2018 Honda Accord | The Family Car Lives | First Look | TestDriveNow

2018 Honda Accord | The Family Car Lives | First Look | TestDriveNow

As SUV and truck demand continues to rise
while traditional car sales slip, what does
the future hold for the family sedan?
Once the bread-and-butter of every automaker’s
lineup, crossover SUVs are now stealing the
But don’t tell Honda the car is dead. 
The Accord has been one of the best-selling
midsize sedans for years and it’s coming
into 2018 new from the ground up. 
This 10th generation Accord completely reimagines
the sedan, with a more sporting and athletic
With a considerably longer wheelbase, a lower
height and slightly shorter length, proportions
now take on a more premium, coupe-like stance.
As expected, the V6 bows out replaced with
a duo of turbocharged engines – a new 1.5-liter,
192 horsepower 4-cylinder mated to a CVT or
available 6-speed manual transmission in Sport
trim or the new 2.0-liter from the Civic Type
R, producing 252 horsepower and 273 pound-feet
of torque, paired to either a 10-speed automatic
or the 6-speed stick, exclusive to the Accord
All Accords now come equipped with a Two-Mode
Driving System featuring Normal and Sport
settings, allowing the driver to dial-up/down
the vehicle’s reflexes.
The system engages with multiple chassis and
drivetrain components, including the new electric
power steering, automatic transmission, drive-by-wire
throttle, adaptive dampers and Active Sound
Control system, to provide the driver with
an expanded range of driving characteristics.
An ECON mode is also available that helps
improve fuel efficiency.
Lighter yet more rigid, the Accord boasts
improved ride quality, cabin quietness and
dynamic performance, according to Honda.
The 1.5-liter powered Accord is available
in six trims while the 2.0-liter model has
four trims.
And the new Accord Hybrid is available in
five trims. 
All come equipped with Honda Sensing safety
and driver-assistive technologies.

25 Replies to “2018 Honda Accord | The Family Car Lives | First Look | TestDriveNow”

  1. Just wondering is this new Accord on a brand new platform or chasis? I know Toyota is using their TNGA which is brand new for the Camry as will Subaru be using their new global platform with the next Legacy. I know a car can be called "redesigned from the ground up" and still be riding on an old set of "bones" or chasis from the previous generation. Toyotas new TNGA is really composed and solid after having test driven the 18 Camry as is the new Impreza on its new platform. Thanks for your time.

  2. It's uglier and weaker than the new King Camry
    It better have a bunch of tricks up its sleeve.
    It's playing with 2 strikes against it…..

  3. Beautiful car..it looks premium now..considering the nisaan maxima..toyota camry…and others. Dialed into thier luxury big brothers..for styling and technology…this dramatic styling change is what honda needed..a fresh start..

  4. Looks more upscale with a good balance of beauty and elegance with its practicality. I'd rather have something like this, rent/borrow a truck/suv when I need it. As always, looking forward to a your thorough take!

  5. another (honda) first look..arrrghh…the accord 2.0t sport w/manual reminds of the Legacy GT sedan/wagon from '04-'06 sans the wagon bit of course (great cars btw) – 4cyl turbo hp in a mid-size car around the 250hp-ish mark…definitely a spot in my "top 5" of next cars to test drive when seeking a replacement vehicle…I'd love to see an accord wagon…will we ever see another accord wagon stateside (?) or are those reserved for other markets…wagons don't have to be boring, leave that up to the CR/HR-Vs, Pilots and Odysseys

  6. Wish Honda would offer a 1.5T Sport version, with 17 inch wheels instead. Not everyone wants 19s on their affordable midsize sedan…

  7. The things I like about the new Accord are the generous back seat space which can compare to the Avalon and the infotainment system compare to the new Camry. Other than that, I'd take the Camry overall satisfaction for a family sedan.

  8. Don't you think Car and Driver would still recommend this new model as their top 10 picks? I mean that 31 in a road streak gotta be stop right here…

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