5 Best Beginner Cruiser Motorcycles For Tall Riders

Cruiser Motorcycles

Do you enjoy seeing motorcycles out on the road that look they came straight from an old retro style movie from the 50’s? Don’t be fooled as chances are you say a newer model of the cruiser motorcycle that appeared as though it had been made back then. This is the type of motorcycle that many have fallen in love with over the recent years. Here are a few details of the newer style motorcycles and what you might be looking for if you’re looking to make a purchase.

So you are looking at buying a motorcycle and you don’t know what kind to buy? There are many different brands and many different styles of bikes. I’ll be doing a quick overview on the most common styles of motorcycle to give you an idea of the different kinds of bikes and what you might be interested in looking further into.


The cruiser style motorcycle is your “typical” motorcycle. They have been designed after American bikes that were developed from in the 1930s to the early 1960s. The early day Harley paved the way for this style motorcycle. The rather large V-twin engines displacements are standard for the cruiser style. These engines have been set up for lower end torque than vehicles who are shifting frequently. It makes for a very smooth ride.

The rider sits in a laid back position where your feet are forward and your hands are placed higher in comparison to your body. This gives the appropriate name for the bike because you are in a relaxed position. This allows ride to just “cruise”. This is not ideal for long distance riding on the freeway because can cause strain on shoulders due to wind beating against rider’s chest.

If you are a biker, then you have a cruiser. The infamous chopper is usually put in the cruiser category. In my opinion, this is the classiest style motorcycle. This bike evolved from the original and is still going strong today. The Cruiser is a great, versatile and long lasting motorcycle.


Although almost any kind of motorcycle would be able to tour there are certain bikes that are designed specifically for touring. The word touring here is specifically describing the distance over time. Touring Motorcycles are built to be durable and comfortable in riding over long distances.. Most touring bikes will be built with larger body so they can be equipped with the necessary traveling equipment. They have a tendency to have high shield to bring good protection from the wind., Touring Motorcycle also have high volume gas take tanks to be able to go farther distances over time. The typical engines are larger displacement engines. The larger build of these vehicles are meant for one person to operate the motorcycle and room enough for a passenger.

Touring motorcycle are built for comfort. The seats are upright in a more relaxed position for both operators and passengers. Since these bikes were created for traveling they usually have quite a bit of room for storage and luggage. This kind of motorcycle has been made very popular through those that like to travel long distances of bikes.


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