2020 Acura MDX: FULL REVIEW | Is the SALES KING Still Worth a Look??

2020 Acura MDX: FULL REVIEW | Is the SALES KING Still Worth a Look??

What’s going on YouTube?
So the MDX is the best-selling three row luxury crossover of all time and
Even with more competition than ever before it continues to reign supreme
That’s why we’re out at courtesy Acura today to check out the latest
2020 version this specific one being the fully loaded advanced model in white diamond pearl
So with all that said let’s see why it continues to sell so well

So like always starting off with the exterior styling they’re not really any changes this year
Which is pretty much expected since this is the last model year of this generation
Acura however, has updated the MDX almost every prior year
so you’ll still see all the latest design touches like the diamond Pentagon grille and full LED joy headlights of
course the a spec does have a more aggressive look than the other trims and
Only on the top two models will you have these LED fog lights
As far as the side and back
You’ll continue to find the body colored moldings that were added last year to the advance in
addition to the chrome accents and exhaust finishers that all the other trims also have
Now opting for the a spec will black out all the chrome and change the exhaust to large diameter circle
Then rounding off the rear are LED accented taillights and silver roof rails on the advance only
Now turning to the wheels there continues to be several different choices
Almost every model will come with some kind of 20 inch alloy
Either these contrast machine finish ones on the advanced
Similar looking ones on the technology or dark finished ones on the a spec
Finally the base trim will have 18 inch alloys instead
Heading on up to the mirrors they are heated on all models Tec adds power folding and then the advanced adds auto dimming
Additionally all but your base model will have blind spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert
And while we’re on the topic of safety
The MDX is one of only a few products in the class that gives you all the other active safety features
standard across the board
Every version comes with four word emergency braking Lane Keeping Assist adaptive cruise control and automatic high-beam headlights
Among its main rivals only the Lexus RX L will give you that amount of equipment as standard
Anyways guys that’s it for the outside, but now let’s move on to the more important interior
So walking up to the 2020 mdx you will find
Acura standards more inter system as well as they’re very nice key fob
Doesn’t have a real large and solid feel to it as well as well as the real metal trim along the bottom side
Now on the fob itself, you will find the remote start system if you choose the tech package or book
Now as far as getting inside the vehicle itself, of course there is a sensor behind the handle
So you’re just gonna grab it and when you do the mirrors will electrically pull it out
All right, so taking a look inside the cabin of the 2020 mdx advance
As you can see it still does have a very nice and upscale. Look there are no changes
Explicitly for 2020. However, they did make a lot of upgrades in 2019 and those do carry over
All right. Now going over your interior color and material combinations. You have a lot of different options depending on the trim level you select
So starting on your base model that will come with real leather in the ebony parchment or grey stone colors
And then when you go for the technology package, it’s that same leather
But you add the color contrast stitching and piping and you get the extra option of espresso
When you go for this advanced model, this is where the leather gets upgraded to a premium
milano leather
and it does come in the same four colors as the technology model and then finally when you opt for the a
Spec model that kind of up ends everything else and goes to a milano and Alcantara seat in black or a really cool red color
Now turning over here to your door trim, it is very nicely finished
You have a nice leather covering the whole thing with the color contrast stitching this morick
Contrasting stitching was added last year as was this new olive ash wood trim. It’s open pore looks and feels very nice
You will find three person memory seating on the technology model and above
And as you would expect all four of your windows are one touch automatic up and down
I’m checking out the seats here. You do have a standard 12 way power seat with four-way lumbar support
That was also new last year to all the trim levels
And as you can see
This is the Milano leather. Like I just mentioned has a very nice and attractive stitching design, especially like the color contrast piping
and the way that everything looks
Now like I just mentioned Acura has kind of evolved the MDX over time
They didn’t make any changes to this interior this year. However, they have made some changes last year as well as the year before that
So across your upper dash and you’re still going to find a soft touch plastic
I’m dropping down here to the middle that you’ll find this new wood. That was updated last year
You have soft touch plastics on these lower areas as well and
Then the big change last year was integrating that wood across this entire center console
Now it is worth noting. This is advance exclusive
If you go for the technology package, it’s going to take the wood off of this area and it’ll just be finished in black
Now start the MDX, of course you do have standard push-button start
When you press it, you’ll find the two screen Acuralink system fire up
It is an 8 inch display on the top and then you have a 7-inch touch display on the bottom
Of course, we’ll look at that a little bit more later in the video
You just hear they do have your typical
classy and simple accurate design
Of course it is. Mostly analog which you have a multi-function display in the middle
Which does which you can cycle through all your typical information settings
And then coming back to the steering wheel itself you have electric power assisted steering
The steering wheel, isn’t I sleep on the wrapped across the board
You’ve got your typical buttons right here. You will find heating on most models as well
These buttons here just your multifunction display and these are for your standard adaptive cruise control
On the technology and up you will also find rain sensing wipers
Then on your top two trims you do have a full power adjusting steering wheel
Off to the side here you will also notice
Some buttons for your safety systems as well as an electronic parking brake and an auto brake hold feature
Now rolling on to storage this is probably one of the MDX is strongest suits
Especially up here on the front
This center console is absolutely massive
So start out with you have two little buttons here
If you push the one on the left side, you have this small area good for keeping a phone or something like that
Well if you open this
Larger tier up you’ll see you have a very deep area
Now what’s unique about this is that actually all of this is one storage area
So you slide this back and you’ll see that actually connects so this is like
Probably three or four times bigger than what most of the competition gives you
You will also see you have a plethora of
connection options so you’ve got two charging USB ports right here a
third charging USB port which is the one you plug into for apple carplay or Android auto
You have an aux jack and a 12-volt outlet down there at the bottom
And then finally up in front of that you get your two cupholders as well as another small storage area and another 12 volt outlet
And one of the ways Acura did say space to give you the all the extra storage is by choosing an electronic shifter, oh
This is the same as it is an other Acura and Honda products very simple if you use
So what you’ll do is just press the D for Drive
If you want to choose the sport mode, you just press it once more and that will activate that
You do also have your buttons here to cycle between your three drive modes, which would be comfort normal and support
For reverse you’re just going to pull back on this trigger and you have a little auditory tone
To remind make sure you selected the right thing
Now once you go into reverse, you will see a standard 360-degree camera system on the advanced only
Otherwise it is just a traditional camera
So you have both views here, obviously you do have
Adaptive guidance lines as well as front and rear parking sensors and cross traffic alert
But you can also use the controller here to switch between some different views
To give you different types of guidance
And then finally for Park, you’re just gonna press the P
And the mirrors do tilt down winner reverse to help you see the parking lines easier
When it’s turned on its turned on the driver’s side I was looking at the wrong beer
Anyways, moving beyond that
Will come up to our accurate linked controller this controller of course controls the top display
And then above that we have our controls for our three zone climate control
So this does have a kind of unique setup half of your controls are physical right here
The other half are located on the screen. So you’ll see you can make adjustments with this toggle
You can also make adjustments up here if you prefer to do that
This is where you’ll just eurozone’s us you just press that you also notice that you have the controls for your
Three-stage heated and three-stage ventilated seats. Those are both standard on the a spec and the advanced rims
And what’s nice particularly about it is that it’s fully automatic
So when you adjust the climate
They’ll go ahead and turn on the heated or ventilated seats so you don’t actually have to dig around and look for it
Or you can control it right here as you can see
All right, and now that brings us to our audio system
Now accurate was nice enough to include the advanced ELS sound system on all but the very base model
So we’ll go ahead and take a sample
Sound quality of this system is very good
Okay, so now we’ll go ahead and kind of take a little tour around
The two screen accurate link system. I won’t go in super in-depth about it
Because this is kind of the outgoing system. We expect this to be replaced with the all-new accurate link system
Once the new MDX comes out
Nevertheless a few important things to touch on
Like I said, this is the bottom screen
It’s mostly for audio and climate basically so you can play and pause your music straight from here change your sources
They didn’t improve the performance of this a couple years back
All these buttons down here for your top display
So you have standard navigation on this model you have your phone stuff up here as well
And very importantly
We have smartphone
integration with both Android auto and apple carplay
That’s an important distinction because actually right now on the RDX with the brand-new accurate link system
You currently do not have Android auto support
Now moving on up here you do have a frameless auto dimming mirror with three helmet universal remotes mounted right there
And we do also have a standard moonroof
Acura does include this across all the models, which is a nice touch since a lot of the competition makes it pay extra
But overall the Acura MDX still delivers a lot – like inside of this cabin
You know, of course, this is an older model. This is probably its last model year production before we get an all-new one
But this still is a very appealing cabin it hits a lot of the highlights that people want
Which is why it continues to sell excellently
Even to this day
All right, so that does it for the front area now
I’ll go ahead and hand it off to Mason to check out all the back area
All righty, so having around to the rear areas of the MDX
Obviously, this is a really really important feature for a vehicle in this class and the MDX does give you plenty of features
So as you can tell we do have plenty space back here
It’s technically rated at 37 inches of rear legroom and 38 inches of rear headroom
now as far as how that compares to the rest of the class that is a little bit smaller than its main rivals like the
Audi q7
Now turning over here to the door trim, obviously this is a luxury vehicle and it is appointed just like that
So you do have leather wrapping across the bottom some more of that beautiful
Open port wood leather above that as well as a soft touch plastic on the upper portion
Now on this advanced model, we will also find these rear windows Sun shades
In turning over to the seats themselves, obviously as you can tell this advanced model does have the captains chairs
These are standard on the advanced with the center console
However, you can option it on the technology and entertainment packages, which is new a new feature for last year
Now the seats themselves do also slide and recline and they are very comfortable
Now here in the center areas the MDX is very well equipped
So all of the models will have these rear air vents as well as their own climate controls down here
so you do have your mode adjustment as was your on-off switch and the automatic function and as you can tell
We do also have three-stage heated rear seats, which are standard on the advanced model or the entertainment package model
now down below that we do have a little storage cubby and
It is worth noting that if you go for the entertainment model
You will also get several connections back here like an HDMI input as was like a power outlet
Now here in the center obviously
This is one of the biggest features about the advance is that it gets a center console and I really love the center console. Its
Class exclusive as far as I know
I don’t really know of any of its competitors that have this and it does have a nice armrest portion
you lift it up and it does have storage here and
Eight even larger storage compartment underneath
So this is basically set up just like the one in the front
So it gives the rear passengers a lot of storage space as well looks really nice
Now in front of that you have this cover
At the wood trim and inside you also have two
Smart charting USB ports and in front of that. You have some cupholders
Now up top we do have some LED lighting a really premium headliner and an assist grip and cut hook
Now like I was mentioning in terms of space in the MDX
This is one of these smaller offerings in the class and therefore behind Drew’s seating position
I only have about five inches of rear legroom and my feet can slide up underneath the seat
But once again, this is not the largest in the class
Now to get into the third row acura actually has made one of the easiest setups in the class
So I have to do is locate this little button push it and it does electrically fold the seat out of the way
Now looking back at the third row itself
You are once again going to find a little bit smaller than average amount of space for its class
You’ll find twenty-eight inches of rear legroom and 36 inches of headroom
So now let’s go ahead and get back there and see what it’s like for an adult
So my first impression back here is that this is one of these smaller offerings
So obviously this is not the most comfortable third row in the class
I don’t really have any legroom at all
But it is worth noting that the seat is adjusted all the way back and if you want more room you could slide it forward
Now in terms of thy support, this is a area that it’s lacking as well
It doesn’t really have any flight support
but a nice feature that actor has included is
space for my feet to go up underneath the seat
now in addition to that they have kind of remedied the
The lack of space by giving you two smart charting USB ports back here as well as a cup holder
However, you will notice that there are no rear vents back here. So on a hot day it might be a little toasty back here
Now heading around to the trunk of the MDX you do have a standard power tailgate
However, you do not have the hands-free function on any of the models. So just push the button under the lid to open
And once you do you will find another smaller than average amount of space
you’re gonna find 15 cubic feet of space behind the third row seats then expands to
36 cubic feet if you fold them and then you have a maximum of 68 cubic feet if you phone all of the seats
Now like I mentioned that is a smaller than class average amount of space
So once again, this is not the largest among its rivals, but I’m sure most owners won’t mind
Now as far as how accurate is finished it back here
You do have a little storage cubby right here as well as a 12 volt power outlet, which is a nice touch in
underneath of the floor
They were also nice enough to include a
quite deep storage area here
this is probably 8 to 10 inches deep and
It goes across the entire floor so you can fit quite a bit of stuff under here
Now as far as how do third fold the third row itself
All you have to do is grab this little handle it does automatically fold the headrest and then you push forward
Now coming over to the passenger seat itself, it is 12 white power adjusting and it does have four-way power lumbar support
In front of the past, I’m sure you do have a good size both box
It is nicely felt line and it does go back a good distance
Up top we have a Sun Visor with lights and a mirror and it does also detach. However, it does not extend
Well guys that pretty much sums up all the practical stuff about this MDX
So now let’s go ahead and get on the road and see how it compares to the rxl and audi q7
All right, so let’s go ahead and talk about the powertrain
Now for 2020 it does carry over
However, for those of you maybe have an older model and weren’t aware in 2019
There’s actually some substantial updates in this area
So that does carry over. So what should be looking at is the same 3.5 liter v6 engine producing 290 horsepower and
267 pound feet of torque
And that’s going to repair it exclusively to a 9 speed automatic transmission and one of those changes last year was being retuned
The transmission programming across all of your trim levels
you do have the choice between front or acura super handling all-wheel drive system for an extra cost option and
there is also a hybrid powertrain the sport hybrid model where you didn’t talk about that in this review that I’d be covered in a
separate video and
lastly as far as the fuel economy last year auto start-stop became standard across all the trim levels no matter what you choose and that
Doesn’t raise the fuel economy up
So now you’ll be looking at twenty city twenty seven highway 23
Combined with the front-wheel drive model and then the all-wheel drive model losing 1 mpg from that combined. So 20s you combine
But anyways, that’s pretty much it for the specs, let’s go ahead and take it on the road
Since the auto start-stop system and I just engaged really a very smooth system. I did a great job doing that
All right, so launching off here for the first time in the 2020 mdx
Had to say very impressive yeah
This does have a really nice naturally aspirated engine no turbo charging anything like that
So you get instantaneous power
And feels very strong off the line
Now with this model I’ve seen something I’ve never really saw on any model with this auto start/stop system
It says for the fort to activate pressing harder on the brake pedal and then it activates
so for those of you who
Maybe don’t care too much for the auto start-stop or whatever
It almost gives you the ability to control it someone
Now you can’t turn it off the traditional way but I’m telling you like from me stopping naturally
That’s not how far I would normally push in the gas pedal. So just something to be aware of
when I think it’s a
very good thing to have I’m actually kind of a little shocked that other automakers haven’t thought of that because
A lot of the times you’ll pull up to like a red light and it’ll you know
It’s about to turn green in like a second and then it turns off and then you have to restart the engine
And obviously hey, that’s not saving gas and B
It’s a rough
Start for you, because it’s in light in the process of just not turning off when you have to turn it back on
And I think it’s a really unique setup to kind of give you that human involvement in the system
So it doesn’t just make those decisions itself
When you could be you know, I’m about to sit at this red light for the next 10 minutes. So go ahead and turn off
One of the first things you notice about this car is just how smooth the powertrain is
They’ve really done a great job of tuning this
It’s very quiet
Also, the ride does go along with that just tremendously smooth now like I had mentioned in
2019 where she got a pretty extensive list of changes
And one of those was new adaptive dampers on this advanced model and you can definitely tell
The way this car drives is just rides is extremely comfortable
just absorbs road imperfections even really really rough stuff like that was a
Road, we were just on that had
Was graded down for repaving so it’s not even paved, you know, it’s just a dirt road
But I mean really just handled it very yeah it does it blends the powertrain smoothness with the ride smoothness like it has a
Congruence with you know the powertrain. I mean, this is one of these smoothest engines that we’ve ever been in, you know
We said it in the pilot
We really liked how this engine was and it really is just so smooth and then the ride
Paired with the adaptive dampers on this advanced model. It really has a luxurious ride to go along with it
I’ll go ahead and switch it in to a sport mode. You can try that out
All right, yeah, definitely tuna so our response to be more responsive but I also noticed the steering is really tightened up
I didn’t see you get
turn extremely small amount to get a
So I definitely like thought about it
You know really this car just kept it feel surprisingly agile, you know, this is a 3-row crossover
But like a lot of Acuras they’ve got
Kind of this nice dose of sport, you know
Of course, they do luxury in this car is focused on being luxurious and comfortable
Well, you can tell there is a little sprinkle of that Honda
in it, and it does the way that it’s just it’s more agile than
What is typical like it’s not a more common need car shop with like an RX
And then as far as the 9 speed automatic transmission
Heads was already mentioned. It was retuned last year and
They did also do a good job with that as well
It is very smooth it’s also a lot
It’s quick performing
Maybe if you had an older MDX or you read reviews about older and MDX’s
There was some concern initially when it first came out about like gets a little bit slow responding, especially when shifting between gears
But I didn’t notice any of that, you know during today
So definitely they’ve upgraded all that so you won’t have any problem with this transmission at all. I just blend seamlessly
Into the background as you would want in a luxury crossover
That’s part of this road is just ridiculously bumpy been through it in a lot of different types of cars, but that
That just eats it up
No harshness. No, like you certain types of cars you come through there hung your teeth or like to rattle
Your back is gonna feel it
Not so with this
But overall the driving dynamics continue to be one of the strongest areas of this MDX
You know, it it really just
Does the important stuff and does it really well, I mean, there’s really no other way to put it
it’s like
Exactly what you want overall in a luxury crossover package
By having that emphasis on luxury having that
emphasis on comfort and the adaptive dampers on this advance, especially
Having just a touch of sport
You know and having a really smooth quiet powerful and refined powertrain
Our idea now, let’s go ahead and discuss the pricing for this MDX now
obviously one of its biggest benefits is that it is a lot cheaper than the
German rivals in this area and you are going to still continue to benefit from that price in 2020
So for the base model
We’re gonna start at forty four thousand four hundred dollars and that is for the front wheel drive model
And it is worth noting for 2020 all the prices rise $100
Now if you want the technology model that’s going to come in at forty nine thousand four hundred dollars
If you want the a spec that’s gonna be fifty four thousand nine hundred and it is worth noting that that is all wheel drive
Now for the advanced model, which is what we have here the fully loaded one
that’s fifty six thousand one hundred and fifty and then
if you want to add the SH all-wheel drive to the advanced technology or base model that’s going to be an additional tool and
Now like I mentioned this is the top-of-the-line advanced model, and we do also have the SH all-wheel drive system
So when you add in the destination charge of nine hundred ninety five dollars
This particular model as equipped comes in a fifty nine thousand one hundred forty five
Which is pretty much top dollar for the MDX lineup
You can’t get an entertainment package to make it over sixty
But this is definitely a very attractive price point for a three row luxury crossover
You know
Like I was mentioning a lot of the German rivals will be ten to twenty thousand dollars more expensive
Than the other Japanese and uh petition exactly run more expensive. This is
Like many other Acuras oftentimes your most affordable option and the entire class
Well guys who enjoyed watching the first in-depth look at the
2020 Acura MDX advance
Please it ii subscribe buttons if you haven’t already and i’ll catch you next time as you same for more latest automotive delicacies!

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