5 Electric/Hybrid Vehicles Even Car Guys Would Be Excited To Drive!

5 Electric/Hybrid Vehicles Even Car Guys Would Be Excited To Drive!

The first car on the list car-guys can appreciate
is the Fisker Emotion. Set to start production
in the second half of 2019 this fully electric
car is looking to make a statement. And of
course, at no surprise it has Tesla in its
crosshairs, primarily the Model S. And if
the specs for the Emotion are accurate and
not just overly exaggerated fluff then it
may actually end up being a car Tesla should
be worried about. 400+ miles of range on a
fully charged battery, 0-60 in less than 3
seconds and a ¼ mile run of less than 9.8
seconds is insane, and to be quite honest
sounds extremely optimistic but hey you never
know. The Emotion also offers a very interesting
interior. It wasn’t designed to be all that
conventional but more to feel like a nice
home. It has a 27ich curved rear screen, a
4 or 5 seat layout option, a modern minimalist
center console, and electromagnetic tint that
adapts to all lighting situations. All that
may not be all that excited for car guys,
as most of us prefer a more bare bones, feedback
oriented approach. But there is one thing
car guys love, and that is good looks. And
in my opinion the Emotion nailed it with it’s
super car exterior look. It features 24inch
carbon fiber wheels, along with carbon fiber
aerodynamics bits, butterfly doors that not
only look good but enhance accessibility,
and from the side the Emotion sort of resembles
the looks of the Aston Martin V8 Vantage.
Which is no surprise since Henrick Fisker
also designed that car. Self driving is also
a big selling point for the Emotion. It will
feature level 4 autonomous driving which basically
means it can fully drive itself, and many
of the cars function will be controllable
via a smartphone. This car may very well be
the most advanced vehicle when it comes out.
Hey there I hope you guys are enjoying the
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Second on the list is the Mclaren P1. The
ultimate successor to the legendary Mclaren
P1. I remember getting super excited when
I first saw this car on the cover of Forza
Motorsport 5 back in 2013. It was love at
first sight and it quickly became one of my
favorite cars of all time. When the word hybrid
came up in a conversation about cars, many
associated it with the Toyota Prius, a vehicle
that’s normally considered to be a punching
bag for most car guys. Well let’s just say
not all Hybrid cars are made equally, and
the P1 one is a perfect example. A powerhouse
3.8L twin turbocharged V8 engine pushing out
727HP paired with an electric motor pushing
out 177HP and all together you get an insane
903HP! Hybrid or not who cares when you’re
getting that much power output especially
when the P1 is still making real engine sounds
car guys live for. So it comes with a Powerful
engine, sounds good but how fast is it? 2.7
seconds 0-60 and a top speed of 220 miles
per hour while being capable of produing up
to 1,322 pounds of downforce. Sure that’s
a lot of power, but that means it lacks in
the fuel efficiency department right? Wrong!
Get this, the P1 averages 34 miles per gallon
and if you’re looking to ninja around it
can even shut off it’s v8 engine and drive
solely on it’s electric motor for around
6 miles. But in all honesty if you owned a
P1 or were lucky enough to ever drive one
you wouldn’t care too much about fuel efficiency.
You’d want to switch it into race mode,
the P1’s ultimate form, a process that takes
30 seconds in which the wing rises and the
suspension drops 50mm. This mode allows it
to stay planted around corners without needing
sway bars since the computer takes care of
roll control. The Mclaren P1 is truly a special
car and was way ahead of it’s time back
in 2013. It helped revolutionize the hypercar
industry when it was first introduced. Only
375 were made and sold immediately and they
continue to go up in value.
3rd car on the list is the Porsche 918 Spyder
which is just as iconic or some would say
even more iconic than the Mclaren P1. First
unveiled at the 2010 Geneva Motorshow, this
amazing hypercar stole the show and amazed
us all. As hard as it was to top what Porsche
did with the Carrera Gt, the 918 Spyder took
things to a whole other level. Let’s just
say Porsche doesn’t build cars like this
everyday. The 918 Spyder produces 887 HP in
total, 608HP from it’s naturally aspirated
4.6L V8 that powers the rear wheels, an 155HP
electric motor that also powers the rear wheels
and an additional 127HP electric motor powering
the front wheels. And yes that doesn’t quite
total 887HP, but according to Porsche they
said the motor and engine reach max power
at different RPMs, The total just wouldn’t
add up. So that’s that. That said 1 massive
engine and 2 electric motors is no joke. Engine
redlines at 9150 RPM which is absolutely nuts.
Combine all that power, instant torque from
the electric motors, it’s AWD, Porsche’s
legendary 7 speed PDK dual clutch transmission
and the 918 Spyder goes from 0-60 in just
2.2 seconds, and completes a ¼ mile run in
just 9.7 seconds! Fun fact, The 918 can reach
16MPH in just 7 feet! You think that’s impressive?
Listen to this. Solely using both electric
motors the 918 can go from 0-60 in just 6.2
seconds and can reach a top speed of 93MPH.
Interior wise it’s just how most car guys
would like it, nothing too fancy, strictly
built for functionality and to save weight.
And just like the Mclaren P1 the 918 was made
in limited quantities, 918 of them to be exact.
I’m curious to know which of the two hybrid
hypercars do you like the most? The P1 or
the 918 Spyder? And yes there is a 3rd hybrid
hypercar that unfortunately did not make the
list which is as important and iconic as both
the Mclaren P1 and the Porsche 918 Spyder.
And that is the Ferrari LaFerrari. I figured
I’d at least mention it since I spoke about
the other two.
4th car is the Tesla Model S P100D. It may
come as a surprise that I even included this
car on this list since many car guys tend
to despise Tesla. Mainly because they have
helped steer the automotive industry into
the oposite direction from what we’ve all
grown to love. It’s no secret that Tesla
vehicles are flying off the production line
and the public demand is massive leading other
auto manufacturers to follow suit. I’ll
be honest I was always a Tesla hater until
recently. The Model S P100D helped change
my mind and probably the minds of other car
guys as well. The most obvious reason being
it’s rocketship acceleration. Thanks to
its 100KWH battery, dual electric motors and
AWD system, the Model S P100D can run from
0-60 in 2.28 seconds while on ludacris mode.
Guys, a 5000lb fully electric family sedan
that is comfortably sitting at the number
2 spot for fastest production cars 0-60 wise,
the Porsche 918 being at the first spot. And
I’d like to mention that the 2.28 seconds
0-60 is after the newest Tesla update. I believe
prior to the update it’s 0-60 time was around
2.5 seconds. That said, unlike many of the
other cars close to the Model S P100D on the
fastest 0-60 list, The model s PD100 doesn’t
come in limited quantities, has four doors,
seats up to 5 adults plus 2 children and has
exceptional cargo capacity. Sure automotive
enthusiasts may still not like the Model S,
because it has a huge emphasis on self driving,
doesn’t have an orgasmic exhuast note, and
simply doesn’t produce enough raw driver
feedback and interaction. I get it, I much
rather have a traditional gas guzzling sports
car that pisses off the neighbors every morning
on cold starts but you have to give credit
where credit is due. Tesla did a fine job
with the Model S P100D. This car has been
featured in endless amounts of head to head
drag races online against some of the top
super cars and the Model S seems to just wipe
the floor with all of them. I think what I
like more about the Model S is it’s sleeper
look. Looks modest, with minimal body modifications,
but when it’s time for business it’s one
of the best in the business off the line.
5th and final car on the list is the Audi
Etron. This is the first purely all electric
vehicle from Audi. And gotta say, not bad
for their first attempt. Design wise it seems
to blend in well with it’s gasoline powered
siblings and doesn’t really have many differentiating
exterior attributes that make you think it’s
an EV. It fills in the gap between the bigger
Q7 and smaller Q5 perfectly. Where it really
shines and looks much different from the rest
of Audi’s lineup is in the interior. It’s
definitely a tech filled cabin with a virtual
cockpit and slick mounted touchscreens in
the center that really make you feel like
you’re in the future. I know most of the
cars featured here mainly had one main thing
in common and that is fast acceleration. The
Etron is pretty quick but not nearly as quick
as the others featured on this list. The electric
motors produce 355HP and when switched into
sports mode it bumps the power to 402HP for
only 8 seconds which just enough time to do
an acceleration test. 0-60 happens in 5.5
seconds, which in my opinion is not too bad
and It sure makes up for it in the practicality
department. The Etron can tow up to 4K pounds,
has a 5 mode suspension setting, including
an off road mode, has much more luggage room
and can get 54 miles of range with just a
10 minute charge! Charge the Etron for an
additional 20 minutes and you’ll get 160
miles of range. Of course this is made possible
when using a 150kilowatt dc fast charging
system. That lighting fast charge speed should
make up for it’s fairly low range when fully
charged of just 204 miles.

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