4×4 Fire Preparedness – Fire Extinguishers For Your Touring 4WD

4×4 Fire Preparedness – Fire Extinguishers For Your Touring 4WD

G’day I’m Brett if you’re like me you’ve
probably invested many tens of thousands
of dollars into your touring or over
landing vehicle I’ve owned my car for
nearly 12 years and have estimated
around forty thousand dollars has been
invested into it
which includes complete engine rebuilds
rebuild of the gearbox transfer case and
rear axle along with many accessories
and electronics
now all this can simply go up in smoke
due to a simple electrical fault or a
bunch of grass getting up underneath the
vehicle close to an exhaust which can
cause a fire now it’s most likely this
will happen when you’re in the middle of
nowhere and it will be up to you to put
the fire out so that’s why it’s
imperative that you always carry a fire
extinguisher on your vehicle now I’ve
got two fire extinguishers currently
installed 2 1-kilogram units one at the
rear which is close to my kitchen and
one up closer to the drivers position
which I can reach around and grab but
I’m upgrading my rear extinguisher today
to a two kilogram unit now you need an
A/B/E extinguisher for your vehicle a
two kilogram unit will give you at least
14 seconds of discharge which isn’t that
much so if you’ve got a grass fire
underneath your car you want to make
certain you get it out before it runs
out whereas this one kilogram unit
you’re looking about an 8 second
discharge so if it’s not out by then and
you’ve only got the one extinguisher you
may find yourself in trouble so I’ll have
this 2 kilogram extinguisher
installed now and I might find a place
to put this other extinguisher so I have
three on board which gives me options
depending on where I am at the time
let’s take a look at how I install my
extinguishers. So this is my custom
bracket I made up
it’s made from plate steel in some angle
iron and it’s bolted up through the
steel here down into the steel below so
it’s very strong in order to support the
weight of 2 kilograms because what you
don’t want is in a crash the
extinguisher breaking free and flying
forward as a
projectile. So I’ve got some pretty decent
sized bolts now I’ve drilled the bracket
out a little bit just to accept them put
the lower bolt in first as the bolt
holes are a little bit different for the
larger size so the mount is installed
it’s nice and tight now it’s just a
matter of installing the extinguisher
Put the latch on. There. Ready to go.
So in the event of an emergency that I do
need it it’s just a matter of running up
to it and grabbing it. Now my first
extinguisher the one kilogram unit is
right next to the driver seat so I can
reach around and grab it and go to
attack a fire. Simple as that you don’t
want to be jumping around trying to
unpack gear which is covering your
extinguisher because you buried it
underneath all your your kit so have it
up somewhere that’s easily gradable and
you can go because at the end of day if
you’re in the middle of nowhere and your
cars about to burn down you don’t want
to be fumbling around trying to find the
extinguisher so once this one runs out I
can run around to the back door grab my
2kg extinguisher and try again so
just get at least one extinguisher for
your vehicle. Now here’s something which
isn’t absolutely necessary but as I am
typically a solo traveler I have some
warning stickers here telling everyone
else where my fire extinguisher and
first-aid kit is as it could just be
that I have a rollover and the people
who come to my rescue may not have
either a first-aid kit
or fire extinguisher on board at least
they’ll know where it is open the door
fire extinguisher first-aid kit right
here easily accessible ready to go at a
moment’s notice.
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17 Replies to “4×4 Fire Preparedness – Fire Extinguishers For Your Touring 4WD”

  1. Was that a ‘Travel Buddy’ I saw?
    Would be great if you could do a review along with cooking tips & advice, as there’s hardly anything on YouTube.

  2. Another great informative video. It was suggested to me to purchase a fire extinguisher with
    a hose as per your 2kg extinguisher.The reason being, that if you have a grass fire under your
    vehicle the extinguisher without a hose will not work properly on their side or
    upside down. Having the hose makes it easier to point the hose up under your
    vehicle at the fire.

  3. Would really not advise using dry chemical extinguishers near metal and electronics. The powder is highly corrosive and will destroy any and all wireing it gets in contact with. Not immediately but everything will fail over time. Especially electronics. Dry Chem Extinguishers have mostly been replaced with wet foam extinguishers. They can also be had in the AB E standards, although the E certification has been discontinued in Europe.

  4. Great vid. But I’d be hesitant to have it mounted behind my head. Sufficient inertia could easily send it flying. An extra piece of Velcro would be my choice or under your passengers feet.. Steve

  5. Great video Brett. Another advantage of having a couple on board is you might be able to help someone else out one day without comprimising your own safety by using your only extinguisher.

  6. Good idea with a second Fire Extinguisher near the driver seat,
    I just realised that it take a way to much time to grab the one in the back of the car.

  7. We have curtains all around and I can recommend a fire retardant spray to treat the fabric. e.g. https://www.musicstore.de/en_GB/GBP/lightmaXX-Flames-Protection-Spray-201-400ml-DIN-4102-B1/art-LIG0006729-000 It doesn't smell too much. And I tried to burn pieces of cotton fabric. Untreated: catastrophic… – treated: just smolders as long as you hold a flame to it.

  8. A few years ago, two men crashed into a tree in Frenchs Forest, Sydney, Australia. Both men were trapped in the vehicle. The driver was still conscious and communicating with those attempting to rescue them. A fire started in the engine bay and slowly engulfed the car. Despite efforts to rescue them, both men tragically perished in the fire, leaving rescuers traumatised. Hence the reason I mounted my fire extinguisher within arms reach of the drivers seat. If I'm trapped in my seat, I want to be able to reach the fire extinguisher. Thanks for your video and excellent Youtube Channel.

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