5 Most Common Cars You’ll See At a Car Show

5 Most Common Cars You’ll See At a Car Show

– [Alex] Honestly, who
doesn’t like car shows?
I do, you do, we do.
Cars and coffee, wheels and
wings, car show takeovers,
all of them, they’re pretty gnarly,
they’re just a good
way to meet new people.
Now, imagine if you will, it’s
mid July, it’s 100 degrees
you forgot your sunscreen
and you’re cursing yourself
for coming out in the first place
because you realize that
you left your wallet in the
spectator lab where your car is
and now you’re at a car show that you
weren’t planning on going.
Happens to be a mile away.
So you then hit the show grounds
and you’re immediately hit with the
‘car show standards’.
Cars that you pretty much
see at every car show.
Today we’re talking about those cars
and why you see them
so often at car shows.
I’m Alex, Alex.Fi on Instagram
and today we’re gonna be talking about
the most common cars
you’ll see at car shows.
Let’s go.
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The first car you’re likely
gonna see at a car show
would normally be, the good old classic,
the Volkswagen GTI.
These cars themselves
are pretty affordable
even when new and they
look pretty damn good.
All of the generations. Not only that,
the car themselves have a tremendous
modification community.
You know it, I know it. We all know it.
APR, rotiform wheels, airless suspension
Bing, bang, boom, you’re done you got
nothing else to worry about.
They’ve got it all.
So do we at fitmentindustries.com
Because of that, a lot
of people end up picking
these cars up because they
have a modifiable platform
and their cost to get into
it, is relatively low.
After all, it’s a dub.
What more do you want?
The next one is a common car
you probably see right now
going on would be FRS/BRZ/GT86.
When the Scion Toyota Subaru
decided to make this car,
they hit the nail on the head.
They were like, “Yo,
let’s make it affordable,”
and somebody’s like, “Sweet,
let’s make it sharp looking,”
and then somebody else was
like, “How about a decent
motor that fuels okay.”
And they’re like, “Yes.”
And somebody else was
like, “Let’s make cheap.”
And bang.
They had it.
They were playing the horsepower war.
They weren’t trying to
bark up any historical
or legendary title name like the Supra
or the NSX.
And it pretty much
perfectly didn’t take long
for people to be like, “Yeah. I want it.”
So with some pretty light modification,
pretty much all you need
for, well, to be happy
with the car, NK RPF1’s, gram
lights, coilovers and tens
and bing, bang, boom you
are all set to go as well.
The car made for solid
autocross or an HPD vehicle
if that was your thing.
Because they’ve been so mass
produced, the prices on them
also kinda dropped which
made them really affordable
to pretty much anybody,
while also still having
another primary daily driver.
The reason that you see
the car so much is that
they just look good.
They feel fun.
They’re great to drive
and they’re actually
not that bad for the dollar value.
People think kind of
because they have a little
horsepower, but that’s
not really what they were
ever meant to be.
The third on the list
would be the old classic
B5 A4 Audi.
Not the S4.
And I say that with a specifc reason.
The B5 platform is likely one
of the most iconic body styles
for Audi and one that has for
it was a train of a car, it had
twin turbskies, the all-wheel
drive quattro system,
solid interior, it was fast as balls,
and it did Audi proud.
However, the S4’s were and still are,
a little bit pricier than
some of the more, you know,
probably a little bit
more than what we would
mostly feel comfortable paying.
It is a twenty year old car now.
It’s time to let the prices
just drop a little bit.
Imola yellow, you hear me? Alright.
– [Alex] For those that
have appreciated the look
over just the engine power
plan, they ended up getting a
B5 A4 because it was
pretty close, affordable,
good on gas, looked pretty similar.
Pair with an S4 bumper, air suspensions,
And you’ll likely be a happy camper.
They can take your car to a car show
that’s across the state. Or
whatever weather you want.
Because it’s an Audi A4,
insurance, not a problem
in a four door saloon. You know?
Don’t have to worry about
that at all and plus,
if it’s your first car,
you’re probably gonna wanna
worry about that.
Saying the last as
you’re trying desperately
to find some sunscreen or cheese curds
and you peer around the
corner at this car show,
you’re gonna see –
You’re gonna see the good old Subaru WRX.
Right around the 2011, 2015 year range.
Maybe this is a regional pick for us,
but if Rhianna were to remake the song,
“Who Run’s The World”,
it’d be WRX’s. Alright.
Who run the world?
Who run the world?
WRX’s sound great. They
come pretty aggressive stock
and of course they can be
driven absolutely anywhere
which is what makes them so
popular at least up here North.
Turbo four cylinder and
manual make them fun to drive
four doors make them practical and with a
blow off valve exhaust,
coilovers and a pair of
continental winter tires and some XXR’s
Those are the wheels that
everybody seems to get,
you’re ready to rock on son.
It’s a good car to get.
Even if they are really common.
Last, but certainly not
least when it comes to
most common cars you see at
a car show comes down to the
The Ford Focus ST.
These cars come in especially in the past
three or four years like a storm.
Even with the ST coming
in front wheel drive,
it hasn’t stopped people
from picking these up
all over the place.
The cars are a hot hatch.
They get appreciated quick,
it gives people more options
than their typical Volkswagen
or European hatch options.
Pair that with some pretty
torque happy platform
and the ST ended up being
a pretty popular pick
for people to truly enjoy driving.
The Focus’s you see at the
shows are running almost always
work one piece or ESRSR’s,
air suspension, aftermarket
side skirts and a little inlet
thing on the front bumper.
It’s like a horn. It’s
not a horn, but it’s like
an air intake tube matched the car.
You do it for air. It looks sweet, okay?
Don’t judge it.
So a lot of these cars
are somewhat common,
that doesn’t mean that
their inherently that bad.
Almost everything in
this list has a reason
for it’s popularity and it has to do with
either how easy, affordable,
reliable or good looking
the cars are for the dollar.
It’s not a shabby deal.
And face it, hopefully by
the time you find all five
of these at the car show,
you manage to find yourself
some sunscreen and some cheese curds.
So if you have one of these
cars or something different,
add it to our gallery.
We’ve got over ten thousand
aftermarket vehicles
in our wheel, tire, suspension gallery.
And all the specs, it helps
people show what truly fits
and then people can pick up
wheels, tires and suspension
from your boys.
Fitmenindustries.com a lot
easier cause guess what
you could buy with confidence.
Cause you know it fits. Alright.
Either way, I’m Alex
from FitMent Industries,
we hope you enjoyed this episode.
Let us know what you want
us to talk about next
and we will see you later.

100 Replies to “5 Most Common Cars You’ll See At a Car Show”

  1. What is the most common car you see at a car show? Let us know! DONT FORGET! The BBS giveaway is going on for the month of September, cop a shirt and get entered to win a free set of BBS wheels! www.fitmentindustries.com/giveaway

  2. Nissan Silvias. Hundreds of the things. I see so many at shows and meets that I get a headache whenever I hear SR20s. Same thing with newer Golfs.

  3. It really differs from country to country because here in the Philippines all we typically see are Civics, Corolla, Lancers, 86/BRZ. Focus/Fiesta, Toyota Wigo, Hyundai Eon that are all hellaflush

  4. its completely different down here in miami. Maros, vettes, stangs rule cars and coffee down here. all of them make a crap ton of power too.

  5. In New Zealand it's always Mitsi Eclipses, Civics, BMW of any platform that is trying way too hard to be an M series, Holden (GM) Commodore & about a billion R34 Skylines, because everyone has to have owned one at one stage in their car life, apparently.

  6. Yeah, this is VERY correct Alex. Thank you for this nice line-up of some of the most common vehicles at a car show. Hope to see more different set-ups at the meets in cars soon….

  7. At car meets in Italy, the car you see the most is the Fiat 500 Abarth, they are everywhere, they are like the standard car for a car guy in Italy. But not for me, I am getting an NA miata

  8. i just wish the brz was a bit faster. if it came with a turbo from factory, it would probably be the car id have right now. oh well

  9. MX5, VW Transporter, Smart, VW Bug, Ford Mustang, Dodge Challenger. They are more common in European car festivals than a WRX.

  10. Ya know I'd love to build a nice car but I should probably move somewhere there's actually a car scene before I'm the only fucker in town for the police to fuck with lol

  11. Wow I didn't expect the A4 B5 in this list! In The Netherlands you rarely see a B5 at car shows :/

    Ps. I'm a proud owner of an A4 B5

  12. VW: Every clout chaser on Instagram
    86/BRZ: Cheap fun car
    Audi: WTF
    WRX: Full license version of 86/BRZ owner.
    Focus: That car your parents buy you as a first car, that you didn’t want, but worked with.
    I’m gonna get some hate

  13. In my area up in NE. I guess I live around all of the older folks so it's a little different.
    5 WRX/Golfs
    4 911s
    3 Older Corvette's
    2 SO MANY Z06'S
    1 Mustangs
    A lot of Porsche SUV's too, some Lotus's some Ferrari's. Also there's a dude that drives his ww2 Willy jeep there it's pretty neat

  14. Not even watching this im going to say bmw m2 m3 vw golfs nissan gtrs audi rs of all.subaru sti mitsu.evos toyota brz (i know) for america mustangs and corvettes.
    edit:focus st rs and 350 370z especially

  15. I was once at a car show, there were only Japanese cars, silvias, wrx,gt 86, rx7, mx 5 and so on
    And then, a modified old dacia 1310 showed up at the show! I think that was one of the funniest day of my life.

  16. I went to 2 car meets and was just disappointed. Nothing but straight piped cars. Every Z or G I saw was straight piped or had a cheap replica exhaust. Just rasp for days. It hurts.

  17. Most common car I see at car shows is classic cars from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. There's at least 1 from each of these 3 decades at almost every car show.

  18. British car meet edition:

    1. Mk7 Fiesta ST Stage 1 Pop & Boom Map
    2. Rattle Canned MX5 Doing Weak Burnouts
    3. Renault Clio Mk2 with some wheel trims
    4. A minor handful of bagged stance cars
    5. Some guy in a van

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