5 Car Mods Just Banned in America

5 Car Mods Just Banned in America

rev up your engines
now sure lots of
people don’t want to have a cookie
cutter car that looks like everybody
else and maybe you want a car that’s
easier to find in the parking lot but
you really don’t want to have a car
that’s been modified illegally they can
end sending you to jail now lifted
trucks are a big thing in the United
States a lot of guys do it but before
you start lifting them way up in the air
you might want to check some of your
local regulations because lifting them
too high makes them handled poorly makes
them easier to roll over they’re getting
more accidents and in some states it’s
illegal for example if you raise a car
more than 22 inches in Florida or Ohio
they can give you a ticket and force you
to put it back and if it’s a truck in
those same states you can’t lift them
more than 26 inches and take a state
like Indiana there you can’t raise the
bumper level more than three inches are
designed for safety and you can’t raise
it more than three inches or you’re
breaking the law and if you live in a
great state of California body lift it’s
only allowed five inches maximum and
take California again they have maximum
frame Heights the highest that the frame
can be based on the weight of the
vehicle if if a 4,500 grow straight
vehicle the maximum height you can raise
in this twenty-seven inches if you have
a 7500 gross weight vehicle the maximum
is 30 inches and if you have up to a
10,000 gross vehicle weight it’s 31
inches is the maximum you can have the
frame race so basically they’re telling
you if you need a parachute to get out
of your vehicle it’s so illegal it can’t
be up there too high now the next thing
is license plate covers you can’t cover
up any of the license plate parts I just
got back from Massachusetts I say to my
wife look at that car in front of us
they had this giant plate it was
advertising some dealership and you
couldn’t even see any of the
Massachusetts on the top you could just
see the slogan on the bottom but you
couldn’t even read Massachusetts that
was illegal and of course
one of the popular things in Russia is
trying to control license plates that will
flip of the switch you can’t even read
them at all of course those are totally
illegal you get calling one of those
they’re certainly gonna throw you in the
slammer if they see you turning it on
and you’re trying to get away with no
readable license at all now the next is window
tints this is the Toyota factory window
tint you can see you can still see
inside the seams in there again this
varies by state law here in Texas they
have a certain amount of darkness and I
see it bypassed all the time I live here
in Texas if I was a cop I would pull
over every car I saw at night with
heavily tinted windows people could be
behind there with a gun coming after you
those people need to be taken off the
road having garbage like that some
states go even further Illinois
prohibits cider front window tinting and
let you have a medical condition they’re
obviously worried about the police are
gonna not be able to see what’s going on
I guess maybe Chicago with a Chicago mob
they wouldn’t be able to see in those
cars when they’re pulling them over now
in more liberal states like Texas the
police often do have window tinting
devices to see how much tint is in
I can’t stand it when some idiot cuts
me off and I pull up and I can’t even
see who’s driving the vehicle it’s
gotten to a point of ridiculousness
there now New York State is even more
restrictive they have a law that says
70% of the light has to be able to pass
through those windows I’ve seen in works
probably 10 or 12 percent here in Texas
so now just like laws they have against
lifting them too high many states have
laws against lowering them too low for
example George only allows a maximum
lowering of two inches of either the
bumper or the frame but California has
no laws all about lowering and neither
does Arizona I guess that’s low rider’s
paradise there and another modification
that gets you in trouble of the law is
booming sound system yeah I’m going on
a road well that’s illegal in many places
in many states cops can give you a
ticket depending on how loud it is from
a certain distance they have decibel
limits to how loud you can have those
things turned up now Florida used to
have them but in 2012 their Supreme
Court cut that law down though if you
have local laws banning it the local
police can still give tickets or making
too much noise disturbing the peace I
guess Pennsylvania has a law that says
you can’t play your music
at an unusual volume and they’re not
supposed to be over there at 50 feet
away there they can call it disorderly
conduct and you know what I can figure
listening to this stuff I think it
should be a law against bad taste too
because a lot of this music it’s really crap
now stranger it up radar detectors are
legal on every state except Virginia and
Washington DC for normal drivers but
interestingly enough it’s illegal for
commercial drivers to have them so all
the big truck drivers that are not
legally allowed to have radar detectors
and even if it’s legal some states have
laws that say if you mount on the
dashboard that’s obstructing your vision
and that’s against the law too so you
really want to check the local laws when
you put the stuff in I know when I lived
in Canada it was illegal to have any
radar detectors and if you had them at
the border driving in they take them
from you and then give them back when
you came back over the border because
they didn’t want people cheating the
speed tickets now radar jammers are
totally illegal you caught one of those
it’s up to $50,000 fine they’re five
years in jail in any ways the FCC says
radar jammers have been illegal since
1996 so they can go back to you
federally anywhere if you even buy in
one of these things you’re not even
supposed to be able to sell them in
stores and they can’t advertise them
either now one of the biggest modifications
people do are exhaust modifications and
most places have laws for that too about
how loud they can be and this is more
than a double-edged sword
probably a triple edged sword you modify
your exhaust generally you’re also
modifying your car’s anti-pollution
system and you’re breaking federal law
so in most places you can’t take the
catalytic converters off and run
straight pipes if you want it from a
mechanic standpoint mine you can’t just
go and bolt new stuff five things are
more complicated than when I was a young
mechanic where’s your mechanic sure you
can put on straight pipes worse came to
worse you could read you out the
carburetor with the $10 kit but today
their fuel injected
if you’re gonna do that put it on a dyno
they’d have to retune it they’d have to
remap the computer software to make it
run right it would be a gigantic pain in
the rear end and then you still might be
breaking a lot by making too much noise
nothing that’s my to get your trouble is
beyond lights yeah you know in a to
thousands of people started putting neon
lights on everything they look
cool at night the problem is it can
become distracting to other vehicles
there’s various local laws for that stuff
that you got to check before you start
throwing that stuff on for example blue
and red lights are banned in most states
you can’t have blue or red neon lights
on because it confuses with safety
vehicles now light bars are real handy
for off-road vehicles but you start
using those things on road they can be
very illegal unless you’re covering them
up it’s why they got those cars on them
it’s more than just to keep dirt off
your use those off-road truck lights in
traffic at night
they’re so bright they can even bounce
off oncoming traffic scatter light
everywhere if you’re using those on the
road and the cops see I guarantee you you’re
gonna get a gigantic ticket now the last
thing I got to talk about is putting
nitrous kits in a car adding nitrous
oxide to get more power in a vehicle and
when you turn them on they get tons of
power that’s why most guys that use them
they hide the bottles under the seats or
somewhere so the cops can’t see them
and they have all the piping hidden under
the engine so even if they pop the hood
they won’t see them so those place it’s
extremely illegal to have nitrous setups
on a car you’re driving on the street, so
you never want to miss another one of my
new car repair videos, remember to ring
that Bell

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  2. How does it work if your car is legal in one state, you cross into another state and your car is illegal there? Do you have to stay in one state? Do you claim exemption because your car is registered in the first state? Scotty needs to tell us who live outside the US of A. Here in the UK we're about to get speed cameras which also measure the noise of cars, so the crappy exhausts or what we call 'bean can' modifications will hopefully get found out.

  3. A light tint makes sense is states where it gets hotter than hell. You want to protect yourself & the car's interior. But limo black especially on the front sides is too much.

  4. I live in Illinois and I see dark tinted side and back windows all the time. That law is not being enforced here at all at least not in Lake County Illinois. Tint so dark it looks like black paint.

  5. Another one is those stupid pick up trucks that have the front raised higher than the back, but the headlights were not adjusted accordingly.

  6. I've had huge audio systems in my vehicles for over 20 years and never had a cop give me a ticket for it. Cops will use it as a means to "interact" with you but always just tell you to turn it down. Of course I almost never turn it up near residential areas. Those guys that do are rude.

  7. There was a cop that stopped a mechanic "test driving" my car after some work (which I do on my own now) and said he thought it was illegal. I asked him what he law is in my state, he said what it was, and I told him yeah it is and showed him where it said the percentage on the tint on my driver's side. He appreciated the information, said "oh, thanks, that's good to know" and left.

  8. Gotta love Illinois. All the laws are created for Chicago and when people think of the state they think Chicago… but majority of the state is not Chicago. I’ve lived all my life in Illinois and never even set foot in Chicago… but if you say “oh I’m from Illinois” people think your a Chicago city slicker… screw Chicago

  9. NOS, I remember while I was working as a bag boy. I saw these collection boxes (Pre-gofundme) I read that this kid in a honda civic. Sped downhill over 80mph and lost control the NOS hose snapped off and hit or ignited the gas and got burnt alive.

    1. I never felt bad for the kid. You play with fire you get burned. You see one movie with cars with NOS you think you own the road? Honda does not mean HOT ROD.
    2. I felt bad for his families loss.

  10. People still getting kills by cops without tint and car crashed are top 5 cause of unnatural death.. So I think all those regulations are pointless..

  11. I drive a car with really dark windows, lowered about 3 inches, modified exhaust,tuned, 2 10inch subs, focal components all around and everything including tweeters are powered by an amp.
    Scotty, you want to take it for a spin?

  12. In Canada Radar is Legal in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan. I've been using a detector for over 30 years in western Canada no problem.

  13. I don't know it all are a modification, but the super bright lights need to be restricted. They are making driving at night miserable and unsafe when we are blinded by super brights lights coming at us or in our rearview mirror.

  14. IL law now allows 35% tint on all windows, front and back. If you use less than 35% type tint, then you cannot tint front windows, but I see many people still do. Some tint with 5% front and back windows.

  15. Unless it's changed in the last couple of years (I left in 2017) the info on window tint in Illinois is wrong. When I moved there in 2010 they had just changed the laws to allow you to have up to 35% on the driver and passenger doors if you didn't go past that on the rear side windows. If you went darker you weren't allowed any tint on the front doors. I only know this because my tint guy would include a copy of the law with his receipt!

  16. In the Show-Me-State of Missouri, you can have no more than 35% tint laminated on the front driver & passenger side of the window, give or take 3% (MO 307.173). I haven't found a motor vehicle provision that covers Low-Riders, but Lifting Trucks (non-commercial) and cars called "Donks" can only be raised 22 inches from the ground, using the front and back bumpers as the measurement (MO 307.172). As for straight exhaust pipes or muffler cut-outs, the latter is only illegal in the state of Missouri only if they are found to be functional when in motion (automatic cutouts). The main question is Enforcement of such laws by Law Enforcement Officers; some cities and states do enforce their vehicle laws very well (such as Maryland, Washington D.C. and Virginia).

  17. You don't want to mount your radar detector on the dash anyway. Mount it on the visor because it receives signal better when mounted high as possible, and reflections from the hood cause interference when the unit is on the dash nearly at hood level. Your passenger will just have to live without the visor.

  18. were becoming a country of wimps,next they will take our guns and soon the tuff american theme will be called toxic masculinity.we need to get rid of the sjw/beta male soy boy wimps who are making laws that take away our right to have high powered machines.

  19. Calirornia is a perfect example of what america will become if these soy induced sjw leftist weirdos keep pushing this crap soon it wil be illegal to have any mod on your car so we can all drive the same cars like sheep with no originalty or freedom.They are taking our freedom from us slowly

  20. I bought a Dodge Magnum in Michigan and got pulled over in Florida for too dark tint on my windows. No ticket but I really didn't mind removing it from the driver and passenger windows before returning home. Dark windows are dangerous and suspicious.

  21. I have a 12 inch light bar mounted under my bumper on my car I use as help to the bright lights (it’s a 94 the headlights ain’t the best) and I’ve passed several cops on the side of the road hiding to catch speeding with if on and they didn’t even glance at me. I think as long as you actually turn it off around anyone it’s not a very enforced law lol

  22. Please deputize Scotty to be a sheriff for all states to ticket all these moronic modification offenders. Better yet, Judge Scotty!

  23. None of these laws were written to protect the people or make any Driving situation safer. All of these laws are a suppressive dummy down system of crony capitalism and extortion. The Constitution was written to protect the people for the people every law after that point is only an extortionary plan by our extortionary Bought and paid for globalist government. It's the same with guns not one single gun law was written with the protection of the people in mind it's all politics and power.

  24. I guess that makes me a hardened criminal. I performed a body and suspension lift on a pick-up truck for my son while he was in Iraq. Indiana registration and was stationed in California for several years.

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