3D Printed Cars, Oculus Rift Meets Welding, Tite-Reach Extension Wrench & More from SEMA 2014!

3D Printed Cars, Oculus Rift Meets Welding, Tite-Reach Extension Wrench & More from SEMA 2014!

This episode of “DIY
Tryin” is brought to you
by Havoline Pro DS.
Welcome to “DIY Tryin.”
Let’s print a car.
I’m Patrick Norton.
I’m Michael Hand.
SEMA 2014 show floor.
Beautiful cars.
I mean, muscle cars, drift
cars, race cars, desert cars.
Cars everywhere.
Classic cars.
3D printed cars.
We did not expect to see this.
SEMA 2014.
Big gathering.
Automotive specialty
There was an entire
floor full of wheels.
Like a million square
feet of wheels and tires.
And there’s hot rod
names you’d know.
And there’s suspension
names you’d know.
And there’s Local Motors, right?
Local Motors made its bones
with a crowdsourced design
called the Rally Fighter that
you would build yourself.
Bad ass off-roading vehicle.
You could title it
locally in your state.
And now they’re saying the
next evolution of design
for automotive
engineering is going
to be 3D printed vehicles.
Very cool.
Basically they have a
big giant cube set up.
And it’s what you would
expect from a 3D printer.
There’s an extruder,
and it’s just
laying out like– it’s
basically a toothpaste
tube of ABS and carbon fiber.
85% ABS, 15% carbon fiber.
Folks at Local Motors said they
might go as high as 20 or 25
carbon fiber in the
final version, which
is going to ship next year.
So Cincinnati makes
a giant 3D printer,
and it’s really cool
the way it works.
But next year there’s
a lot of TBDs.
They don’t know exactly what
the design’s going to be.
They don’t know the exact price.
Four wheels.
Rear wheel drive via trans-axle.
And they’re going to
crowdsource the design.
They’re actually crowd
sourcing the actual design
of the way they’re going
to lay the material down
because they’re looking for the
most lateral force absorption.
Crash testing.
They’re talking about making
full NHTSA tested vehicles.
That are 3D printed.
Another cool thing
they’re doing is
they’re giving out– what is it?
12 cars.
And basically people
are going to mod the car
and then show them
off next year at SEMA,
and then there’s prizes as well.
So design, submit your idea.
If they give you a car,
you get to build it.
That would be so cool.
It’s very cool stuff.
44 hours to 3D print a car.
44 hours.
Oh, and there’s some
aluminum bits on it.
So they basically
drill in, basically
coil, and they’re
mounting aluminum suspension
components on there.
I was so excited.
The future.
Other cool stuff we saw.
One thing I thought
was really useful
is the tight wrench
extension wrench.
Basically, we had
issues with the Volvo
when we were coming down here.
The engine mounts.
Actually getting in–
Before we came down.
With a sock or something
in hard to reach places.
Looks like a dog bone.
You attach your 3/8 or
your quarter inch ratchet,
depending on which one
you get, at one end.
And then you put your
socket on the other.
You attach that to
the hard to reach area
and then it’s like a one to one
ratio of where you turn here,
it turns up there.
Pretty cool.
Consumer version is plastic.
Sells for $25.
The hardcore aluminum
version is $60 for 3/8 inch
and will handle apparently
up to 150 pounds of torque.
And then they’re coming
out with a half inch soon
and they have a quarter
inch for $40 now.
Yeah, these look
really, really cool.
I was actually
impressed to find those.
You were all over
Chicago Pneumatics booth.
So of course they do
pneumatics, but they also
do some cordless kind
of drill sort of things.
So the CP8818 is a quarter
inch impact driver and drill.
12 volts, 1.5 amp hour battery.
But the nice thing was it
felt really good in your hand,
and it was so compact.
That’s right.
Yeah, I mean.
Not everything needs a fricking
325 foot pounds, nine pound
cordless wrench.
They do a drill version
of it too, right?
Yeah, drill and
impact driver both.
85 foot pounds of torque.
No word on price that I could
see and no word on how long
the battery actually lasts.
Kind of like the horsepower
rating on a Rolls Royce.
But it was so nice.
There’s going to be
loud cars from now on.
Real loud cars doing things.
Just ignore it.
Ford Mustangs raging
in front of SEMA.
Other cool stuff that we saw.
Miller and Lincoln are
both kind of making
welding easier and
more accessible.
So Miller had two new welders
with their autoset feature.
Basically, set
the wire diameter,
the material thickness,
start welding.
The Millermatic
140 sells for $767.
It’ll handle 3/16 inch
steel, 14 gauge aluminum.
That’s a 120 volt welder.
The Millermatic 190 is
a 240 volt MIG welder.
It will do 5/16 inch steel
or quarter inch aluminum.
It only weighs 35
pounds and they’re
redesigning the case
configuration and the handles
to make it easier to carry.
Extra handles to make it nice.
That’s a really good thing.
Cool thing.
Lincoln Electric had
the Power MIG 210MP.
And that was $1,000.
The cool thing about it is it
has a little LED display on it.
Or LCD display that
you cycle through
your different settings.
Basically what kind of
welding you want to do.
So you can set it up
for DC stick welding,
TIG welding, MIG welding.
And you basically go through
all the individual settings.
The thickness of the material,
the thickness of the wire.
And once everything was set up,
you could actually tweak it.
It’ll run on 120 or 230 volts.
That was really, really nice.
Three inch in steel.
3/16 Inch aluminum max.
But the coolest thing
that they had there.
They had this thing called the
Vertex 3D Virtual Welding–
So basically, it’s a
fake welding machine
that you put on kind
of Oculus Rift style–
And then you’re welding in
a virtual reality world,
and the idea is that you
get hands on training
without having to go
through all the materials
and– so these are
in technical schools,
in prisons, Navy people I
think they said have it.
So it’s just a really
good way to get hands
on without having
the actual materials.
I mean, there’s no smoke
and there’s no heat
and there’s no welding
spatter, but you basically–
I was sitting there, they
were having me do a push weld.
And they’re
basically– apparently
I have issues keeping
the tip of the welder
close enough to the weld.
Obviously, I have
work to do, but as
somebody who’s MIG welded before
it was pretty fascinating.
And I managed to up my– it’ll
give you a percentage score.
It grades you.
Yeah, so I went from a C
to a B. For those of you
watched last
episode and wondered
would the Volvo 240
make it down here?
We made it.
We made it.
I actually managed to fix the
idle problem, which turned out
to be the intake manifold
gasket from hell.
But we made it, partially
because of our sponsor,
Havoline ProDS.
Full synthetic motor oil with
deposit shield technology.
Excellent performance in
extreme temperature ranges
and unbeatable wear
and friction control
to protect critical
engine parts.
About 600 or 700
miles on the motor
so far with the Havoline
ProDS inside of it.
And I mention that because
a whole bunch of people
were like, you’re engine’s
going to explode and leak oil
from every scene as soon as you
put synthetic motor oil in it.
Zero oil loss.
Thank you.
Thank you.
And thank you to
Havoline for sponsoring
this episode of “DIY Tryin.”
All right.
Other cool things that we saw.
This is silicone rescue tape.
So if you’re looking for
the next step above Gorilla
Tape in your emergency
box that goes in your car,
this is 100% silicone
in a tape format.
It basically seals to itself.
950 PSI tensile strength, 8,000
volts electrical insulation,
500 degrees of heat resistance.
This big stuff goes
to like 12,000 volts
of electrical insulation.
I’ve seen people wrap this
stuff on copper, aluminum, PVC,
fuel hoses, which I really don’t
recommend but it will do it.
Don’t ask me how I know.
Not cheap.
You stretch, you wrap, and it
basically sticks to itself.
Yeah, this little roll, which is
one inch wide by 12 feet long,
is $20.
Don’t ask.
Because then I might
have to tell my wife.
Other cool things.
You really into these gloves.
So I use a lot of these, which
are black lightning gloves.
They’re a six millimeter
nitrite glove.
I’m usually using them
underneath those mechanics
gloves you see me in.

When I asked the people
at Lightning Gloves
if they had something that
would be more durable,
they pointed me to these.
15 mil latex gloves.
These are thick.
These are ridiculous.
They’re 2.5 times than
the regular gloves.
They also have
another six mil glove
that sells for half as much.
I’ve got to say, I
really like their stuff.
Lightning gloves.
Yeah, I’ve actually used
them all the time along
with mechanic’s gloves.
If you’ve watched
me with gloves,
they were mechanic’s gloves or
lightning gloves on the show.
So last thing, you were really
into the Factory Five Racing.
Tell me about them.
Factory Five Racing
does kit cars.
They started with a Cobra.
They’ve worked their
way up to a supercar.
They send you the parts.
You might have to acquire
some additional parts.
You build it yourself.
They’re here and I just want
to see if I can fit one.
And then I need to con my wife
into letting me build one.
Let’s build one here.
And then drive it back.
Next year.
I’m Patrick Norton.
I’m Michael Hand.
Thanks for watching “DIY Tryin.”

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