in a folder that I take with me to the dealership so when the service (sales?) rep comes in with “the talk” I have all the records to reference and see how long it’s been since that service or repair has been done. Also, as my scheduled visit nears, I check all fluids and tires and generally give the vehicle a good eyeballing for leaks and such so I have a pretty good idea of the shape it’s in before I even get there. Only once in several years have I had to question a recommended repair. When I showed the rep my paperwork that the repair was SUPPOSED to have been done by them about 8 months prior and I thought if it was truly needed again it should be “on the house”, he went back to the garage area and returned a few minutes later, smiling and told me they mixed up my work order with another customer and I didn’t need it after all. I gave them the benefit of the doubt because most cars they work on are the same make but for the remainder of the time I dealt with them, I was a little wary of them.

  11. A thing that has always saved me money on parts when I was younger is to steal a similar car to mine and just take the parts off that. You can save up to 100% of what a Mechanic would charge.

  12. There's actually a few mechanic shops around me that accept outside parts but they make sure you understand that they don't guarantee the work.

  13. People are complaining about mechanics marking up the price of parts they install. The reason it's more expensive is because you are paying for the service AND the parts. That's why it costs more than bringing your own

  14. Tell to the smartasses because they won't understand anyway so if you're not 100% satisfied with your mechanic then you can comment below here thank you !

  15. Transmission shops are notorious for installing crap parts marked up 200% because the customer can't verify anything about the work. Even if you ask for the old parts back I've seen shops have boxes full of worn out parts they can give to unsuspecting customers. If a transmission shop won''t install the quality parts I want I'll go somewhere else. There are reputable mechanics out there if you look hard enough. Tranny shops are the worst!

  16. Every business without any exceptions mark up parts plumbers electricians roofers but you never hear about that go to a restaurant and bring your own food mechanics put up with more crap than anybody

  17. I had a mechanic try to upcharge me for parts and one of the parts was even used. I ended up buying the parts myself and having someone I know put them in and my car was fine. I never go to mechanic shops unless I have to.

  18. I trust local mechanics running their own shops the most. But in small towns like where I live, word of mouth is way more effective than advertising

  19. lol i did the second thing because some mechanics overcharge for parts and sometimes they're the cheapest, crappiest parts.

  20. I'll just drop the car and ask when I should be back … I have to ask how long it will take to get it fixed … I just gotta ask?! Right?!

  21. Glad I live in small town Texas where I can buy a part from the local shop and they will install it if I bring them lunch😂

  22. The shop that worked on my truck last week really made me mad. Had them do a prepurchase inspection and got a quote on what all it needed. $2.6k in repairs. Said two to three days. Called several times. They never called me with updates. Took them a week and a half. They couldn't get the u joints on so they sent the driveshaft somewhere else. I finally go to get the truck and they give me a $3.1k invoice. Never called about any extra charges. I thought I was going to get a discount for the long delay, then boom $500 more. Took 25 minutes of heavy arguing before I got him to go down to the original cost. I paid for the inspection to know these things before I bought the truck. Never using them again. Charging me $2.3k or even $2.5k would be hurting his business too much, but he won't get another penny from me on this truck or any other vehicles I own.

  23. You forgot, "my husband, friend, boyfriend etc) said this is what's wrong". I don't know how many times I heard that and "whoever" was wrong.
    I do know of one instance where the customer was correct but it was my girlfriend at the time. Unfortunately they didn't listen to her but that's another story. I told her she should not have said I told her what was wrong, because I automatically dismissed comments like that myself and look for things other than what they said was wrong.
    Fyi we lived 30 miles away from each other and the car needed to be towed or I would have fixed it myself.

  24. Strange. My mechanic actually recommends bringing my own parts. He usually says go to RockAuto for parts or even the dealer for things like starter plug, transmission oil, engine oil, air filters etc.
    He does say buy either OEM or premium quality ones

  25. Always tell them that your a lawyer, criminal prosecutor, tv reporter, local government advisor, journalist, president of a motorcycle gang or work for the fair trade commission. No guarantees but you increase your chances of receiving minimal standard practice service that all trades have. Old school tradies give above standard because they want a good reputation in the community for more business.

  26. The one, and only time I told a shop to take their time, I waited 27 days for a tie rod to get replaced and then I got hit with a $48 a day storage fee for each day it was there

  27. I supply my own parts. 3x markup on parts is BS, damn near a scam. I also watch my mechanic work, but I don’t comment on his work when I’m the one who hired him.

  28. A mechanic is a service, not a wholesaler, Ask for the part number and buy it yourself. easily save a 30% mark up

  29. I usually go in to get the free evaluation of my car at fire stone. Then I buy exactly what I need to fix my own car. :].

  30. If it needs diagnostic work. DROP IT OFF! Dont wait for it. If your waiting…you will wait…maybe even longer cause you stupid.

  31. I've had a dealership mechanic install parts I've brought, he had no problem with it. I've even brought oil to the oil change shop and have them change it with no problem

  32. Funny how Scotty says don't tell your mechanic to use the cheapest parts possible, but at a parts store mechanics say the exact same thing

  33. . . . Why would you stare at your mechanic while he is working? The guys who work on my car I want their focus on my car, not on entertaining me.

  34. if youre anything like me and you make 8.50 and need to do engine work. you ARE the mechanic haha. I needed a new pcv valve and i did no research on replacing it. I just knew one had to come off and the new $47 part (yes a $47 pcv valve) had to go on. Learned the hard way those little hoses that i thought would be a good idea to remove at operating temperature were coolant lines 🙂 my hands are still red

  35. Actually I brought the parts to the mechanic. I explained to him that I was going to do the work myself BUT the old parts were so corroded I couldn't get them off and I didn't have the needed tools to do it. I showed him the parts I already bought and he saw they were name brand quality parts and he had no problem with using them. He did the job in 30 minutes and charged a very reasonable price for his labor. I also noticed he did extra preventative maintenance on my battery and maybe other things which was on the other side of the car. Job was to replace the right and left rear brake lines. Right blew out, left looked just as bad so do both. I bought O.E.M. lines but I just couldn't get the old ones off. He's getting my business. Neighborhood mechanic been there for 37 years. My own Scotty.

  36. Most mechanics run a scam. They buy parts from a supplier that overcharges greatly for the parts, they get a kick back for using that supplier, and the customer pays for all the overcharges.

  37. My buddy is always fixing something on his cars. Last time I was over there he was doing wheel bearings and brakes. He said where do you get your parts these days? I looked at him and said I haven't had to fix anything on my cars since 2005. That's when I started leasing Toyota SUVs and now Toyota Tundras. He said oh that sounds expensive. Yeah I said my lease rate is 0%

  38. That's good advice. I used to be a mechanic and can say that you are spot on with everything that you have just said in this video.

  39. Bringing your own parts to install is like bringing your own popcorn to the theater and  then asking the popcorn person to pop it for you.  Won't work out too well.

  40. The entire matter depends on the specific mechanic. e.g. some have insane mark-up on parts, others don't.
    I recently went to one that didn't have a big mark-up but high labor costs. I guess it was in the middle.

  41. Here in romania if you want to have the car to be actualy done and not wait weeks, you wait your mechanic to do it, and yes you do bring your own parts, you will be chargedmore for the work but you know you wont have those parts charged 2 times its cost

  42. If your Ecm goes out in your car will it still crank and will it still send to the fual pump ? My car has a crank but no start issue my belt cracked and there was the belt wire hitting everything

  43. If you know what you’re doing, purchase your own parts to save time not money.

    Mechanics get discount from main dealers, half price at times. If they’re decent, they’ll pass on the savings

  44. Jajajaaaa i am not a mechanic but my father teach me a lot to keep my vehicles up to standard and running I help a lot of people I tell them I am not a mechanic but I have knowledge I like to learn an I hear a lot of what you are talking in this video it made my day

  45. if you're doing big repairs on your car let the mechanic pick the parts because if it got broken he will fix it on his money 😅☻

  46. I mechanic that would get mad at you for buying your own Parts is a mechanic cares only about the markup he was going to make off of the part he would buy. Something you can get at an auto parts store for $10 he or she can get at the same auto parts store but for some reason it's going to cost them $90 to get the same exact part.

  47. Many restaurants in Fl will cook the fish that you caught, they still charge a pretty penny. Since the fish is the primary expense, they probably make more money with you supplying the fish.

  48. I have great local mechanics. They encourage you to bring your on parts to save you money. But you have to know what your car needs first.

  49. I know you're a 5 star mechanic Scotty! But some mechanics will mark up charges on parts slickly! That's why some get mad when you bring your own! Because you lessen their profits! 🤣🤣🤣

  50. These people in the comments payin $100 for a pair of sneakers that cost $15 to make and complain about a mechanic making $30 off a part that costs $400 lmao

  51. Totally agree. All of this is totally legit. No matter how embarrassing your story is, think of us technicians as doctors. We've heard it all before, and simply want to fix you right the first time, and get you driving again. For me, it was always less about pay, more about resolving the problem. (But I'll still judge you silently.)

  52. Says in this video "don't bring your own parts" says in another video "I keep a spare fuel pump in the trunk so I don't have to pay a marked up price"

  53. I had a friend go to a shop and he told them to check over his car and fix anything they deemed necessary. I'd maybe say that to a mechanic I'm friends with and know I can trust, but doing that at a shady shop, by the time they're done, they'll want to practically replace the entire car with new parts. You should have seen the bill they gave him. I'm pretty sure he went in to get the brakes done, but ended up getting $3,000 worth of work done.

  54. Never wear a suit to a mechanic. Turn up in old clothes with holes in your shoes and don't wash for weeks. If they think you have a few bucks, you'll also "need" the other parts you weren't expecting, replaced on your vehicle.

  55. Find a local car enthusiast group on Facebook or another website. Ask around for good honest mechanics.

    My mechanic lets me bring my own parts and doesn't care. Also he's cool as hell.

    Usually charges 50$ for allignments but, he said it wasn't that bad so he only charged me 30$!

  56. Yeas A Go I Bring OEM Parts To Put it On My Car At Chapman Auto Repair In Orange Instead They Put Made In China And Everyrhing Broke Apart After A Month U Got Be Kidding Me Not To Ask If They Are OEM Cuz Everything Mede In China U Know Is Jonk Scotty 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

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