30 полезных автотоваров с Aliexpress, которые упростят жизнь любому автовладельцу / Автоподборка №23

30 полезных автотоваров с Aliexpress, которые упростят жизнь любому автовладельцу / Автоподборка №23

Hello everyone, friends! You
on the channel Dmitry Zavyalov,
in this video I collected a lot
cool car products from the site
Aliexpress. Among which
there are also goods from mine
past issues that
you could miss. And sure
Like if I managed
surprise you a little. Go!
Laser projection of stellar
the sky
Tired or bored
in a long way? Does not save
even favorite music? Not
trouble: relax, create
good mood or
romantic atmosphere
this laser will help here
stellar imitation projection
sky. I wonder what it is
original ceiling
decoration mounted
in 4-5 minutes thanks to the USB interface
and autonomous toggle switch
adjustment that is attached
double sided tape
anywhere with a smooth surface.
The system is controlled so much
just what to use
it is possible not only in the car,
but also at home (in living rooms, bedrooms,
nurseries), and in offices, and in
public places – in
relax centers in separate
restaurant booths, VIP rooms
clubs and KTV-Karaoke. Projector
fully waterproof
so the scope
can be expanded to pools,
saunas and home saunas. AT
management program laid
3 light models of projections:
two monochrome (red,
blue) and one combined
with additional color
a choice of yellow, green,
white. Angle adjustment
lighting is also very simple
– enough to turn
basic fiber optic
lamp in the direction you want,
and bright stars glimmer
exactly on that site. Want to
believe it or not, but the deadline
the service of this projection is
not less than 30,000 hours.
Universal USB charging
Another useful device,
which can be installed
to any standard socket
for extra buttons
in the car. Uniqueness
such a charge is that
she has not one, but two at once
USB port that provides
compatibility practically
with all USB devices
for recharging. Amplitude
working voltage can
vary from 12 to 24
B, and to protect your
overcharge gadget
manufacturer built
In the scheme of a special “smart
chip. Thanks to the little
resistance to heat is minimized.
Plastic charging case,
but with excellent consumer
characteristics very
critical for this kind
devices – fire resistance,
water resistant and
corrosion resistant.
Pleasant will please the user
and multi-colored LED
indicators from the RGB range:
you can choose a model with
blue, red, white or
green backlight.
GPS Amplifier
Before you – one of the best
custom devices
on the GPS / GLONASS platform,
which allows not only
plot a route
spatial coordinates
and track moving
but also improve electromagnetism
internal environment with a view
gain mobile signal.
Model Booster is essentially
repeater that works
and as a receiver, and as a transmitter,
and as an antenna amplifier.
The package includes outdoor
GPS antenna on the five-meter
cable designed to catch
open satellite signals
and equipped with a USB connector
transponder (directly
power amplifier) ​​which
filters analog signal
and converts it to digital
form. On the antenna is located
The “male” part of the SMA contact,
and on the amplifier – “female”:
they are firmly connected
one with the other and so
create a single system
which is connected by usb interface
to ordinary car
cigarette lighter. Left
open navigation
card and according
adjust location with her
antennas. All: your ideal
network with stable and clean
Signal created!
Magic clay
What are we using,
to our car is not easy
she looked immaculately clean
and literally sparkled like
new girl And, thanks to technology,
today at disposal
any motorist other than
car wash service available
a great many auxiliary
funds designed to facilitate
care for your favorite swallow.
One of the quickly conquered
the popularity of new products is wonder clay,
capable of reading
minutes to wash off any dirt,
including traces of oxidation,
iron powder residues
overrun or
shellac. But, as noted
most users
best this magic
clay copes with yellow
stains that remain
after removing bitumen
pollution. To use
this super cleaner,
like raw rubber
very easy. Before use
rinse thoroughly
clay under running water
then stretch your hands up
full plasticity, lower
for a couple of seconds in the soapy
solution and all! Left
“Ride” this soft
lump on polluted
the site rinsed clean
water and wipe dry
rags. Clay is great
cleans any, even the most
curved surfaces
but also requires a certain
care. So in particular
after using her
need to rinse in a few
waters and put in storage
– in an airtight container
with a moist environment.
Transformer Emblem
3D stickers are different,
and many of them frankly
debase the appearance of the car.
But there are those that are capable
literally change it
perception. For example,
like this metal emblem
in the form of the coat of arms of the Decepticons
or outlines of the “face” of one
from transformers. Looks
this icon is just awesome
and perceived rather
as a logo than a sticker.
Decorate such an original
emblem can not only
body, bumper or hood,
but any detail in the cabin
– dashboard, door,
subwoofer or hatch on the ceiling.
Simple and seemingly unpretentious
little thing but how does it transform
space while sparkling
chrome clear lines like
magnet attract the eyes!
Attach a sticker to nothing
not worth it – enough pair
PVA glue drops or pieces
double-sided tape placed
on a flat surface for
better grip. The only thing,
what to consider – after
install sticker machine
Do not wash for at least 25 hours.
3D film for finishing
Nothing is probably capable
so simplify and cheapen
body styling or salon
interior like modern
carbon vinyl film
with 3D effect. It is not for nothing called
calendered (or glossy,
glazed) – its glossy
surface really
as if possesses some
a glow coming from inside
magically changing
familiar details. Whole
the secret is in production technology
such films: each of them
the thinnest layer is missing
through shafts calenders exactly
just as we roll
rolling pin dough making it
thinner and thinner. And also,
like the dough, the finished film
seeks to “shrink” and take
original form. Therefore,
to stick on the right
the place is such a “canvas”
you need it first
heat it lightly
“Stretched out.” For this
there are special guns,
blowing narrowly focused
hot air streams.
The size of the film – one and a half
two meters is enough
to decorated details
“Lit up” and transformed
your car.
Air freshener
We have already considered several
car freshener
air and they are all good
in their own way. But this option
caught my attention by
three reasons: low cost,
original technology
performance and cutting edge
design. At first sight
this gadget can be taken
for a miniature fan,
and in fact it is.
At the heart of his work is completely
silent bearing which
rotates with speed
wind – 3 m / s. Body enough
durable for such a device
– it is made of special
zinc based alloy
so no falls
or road shaking him
not scary. In the exit area
flavored air
built-in LED
lights of different colors
and when the blades rotate,
the viewer seems to have come on
atmospheric lamp.
Perfume dispersed by the device
completely safe to inhale
it can both children and future
mommies. To replace
“Odorous” tablet-diffuser,
It takes less than a minute.
Mirror “Fish Eye”
Another version of widescreen
mirrors, called
“Fisheye” for its bulging
form and frameless execution.
These ultra-thin are sold
mirrors in pairs because
that according to the statement
manufacturer, purpose
they have a rather narrow one: make
“Blind zone” as much as possible
observable to simplify
driver parallel
parking lot However, despite
on this, the mirror copes well
and with other tasks doing
the review is much wider
and simplifying the control of the blind
zones directly in
movement time. To fasten
such mirrors are best
in one of the corners of the stationary
rearview mirrors – at least
side, at least salon.
And one more thing: because
mirrors of this type “work”
with a certain increase,
then objects present
in the blind zone, seem closer,
than in reality.
Document wallet
Stylish, elegant, practical,
ergonomic – that’s the main thing
what can be said about this
elegant men’s wallet
from brand manufacturer
BOPAL. Genuine leather special
dressing gives the product
slightly rough texture
and provides pleasant
tactile sensations. Thing
designed pretty
simple but with great skill
and a sense of style. On one
side of the cover is transparent
insert to be visible
driving information
rights or certification
personality. The same inserts
the middle section is also equipped,
which may well serve
slot for any printed
document. On the second side
cover extruded corporate
logo and placed a few
credit pockets
kart. Everything you need – in one
“Organizer” and always
at hand. Easy, comfortable,
beautiful is what is appreciated
Grid organizer
Want to feel
in the car as comfortable
how on the plane? With such
mesh organizer in the cabin
your car always
will be clean and everything you need
– accessibility at a distance
arm outstretched. Not a secret,
that motorists are especially
family and often traveling,
– sometimes difficult to achieve
order to inside the car
looked just as neat
like the outside. Now this
problem solve gadgets
like this pendant pocket
with small but durable
hooks-carbines on
easy grip edges
for any notch on the seats.
But the main highlight of this
organizer is that hang
it is possible not only on the seat,
but in between
them and even on the door if
this will be necessary.
Nylon mesh
high quality looks
compact – 30 * 25 cm – but
while quite roomy.
The thing will certainly be
Toy “Pitbull” will be
look cool on a torpedo
any car she
will appeal to all lovers
this breed of dogs. Product
made of quality
plastics and nice on
touch On a dog dressed fashionable
blue blocker glasses and mouth
smoldering expensive cigar. Model
dog made in four
different colorings and for sale
for 560 rubles in a place with a beautiful
chain that can
fasten to the front
glass with a suction cup
in order to dog randomly
not rushed to the passengers
during a sharp turn.
Avtodush for travel lovers
by car, relieve
you from unpleasant discomfort
en route caused by dust
roads and sticky sweat in the heat.
The device consists of water
car powered pump
nets, and rubber hose
on which the watering can is located
for the soul, it can be fixed
on the back of a car or
any other convenient place.
In order to take
shower while you stay
only capacity is needed
with water and free space
in the cigarette lighter. For such
convenience to the Chinese
asking 1200 rubles.
If you noticed on your
car deep scratch
and decided to get rid of
her, don’t rush to the auto repair shop,
as it can be removed
cheaper way.
I present to you a pencil
scratch-resistant. Principle
his actions are the same as
have putty for ink. For
order to hide the scratch
need to the damaged place
on the body apply corrective
pencil liquid, after
which paint instantly
dries up. On Aliexpress
pencil can be bought for
100 rubles, choosing from twenty
Car cleaner
drives designed to
aluminum and steel sinks
wheels and is able to remove
pollution like chemical
so and organic origin.
Cleaner does not contain
abrasive particles that
safe for paintwork
coatings. After cleaning
wheels on wheels remains
protective layer of cleaner
which is still a long time
prevents reuse
pollution. In one can
contains 125 ml. substances that
this product is sold
for 1 100 rubles.
Taxi checker on the roof of the car,
an indispensable accessory
for drivers working on jobs
carriage has built
LED backlight
which works from automotive
network. It is attached with
magnets and has a soft
protective pad which
do not leave scratches on
bodywork. Having such an attractive
Checkers on the car will cause
trust in potential
customers to taxi as law-abiding
a citizen.
Electric shaver running
from cigarette lighter with voltage
12 or 24 volts. Will be beautiful
companion in any journey.
The razor is equipped with a reliable
engine and two floating
with corporate heads
blades they provide
clean, smooth shave
which does not take much
of time. Worth this razor
on Aliexpress 730 rubles.
You’ll always look with her.
flawlessly long
And this is incredibly beautiful
projection of angel wings,
which is very impressive
looks at night Two mini
the projector are installed
on the bottom of the car in the area
thresholds and held
using screw clamps.
Waterproof housing
and resistant to aggressive
environment. Sold this
backlight for 740 rubles,
also on the order page
you can choose the color of the projection
of six different colors.
Box organizer in the trunk,
useful for a variety of
goals, it is very roomy,
and is able to fit the mountain
of things. The box is made
from durable waterproof
the material that protect
trunk leakage
different liquid and durable
the design will allow to use
its like a chair to rest
or other purposes. Availability
such an organizer in the car,
makes it possible to use
trunk space
much more efficient.
Anti-rain liquid is
means intended
for applying it on the frontal
glass or side mirrors
car in order to
during the rain on them not
there were water drops that
impair visibility. Part
funds include nano substances
forming a thin layer
on glass with water repellent
property, the effect of this
fluid is stored in
for a month. Capacity
cartridges 50 miles liters,
He sells on Aliexpress
for 280 rubles.
Foam head for sinks
high pressure, completed
connection kit
to most household appliances
high pressure. Intended
for contactless washing,
using thick foam which
formed from detergent
located in a special
one liter bottle.
Ideal foam generator
suitable for car washing
motorcycles and many others
surfaces. Worth it
nozzle six hundred rubles.
Laser fog
light – which is fast
gaining its popularity.
The device is mounted on
aft car and connects
to fog lights.
Emits during application
flat beam of red light
who makes his way
through a very thick fog
and creates light on the asphalt
hell Due to which reaching
after the car must
will notice the light limiter
and will keep safe
distance In the dark such
the effect looks very
unusual and spectacular.
Handheld Refractometer Cryoscope
automotive antifreeze,
is a device for fast
checking antifreeze density
and freezing temperatures
any heat carriers and
windshield fluids,
it also allows you to define
electrolyte density
in batteries. For this
one drop is enough
antifreeze or electrolyte.
Can be used in
low light conditions.
Reading the instrument
produced by clear
dividing line light / dark.
Device can test
both cold and hot
Portable Auto Scanner
to work with major
auto systems having
diagnostic connector
OBD II. In addition to scanning
basic systems and decryption
trouble codes scanner
allows you to perform specialized
operations like reset
service intervals and replacements
oil, view “freeze frame”
from various sensors reading
real data
time and another. Interface
and scanner menu in Russian
and other languages. Such a device
will always find a use
in any auto repair shop.
Digital Torque
key – designed for
torque control
tightening. Has a light
and sound alarm.
Digital display allows
track change
moment in real time.
What avoids
banners of responsibility
threaded connections. BUT
control buttons allow
adjust the torque range
moment from 10 to 200 nano meters.
With such a key on the key
you will never break again
I’m tired of constant dust
in the cabin and dirt on the inside
side door then take advantage
sealing rubber
for doors. It is attached
using two-way
scotch and suitable for any
car. The presence of sealing
gum, also removes creaking
sounds coming from the door,
and in cold weather will save
warm in the cabin. On the page
order, you can choose a gum
with different contours of molding.
Decorative emblem in
виде загадочного пришельца
– выделит ваш автомобиль
в потоке других машин. Это
НЛО можно прикрепить на
двухсторонний скотч на
капот, радиаторную решётку
или на багажник автомобиля,
в любом месте будет гармонично
смотреться. Эмблема очень
качественная и выполнена
нескольких цветовых решениях,
особенно привлекательно
смотрится в хромированном
покрытии. Стоит она чуть
больше 100 рублей.
А это базовый набор для
мойки автомобиля, поможет
навести чистоту. Включает
в себя 9 предметов. Складное
ведро из прочного материала,
мягкая впитывающая рукавица
из фибры которая хорошо
впитывает влагу и полирует
автомобиль до блеска. So
же есть салфетка из синтетического
замша которая не оставляет
разводов, пористая губка
для мойки кузова шампунем,
полотенце, швабра для мойки
крыши, кисть для мойки колесных
дисков, набор влажных салфеток
и швабра для удаления пыли
с кузова – пригодится для
тех кто ездит по грунтовым
Ручной крана лебедка – это
портативный ручной подъемно-тяговый
механизм который можно
применить при обслуживании
автомобилей и других подъемных
работах. Благодаря компактным
размерам идеально подходит
для использования в ограниченных
и узких пространствах.
Ручной крана лебедка очень
просто в эксплуатации и
не требует специального
обслуживания. Способен
перемещать груз весом до
1100 кг.
Солнцезащитные шторки
защитят пассажиров от яркого
солнечного света во время
поездки в автомобиле. AT
комплект входят две шторки
из плотной ткани, которая
с одной стороны черная,
а с другой серебристая.
Шторки подходят ко всем
автомобилям так как крепятся
к стеклу с помощью присосок.
В сложённом виде хранятся
в специальном мешочке,
который с легкостью помещается
в бардачке.
Подсветка для подстаканника
хорошо дополнит общий дизайн
автомобиля, она влагозащищённая
и может светить разными
цветами, для этого нужно
просто переключить кнопку.
Работает подсветка от аккумулятора
который заряжается от солнечного
света или через USB кабель.
Если включить кнопку питания
на подсветке, то активируется
специальный датчик который
реагирует на вибрацию,
и если двигатель работает
свет горит, а если двигатель
заглушен подсветка автоматически
На этом всё друзья, все
ссылки на товары из этого
видео я оставил в описании,
Напишите в комментариях
какой товар вам понравился
больше всего. До скорой

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