Good afternoon guys. We’re still outside
Livingston, Montana and drove up to Pine Creek Campground and…. Parked in the day use area and it’s time for the much overdue…. I’m gonna call it a brief tour
of our new expedition vehicle. Forgive my voice…
Somehow I’ve started losing it the past couple days but… That’s just real life!
But yeah! This is it!! What do you think guys?…. So we’ve been running some errands
the past few days and we have made one observation…. This thing gets a lot of
attention!… Everybody comes up and talks to you… We have yet to go to a parking
lot, where someone doesn’t give us a thumbs up or stop by to ask about the
vehicle. Or want to look at it or just talk about it…. She’s very popular!…. You
know the funny thing is…. I’d say three-quarters of everybody that’s come
up to us so far, they ask how much it costs! I don’t know if that’s just human
curiosity or what? So we’re honest. We’re honest with you guys….
$88,000… Thank you very much! Easy enough… Okay guys! Well there’s a method to my madness. We’re gonna start with the box! We’re the third
owners. It’s a 13 foot box with steel frame and aluminium walls. And there is
plenty of insulation in the walls! Three house batteries, cassette toilet, acrylic
windows. So they’re dual pane so we shouldn’t get any of that condensation.
Nice beefy bumper, a big full-size spare, nice little spot to tie the dog
off in the shade…. How you doing bugger? Okay…. Here’s the garage and…So this is
what we’ve been doing guys for the past three days! Is literally getting
everything organized…. Yeah, we’re not going to go through all this stuff but…
Hey, outdoor cooking time!…And working our way around on both rear quarters. There’s
aluminium toolboxes. This truck originally had dual rear wheels. These are super
singles. I really like that because rocks will get stuck in there. And then the
earth Cruiser leaf springs… 2 thirty gallon fuel tanks. Got two windows on
this side… No pass-through yet! That will be coming soon…
But this engine is so clean! Like you could eat lunch off of it guys!…. Working
our way around… So heated mirrors as well…. That was pretty cool!
A stock bumper and you’ll notice it’s definitely in need of some accessories!
And I think that’s pretty awesome because we’ll have plenty of
opportunities to customise it ourselves! I was a little nervous about these
stairs I will admit! Particularly because you
have to take them off and put them inside. And I wasn’t sure how steady they would!
Not bad at all…. They’re really not! I can lift them up and put them in the
back of the truck myself and get them out. And they’re super easy to unfold and
put into their little latches…. Two things… I think we would like to get some stairs
that slide out and then just come down. And then also just a couple rungs of a
ladder… Yeah! So you know when you’re in a parking lot, you can just jump right in!
Well guys, welcome to living in 78 square feet! This is very tiny! I joked around
with Dave…”That dude you used to wide-angle lens we took all the photos
to this place! But it’s totally awesome! We’re good, we’re happy!…. And everything fit!…
Yes! Well not everything but…. Almost…
This is our dinette! Nice and efficient… We still are doing some organization
stuff here…. A couple noteworthy things… You have the control panel here. And
behind here is more storage and charge controllers and inverter and all that
stuff…. On this side, this one’s kind of unique… And I honestly say…We have to change pretty soon…Yeah, we’re not
in love with it! It would be ideal for like week-ending or maybe if you’re like
camping in a truck but… The refrigerator is that one of the solely 12-volt only
12 volt ahh… Refrigerators and it’s like an ice chest!…It’s like what you get on a boat…
Yeah!..Which is cool but… I think for full…The practicality of getting
in and out every day of the refrigerator is not sensible for full time living…That’s exactly it… Full-time living!…. Next up our bathroom…
Ben calls it the master bath…. Yes! Because it has a throne!… I must report. it
has incredible water pressure! That was one thing that I was a little nervous
about… We did switch out to our oxygen ex shower head in between that. And the
incredible hot water! There’s some really nice showers in here!…. And we’re still
getting used to the whole cassette toilet thing. But it is gonna work out
just fine! I like it so far, it’s not horrible… But it just takes some getting
used to the differences. I did order a bamboo mat for the floor as well so…
That’ll look different here pretty soon! It’ll get dialled in over the next few
weeks… It will… One step over!… Yeah… A whole like foot and a half over… Is our kitchen!
It’s five feet in length. We have a diesel-powered glass-top stove her… And
the bungee cords are on the cabinet for a reason we found out…Yeah!…
If you follow us on social media, you’ll know why! And all the baskets from
Michael’s… Mm-hmm…. Great deal if you need baskets guys! Go to Michael’s or Joanne’s…
It really made it so that we could fit a lot more in here and organize it. So that
you can actually find stuff and pull it out quickly…. Yep!
This one has most of our personal stuff down here… Shelby, Ben, Becky…Ahhh… Dried fruits, some spices, vitamins… Just because it’s in the kitchen doesn’t mean everything
kitchen is going in this cabinets…. Well when your kitchen sink is your bathroom sink, you
got to put some bathroom stuff in here! And…. You know, when you’re dealing with space this small, why have two sinks?…. Yeah! You only need one!…. But one of the things that made me really happy when we got here… This sink looked really small in
the pictures. It’s really deep!…. Yeah, it’s like a big old kettle… Yeah and I
actually love it because it doesn’t splash up. And there’s plenty of room to
wash dishes and great water pressure again! Alright downstairs cabinets…. I actually
love this sliding drawer!… Yep!… And I’m really happy with how we gotten
everything organized in here…. We even have a little room to spare up top. Then
you can see kind of the infrastructure of the diesel cook top…. Alright! Last
kitchen cabinet…. Cleaning supplies and another drawer with food and… Stuff… Stuff!
Yep! We’ve got a little trash can here… This is a big wall with hooks on it!
We have our… Fan switches and thermostat there…. And then right underneath the bed is this neat little cubby…. We’re thinking in the future putting another 40 ounce
of water right there… But for now, Shelby loves this little space!…. Queen-size bed
which is huge guys! That’s a big one. Not a lot of vehicles have Queens. Some of
these have full beds!… We have cabinets up here, lighting’s horrible…. We have our
clothes in now! But all-in-all, a very comfortable
sleeping area….Hey there?..You don’t plan on spending the night here right?..We just wanted to make sure because this is a non camping area… Are you the host? Yes…. Okay…But we like your RV..This is awesome! Thanks! We just came to take some
pictures… Okay! Well let’s get started on the truck chassis itself…. This is a 2007
Mitsubishi Fuso FG140 4×4 ahhh…My understanding is that the
original intentions of this truck and chassis were to like work on
construction sites and… Mines and industrial locations for the four-wheel
drive. And just getting around! And… Has a 4.9 litre diesel engine…. Couple key
points: No ultra-low sulphur diesel requirement and no diesel exhaust fluid!
That’s why we’re looking for something a little bit older and 2007 fit the bill!
So in an effort to try and make this as graceful as possible, I’ve been always
remembering… Right foot, left foot, in! Because if you get the wrong foot, you just totally
stumble all around!… A couple of really nice points… Power windows, power locks…
We have intentions of getting a keyless entry, maybe like a starter interrupt and
maybe even an auto start at some point! Four wheel drive high and low range
right here…. Instrument cluster… Exhaust brake ahhh..I forget the exact name… This is all new to me but this is like a high idle Am/Fm CD player, air conditioning…
Speaking of which, it’s bloody hot in here! And you have to be in neutral to start…
Purrs like a kitten! This cools things down! Shelby has a nice little spot on the
middle seat… There’s a little console there. Some storage behind the seat. And I actually have more than enough room! And I’m a big dude in the seat….Previous
owner had this little platform…. Constructed…. I think I kind of liked it…It’s kind of convenient….
Yeah!…. I was a little worried because the few seats I’d tried out weren’t very
comfortable. And this…. It’s so comfortable we can drive around the world and really
enjoy ourselves!…. So the one thing I really want to point out, notice how
quiet it is in here? I was a little concerned that we might not be able to
vlog inside the vehicle. But this is awesome!… So the truck has a five-speed
manual transmission. Number one is a complete granny gear. So you always just
take off in two but seriously… It rides so well! We were a little concerned and
on the ride… No concerns at all! I do feel like a school bus driver you know this
angle on the steering wheel…. We’re super high up like…. Look at this
view in the vantage point you have up here! Pretty amazing!…. We will definitely
be doing a full tour later on of all of the systems and how everything works but…
Everybody’s been really anxious to see what we moved into so we wanted to be
sure to share it and… Now Ben is gonna send the drone up and
have a look around here…. So be sure to hit that SUBSCRIBE button
if you haven’t already. Because we’re driving this thing around the world!!….

100 Replies to “4×4 OVERLAND EXPEDITION VEHICLE TOUR ~ Mitsubishi Fuso FG140 + DIY Camper”

  1. Congratulations! We can't wait to watch your new adventures as we start our new full-time RV Life inspired by people like you!

  2. Oh my what a great find and a much better cost than I would have expected compared to like the Earth Roamers that are $250K +. Been a while since I watch as I was starting my adventure but will be interesting to see your new ones in the new rig.

  3. Very cool rig. Are you guys planning on adding any solar panels? The roof looks perfect for it. A cool looking world map wrap is another idea to add some flavor to the exterior walls.

  4. I love the Fuso!!! And I don’t think what you paid was extreme.
    You’ll have so much more access to places that perhaps only jeeps can go.
    Manual trans is the way to go too, great features inside except the fridge, you’ll figure that out.
    Do you have the window that opens out by the table like Fabio’s? Theirs is a Mercedes though I think.
    Have you named her yet?
    I’m so excited for you guys, I can’t wait to see all the wonderful places you’ll go.
    Happy trails!!! 😄

  5. Nope… not for me. i'll keep my 1986 Tiffin 4 season RV and save $70.000.00 . No off road for me. Have fun w/ your world cruser. i would have gone much smaller for across the pond. Good luck.

  6. I am so excited! Let's get going. I am not patient when starting a journey. I am going to love traveling with you. What a rig!!!!!

  7. It looks to be a great EV and the mods your looking for shouldn't be that hard. That's a really small refrigerator. Happy trails.

  8. Awesome rig! Please do me one favor though. If at all possible can you put your cleaning supplies away from any food or coffee/tea products or at least move them to the bottom shelf? If something leaks it would be better to be on the bottom. Stay safe and enjoy your new home.

  9. Congratulations on your new expedition vehicle! It looks tough & compact. The high idle switch is probably for the PTO, since this was built for construction applications. It was wise to go with a pre-DEF engine. That crap causes more breakdowns on my Peterbilt than everything else combined. It's also rumored to be killing trees along the interstates. Hey-don't judge liberal ideas on their results. They always have good intentions, and that's all that matters. 😜

  10. Nice rig. I truly believe that many of the older well built RVs are much better than the the new ones. If I had a couple hours here I would tell you what I have encountered in my 2+ year search for a new or late model class A or C. Garbage. Good luck guys. I'll say a prayer for your safe travels. How exciting. If I were 20 years younger I'd be doing the same thing y'all are. One other thing what park were you in. BEAUTIFUL DRONE VIDEO👍.

  11. All in jest but I do gotta call you out on your observation about people asking about the cost. You did the same thing with Fabian and Isabella and I believe Fabian was just a tiny bit surprised about your focus on cost. I seem to remember his comeback was something to the effect of "We Germans don't like to talk about money".

  12. The keyless entry/remote start adds complexity that will fail at some point, something to consider in your travels around the world.

  13. I know you cant imagine forgetting about your dog being tied to the bumper and driving off ,but it happens so often.
    Ask any vet. When life is rolling smoothly you dont make mistakes like that , but and odd emergency and your focus is shifted elsewhere….

    Not trying to be a downer but I makes me cringe whenever I see a dog tied to a bumper because I have seen heartbroken pet owners sobbing uncontrollably

  14. Top load refrigerator/cooler – excellent efficiency.
    Set into seating box, capped with seat cushion – incredible efficiency.
    Top loading means your cold air does not spill out immediately upon opening. Cold air stays low, while warmer air rises, so the efficiency is boosted by top loading.
    Add on the setting into a box cabinet and you add a few more ticks to the R value.
    Top that all off now with a few inches of foam seat cushion, and you may have a value built in that is worthy of the inconvenience.
    If you plan to use this rig as it is intended, you're going to realize the value in suffering through the inconvenience of access for the efficiency and effectiveness.

    Nice rig. I'm from Canada, drive a Nissan Patrol with a light RV style conversion, but my dream machine has always been the Mitsubishi Canter (Japanese JDM) 4×4. I have a lot of Marine and RV interior design and build experience, so I intend to design and build my own camper unit.

    It's always great to see others' rigs and check out their layout ideas and such. It helps to keep me motivated with ideas to make my ultimate overlander.

    Looking forward to your Dempster Highway Vlog.
    You know ya gotta do it.
    Question is: When?

    Next should be checking out the trip to Bella Coola in BC Canada.
    Let us know what you think of low gearing your rig down "The Hill".

    Drive it like you stole it!
    Drop a gear and STAND on it!

  15. Needs…
    The tallest "Hi-Lift" branded jack your wife can pick up, and if possible….
    Two of them.
    Have someone that you trust your life with, to find or build solid jack points.
    Think worst case…
    Can you guys get that back on the wheels of needed, with zero outside help?
    If you can find a class on how to wheel that thing, 10x worse than you plan to see… you will never regret it, and it could save your lives.

    That style of fridge is for a solid reason.
    Warm air rises, cool air falls.
    With a front opening fridge, as soon as the door is opened, the cold air more or less "falls out" and is replaced with room temp air.
    With the chest type, opening the door, isnt really a issue. Your cold air is staying put.
    The location of it is the crazy part.
    Maybe cut the table in half.
    Mount it under the table and as your sitting at the table, you can lift up one side, and be in the fridge?
    Makes more sence in my head…🤪👍

  16. I received an offer for a full "expedition" truck from one company in Russia. Brand new truck, Ural Next, 6×6 permanent with diff locks , all options from factory instaled on truck. 6 cyl in line , 320 hp, 1300 nm , 2 year warranty, 100000 km. On that , new living box , 6×2,5×2 meters in dimensions. One 9 ton winch in back one 6 ton winch front. Accomodation for 4 people inside ( possible 6 ). Diesel heaters x2 , air condition x1 , fridge,freezer,coocking top, bathroom, toillete ….. i can write list is soooo long. And the price is….. 88.000 € export . Truck is Euro 5 emision ( option for Euro 6 is + 2K ) . Sooo i will go for it. If you dont know this brand check out videos for Ural and see what those beasts doin in muddy taiga in syberia

  17. Nice new home. It looks very comfy. Put your fridge on wheels where puppy sleeps and put puppy underneath bench just open it u, but what do I know, (nothing):) . Good luck with trying to work it out, but you can do it.Be safe in all your travels

  18. I saw the rig in Bozeman!!!!! You were parked in the far reaches of a big box store and I thought about you but didn't ralize it WAS you!. Later that night, I saw the 1st vid!! Congrats!

  19. Very cool guys, looks like it will work nicely! I grew up driving a truck like that to haul blueberries on the farm..Ours was a Nissan , but pretty much the same. I love how great the turning radius was, great for parking lots and stuff. Way better than my Ram 3500 now 🙁

    Safe Travels

  20. Curious if you're 'fully' using the cassette toilet; … ie. do you use it for #1 & 2, or just #1 unless there's an emergency? Most people seem to only be using their cassette toilet for #1 (including me) which seems less than optimum to me (I have no sense of smell so potential odors are a BIG concern to me).

  21. that part of the world you're in is absolutely beautiful. you're new rug is awesome. when you come east I want 2 meet up if you don't choose to come my way hope to see you guys in the " Rogue Denali "

  22. Nice vid… We're thinking about doing something similar. I would love to pick your brain on some things to learn how to get started. Keep the vids coming.

  23. U should have a stlrage rack on top of cab for extra tires and such. Around the world u surely will need more than one spare.

  24. So are you headed to Alaska ever? I am sure i missed few videos to let us know. Envy from Alaska.

  25. Nice truck and a decent habitation box to work with.
    Instead of putting an extra water tank under the bed why not consider fitting a Webasto Isotherm fridge under the bed and the additional water tank under the dinnett seat?

  26. Amazing how well everything fits. Still, I cannot imagine the change you’ve made. Where did you film this? Just beautiful. Enjoy! Shelley from San Diego

  27. Great tour. I think I would get jack of the attention ( like the camp host that stopped by) but that’s me just being a dick.

  28. We have almost matching dogs. Yours has a little longer nose I think. Mine is a Snorkie Half Schnauzer and half Yorkie. What breed is yours?

  29. The living area looks like it was not built by a pro.
    The pass thru is a must …for the reasons you stated.

  30. where is the food….your clothes stored…we are full time in a 41' class a so we are spoiled,,,,but you guys still need to eat and change your clothes,lol

  31. HEY folks, let’s enjoy this journey…. thoughtful comments appreciated by all,
    …but keep the mean spirited ones to yourself !

  32. I totally agree with the choice on a vehicle that does not require low sulver diesel and/or additive. That is why we will most likely never have anything any newer that our '02 Cummins. But the expedition vehicle is unfair, now we cannot hide from you in places that Nellie could not get to .. 😉

  33. Great video. New subscribers. Wondering what happened to your big dog? Saw him on another video. Safe travels!

  34. Congratulations!
    I'm so so happy u got your expedition rig!
    And the price… WOW! Not too shabby.
    Well done.
    I am an RVer myself and take many trips with my young family from Toronto Canada.
    My wife and WILL be purchasing an Expedition rig one day in the future. I know it's not real polite to ask about price but as u know that is always the most important part. That's why I really really appreciate u letting us all know right off the bat.
    Supper excited and a lot jealous, but in a good way.
    Can't wait to watch all your adventures wherever they may be.
    Good luck u two.
    Safe travels

  35. You got that for $88k? Nicely done. Looks like all your research really paid off! Can't wait to watch the adventures you take it on.

  36. Just found your channel, looking forward to watching more of video's. Being your chassis looks rust free I'd like to make a suggestion. I assume you'll be driving the Fuso sometimes in winter conditions where they use salt on the roads, getting your vehicle rust proof is probably out of the question. What I've started to use is Krown in the aerosol can, I order six cans because that gets me free shipping………if you're interested here's their web site https://shopusa.krown.com/ Thanks for sharing, peace out.

  37. If I was playing a drinking game for everytime you two said "concerned", I wouldn't be able to walk for 3 days. Also when you said 78 square feet, I thought the 78 was referencing the deco with that paneling and that banquet. Man you sure have alot of decorating to do. Ugh. Fugly.

  38. I have a 2000 Fuso 4×4 dump truck and people still are like WTF that thing is bad ass . The thingy you think is a High idle is really a engine block heater , which will come in handy in cold parts of the world ,watch it will suck life out of the batteries . Also you do have a hand throttle down under the dash witch comes in handy on a Dump or for a winch for pumping up your Rsss.

  39. Right were u said drive around the world do u mean just America I don't want to burst anyone's bubble but driving around America doesn't mean the world I'm from the uk and yanks piss me off they call them selves world champions in American football they don't play anyone out of the states ffs USA isn't the world muppets

  40. I’m curious why you didn’t just buy a heavy 4×4 truck and all season truck camper . I own a Dodge 2500 diesel manual and a Northern Lite TC and got into places that only smaller 4×4 could negotiate.

  41. So happy you guys finally got something that was perfect for you!! it is so easy once you get into expedition vehicles to only search for the best of the best, full size shower and toilet king bed $500k craziness however its always good to remember why you are searching for one of these, it is always about the travel and experience 🙂

    I was just looking at this one here after being stuck in the 280,000k euro dream expedition vehicle trap haha

  42. Nice choice of the Mitsubishi fuso rig for world traveling. Finding parts will be easier wherever you are in the world since it is sold globally.

  43. Hi! I´m from Chile. We are 4 in our family and we´re traveling with a roof-top tent. The thing is that I want to build a truck us yours but with a crew cab. Do you know where I can find manufacturers of the camp box (even if they are for single cab fuso). Thanks

  44. Thanks for giving out the price, It helps those that are really seriously thinking if this is possible. Thanks again and Congrats!!

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