5 Deadliest Movie Robots

5 Deadliest Movie Robots

Hi, I’m Chris from Alltime Movies and these
are my 5 Deadliest Movie Robots! Nice try, Jonny Five. For the record, I’m talking about fully­ functioning
machines with independent artificial intelligence. They can be mass­produced, but they have
to be able to survive by themselves. And kill people. George Lucas can take his droid army and shove
it. If Apple made robots, they’d look as cool
as this, and probably be just as bent on world domination. Just look at the buggers! They can snap your
neck like a lollipop stick. They’re smarter than us and a lot more efficient. Don’t bother
running away. Of course, the deadliest one of them is Sonny,
who benefits from extra strong alloys in his limbs and, more terrifyingly, can feel and
learn. On the plus side, Sonny’s intelligence makes
him decide to be a good guy, so I can’t really put him higher on this list. Yul Brynner is terrifying as a dead­eyed
gunslinger. Michael Crichton wrote and directed this cult sci­fi way back in 1976,
and I still get chills from its depiction of a theme park where the attractions start
killing the guests. Hmm. That sounds familiar. But this time the attractions are self­adapting
robots. Anyway, the body count is in the hundreds after the robots take over. Luckily
they don’t have the toughest hardware. THESE mothers don’t just kill in a theme park:
they slaughter half the world. They can fly, and transform, and adapt new
powers, and smell your genes? Whatever. Even superpowers won’t save you from the Sentinels. In fact, superpowers are exactly what gets
these killers on your track. So yeah, I’m glad I’m human. Mutants suck! You KNEW he was coming. No, not like that! Oh God. Anyway, the terminator is a pure­bred killing
machine. We count 29 kills for the T­800 in the first film and 7 for the T­1000 in
the second. Oh and one dog. We don’t need to imagine what a whole army could do. You can see how indestructible they are just
from the battle scenes in the James Cameron films. Remember these soldiers are supposed
to be trained and armed SPECIFICALLY to fight terminators. And they still get stomped all
over. We’re doomed. Weren’t expecting this, huh? But just think
about it ­ the Omnidroid was designed to kill superheroes and learned from its enemies
every time it fought them. And it got through A LOT of supers. Its completely indestructible and probably
only fails to kill more people because of the Power of Disney. Ultimately its only Syndrome’s
pesky remote control that causes it any problems, but it functions just as well without it.
Ah, Syndrome. What
a dick.

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  1. Most of the droids on the Confederate army might not count, but the IG-100 robots that Grievous had in the final movie do.

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  3. What about the iron giant when he goes nuts! I really do think hecwas sent to destroy all life but got damaged and was way to nice…lucky for the kid but, I wish I could have seen all of it's weapons who knows if what we saw was even it's limit. Oh and he is basically indestructible takes a nuke and it hints at it putting itself back together. I wonder who sent it?

  4. Number 3 those robots from X men aren't the bad guys…are they now? They don't kill humans its just thier job

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