2019 United States Grand Prix F1 Debrief

2019 United States Grand Prix F1 Debrief

Hi, I’m James Vowles,
I’m the Motorsport Strategy Director
for the team and I’m here to answer
your questions about
the United States Grand Prix.
Bumps were talked about
by many of the drivers across the
race weekend because they featured
more than ever this year. On the
pit exit on the left-hand side on
the run up to Turn 1, and towards
the back straight and on the back
straight itself, there were some quite
significant bumps and these weren’t
the type of bumps where you can
just adjust your ride height by
one millimetre to deal with it.
These really require the drivers to
take different lines to adjust.
The good news is that COTA are
on the case and in fact for next year,
they are resurfacing a huge amount
of the circuit, over two kilometres of
it will have new tarmac down. The
reality is, since 2012, the first year
we went there, there has been 1.5
metres of subsidence of the track.
That’s enormous. The great news is
they are aware, they are dealing with
it and I am confident next year when
we go back these won’t be a problem at all.
Qualifying 1 and Qualifying 2,
both Valtteri and Lewis were trading
times and both towards the sharp end
of the grid. But come Qualifying 3
Lewis dropped back to fifth, so
what happened? During the
course of the lap, underneath
his right hand, there’s a little
rotary and that rotary adjusts
the engine braking. Normally it
has a guard on it, and what
happened is the guard had
accidentally been knocked off,
and as he went through the lap
and every time he turned the
steering wheel, he accidentally
changed the engine braking and
that caused him to lose performance
towards the end of the lap. The
mechanics spotted it immediately
the second the car had come back
in but obviously that first run was
compromised as the result. Come
the second run you would’ve seen
everyone went slower, the track in
fact had slowed down slightly, small
wind change, small track temperature
change and Lewis wasn’t now able to
compete at the front, ultimately
sealing his place as fifth on the grid.
Going into the race, our
data from Friday showed
it was very, very close between
a one-stop race and a two-stop
race. On this graph, you can see
this was what our expectation was.
The one-stop would win out
against a two-stop runner and
have a few seconds favour end of race.
But it was close. On the first stint of
the race the strategists were calculating
what the tyre degradation was and
noticed it had transitioned more
towards a two-stop. And this graph
here that you can see is a
representation of that. This is
now using the data that we
had gathered during that first
stint and the two-stop now features.
In fact, more so, it overtakes the
one-stopper end of race.
Valtteri had done a brilliant job
on that first stint and pulled just
a little bit of a gap relative to
Verstappen, enough that we could
wait one lap to when Verstappen stopped.
We could see that his tyres were
dropping and indeed they came in
for their stop, and Valtteri covered
on that two-stop strategy the very next
lap, us now knowing that that two-stop
was competitive. With Lewis, that one-stop
still allowed you to gain track position,
but you had to try and hold onto it at
the end of the race. And that’s why
we opted for the one with Lewis
and the two-stop with Valtteri.
Once we committed to that one-stop
strategy with Lewis, we are not
finished. We are continuously
reviewing the tyre curves to try and
understand what it’s going to look like
end of race. Will those Hard tyres hold
on or should we be converting back
to a two-stop strategy? And it wouldn’t
have been a terrible two-stop strategy,
in fact he would’ve had a very, very big
tyre age difference to Verstappen and
enough that maybe he could overtake
on track. And that’s what the strategists
are continuously doing behind the scenes.
We are reviewing how the tyres are
performing against model, whether or
not we need to adjust our data to understand
what to do, how fast Lewis has to be driving
and what he has to really do to accomplish
that one-stop strategy. We reviewed changing
to a two several times and if we had, we
would’ve fitted the Medium tyre,
it would’ve been the best tyre not for
the start of stint but for when he would’ve
caught back up to the back of Verstappen
to overtake him. We went through the
maths, and ultimately decided to stay on
that one-stop strategy. We knew it would
be extremely tight for those tyres to make
the end of the race, but he had track
position and it would allow him his best
chance of holding onto that podium.
The yellow flags at the end of the
race definitely helped Lewis. It was
into the major overtaking point on track
which is Turn 12 but it isn’t the only
overtaking point, you can also be passed
into Turn 1 and Lewis was holding on for
dear life and did his absolute best.
No one could say truly whether or not
we would’ve been overtaken if those
yellows weren’t there, but the reality
behind it is it definitely helped us.
Thank you very much for all of your
questions and we look forward to
answering more after the Brazilian Grand Prix.

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