2019 BMW M850i: Review — Cars.com

2019 BMW M850i: Review — Cars.com

big expensive German luxury coupes are a
beautiful thing they’re stylish pack
with all the latest technology and they
can eat up highway mile after highway
mile an easy comfort but they’re also an
endangered species with car shoppers
these days preferring big luxury SUVs
the personal luxury coupes in fact you
believe the rumor mill this BMW M 850 I
behind me may not be long for this world
reports say the BMW may cancel
production after it’s barely begun or
only a few years from now that means
this could become a rare sight indeed if
you’re into big expensive luxurious
convertibles you might want to get one
sooner rather than later
it ain’t a lack of style that’s keeping
customers away yes there’s been some
criticism that an eighth series coupe
and convertible look a little too much
like a German Ford Mustang I can
definitely see some similarities
especially when looking at the side
profile but that’s not necessarily a bad
thing both cars are very attractive with
taut sheetmetal pulled over VAT rear
haunches meant to suggest power and
speed the lines only get better when you
drop the top on the convertible model
that dramatically raked windshield
stretches over the front occupants to
really prevent wind buffeting in fact
the lack of wind disturbance in the
cabin with the top windows down is
exceptional even without the snap in
place rear windscreen driving the m8 50s
eyes and cushy comfortable Grand Touring
style this is not a sports car it’s too
heavy and too isolated for that
description even with the M designation
that BMW has added to let you know that
this is a sporty er version of the 8
Series two-door no the M 815 and
enjoying the voyage than circling your
favorite Road course on track day load
up yourself and a friend drop the top
and go enjoy a canyon road at dusk on
the way to dinner on the coast or like
me if you live in the Midwest enjoy the
scant few weeks every year that we call
convertible weather on your commute to
and from the office you’ll have plenty
of power from the twin turbocharged 4.4
liter v8 engine makes 523 horsepower
amazing sauce pipes the power gets to
all four wheels through a standard
8-speed automatic transmission so you
won’t be barking the tires on hard
acceleration or doing any smoky burnouts
the name of the game is grip as the car
Rockets from zero to 60 in just 3.8
seconds according to BMW in a straight
line it’s wonderful with plenty of power
and throttle response that entices you
to stab the accelerator frequently the
engine is pretty much the highlight of
the m8 5000 and is less enjoyable the
brake by wire system the m855 or ease of
modulation and stopping but they do grip
solidly it can bleed off speed quickly
the steering isn’t all that great either
thanks to an overabundance of electric
boosting variable ratios and safety
reminders it works well enough but it’s
not enticing you to drive the BMW all
that aggressively stick to Boulevard
cruising or a lovely trip on a coastal
road and you’ll be much happier the
interior is a nice place to be as well
with premium materials throughout and
highly adjustable seats up front the
crystal shift knob is controversial
however some drivers think it looks like
clear plastic and feels cheap in the
hand you sit low in the m8 5000 a
stretched-out driving position that’s
the exact opposite of the latest trend
at high riding crossovers visibility
isn’t bad with the top down and even
with it up the long side windows allow
for decent views to the sides and rear
you’ll want to avoid the backseat though
even for kids it’s gonna be a little
tight from a technology standpoint the
m8 50
we’re not yet convinced that the latest
high-tech digital gauge cluster works
there’s a lot of information there but
it’s not presented in an easy-to-read
format apple carplay is here if you pay
the annual subscription fee to BMW for
it but it’s a wireless system connected
through the cars Wi-Fi and doesn’t stay
reliably connected for everyone Android
auto is not supported the controls are
well laid out and mostly feel properly
luxurious thankfully there’s a minimum
of touch sensitive buttons here only the
centre console has capacitive touch
style switches and they actually come
with some feel to them the car also
features BMWs latest gesture control
system maybe you’ll like it
maybe you’ll find a gimmicky
expanded gestures available it might
have some more usefulness than just
amazing your passengers the big reason
you won’t see many of these personal
luxury cars in the road these days comes
when you have to look at the sticker
price a hundred and twenty two thousand
three hundred and ninety five dollars
with the destination charge that’s a lot
of coin for something like this but
there aren’t many competitors in the
class a mercedes-benz s-class
convertible costs at least as much as is
the Maserati GranTurismo convertible
even a Porsche 911 convertible is within
a few thousand dollars of the BMW so you
do have options if you’re looking for a
luxury convertible Grand Touring and
style is really what you’re after
however the 2019 BMW M 850 I convertible
as a solid stylish choice if you’d like
to know more about this or any other BMW
convertibles come check us out at cars.com

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  1. I love this Channel, it is both fun and an entertaining a rare combination. This is one of my top favorite channels. I wish my channel was half as good, I'm working on it.

  2. Even the headlight shape and large grille are Mustang-like, but I don't think it's a bad thing. The first Mustang notchback was Euro inspired, then in-turn, the Mustang fastback influenced everyone else, like the old Toyota Celica, or Aston Martin Volante.

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