2015-2019 Mustang SpeedForm Sport Quarter Window Louver – Matte Black Review & Install

2015-2019 Mustang SpeedForm Sport Quarter Window Louver – Matte Black Review & Install

Hey, guys.
Adam here with americanmuscle.com.
And today, we’re taking a closer look at and
installing the SpeedForm Sport Quarter Window
Louvers in Matte Black finish for the 2015
and newer Mustang Fastback.
You should be checking this out if you’re
the owner of an S550 Fastback and if you’re
looking to get more of a retro-styling in
an appearance part for the side profile of
your Mustang.
Now, I will say while we have seen quarter
window louvers on Mustangs for absolutely
decades going back to the mid-60s, right?
The classic Fastbacks.
This, I think, has a little bit more of a
modern spin on it.
Now the sports styling from SpeedForm features
this angular shape to the five spokes or the
five slots in your louvers.
I actually think this is a little bit more
inspired by the angular new tail lights on
the 2018 and newer Mustang, as well as the
running lights and your headlights on the
I think that’s a really cool detail built
into the shape and styling for these louvers
but that’s just me, it’s all personal preference.
If you’re not particularly the biggest fan
of the angular styling here, SpeedForm does
have a number of different designs for quarter
window louvers, so there’s a bunch of options
to fit personal preference.
Now this one does come in a nice smooth non-textured
matte black finish but I will say it is paintable.
So if you pick this up in the matte black,
take it to your local paint shop and in this
case, have it match to your race red or whatever
exterior color of your choosing to match your
It’s an ABS-construction vacuum form, so it’s
impact-resistant, it’s UV-resistance so it
won’t fade over time.
It obviously just looks really good on the
side profile.
Now price tag comes in right around 40 bucks
for the pair.
Super affordable mod.
A lot of times you pick up exterior styling
parts that can be upwards of a hundred, couple
hundred bucks, not the case here, very affordable.
Install, of course, gets one out of three
wrenches on our difficulty meter.
Goes on with 3M automotive bonding tape but
I will say it can be very, very secure when
you make sure that everything is cleaned properly.
That’s really the key.
You want to make sure you’re properly cleaning
your quarter window and the backside of your
louvers before applying the 3M.
You want to make sure it gets to the best
bond possible and any dirt and dust left behind
between the 3M is gonna make sure that it’s
going to fall off and you don’t want that
happening, especially at highway speed.
So make sure you’re cleaning properly.
Other than that, you don’t really need any
I’d recommend an alcohol wipe or two, as well
as maybe soap and water mixture and a squirt
bottle to make sure everything is cleaned
along with a clean microfiber.
I’m gonna show you guys every step of the
way so what do you say we get to it.
Now the tools used in this install include
a knife, the 3M tape included in the kit,
an alcohol wipe or a soap and water mixture
as well as a clean microfiber.
All right, guys, the first step here, of course,
is to grab your louvers.
You’re gonna flip them upside down and grab
the 3M tape roll included in the kit.
So you are gonna have to cut to length the
small strips of 3M that are gonna go on the
back and line the edges here.
So what you’re gonna do first is actually
take an alcohol wipe, I recommend or soap
and water mixture and you just want to make
sure you’re cleaning off the edges around
your louver so that it can free it of all
dirt and dust.
You want your 3M tape to have a good bond.
So I’m gonna take my alcohol wipe and go around
the edges, but again guys, the soap and water
mixture could also work.
Just give it one good wipe around, take some
of that off.
Now what you’re gonna do is peel back the
3M and measure it to length.
That looks about right.
You want to have a knife on hand and you’re
just gonna cut it.
From here, take your strip and lay it in place.
You want to make sure the 3M does not go over
the edge, you don’t want to see it when it’s
installed on the vehicle.
All right, this last little strip here is
a little bit curved, so you want to keep that
in mind, you want to curve with it.
All right, now you can repeat this for the
other side and we’re gonna peel off the red
backing and stick it on our window.
But first, we are gonna have to wipe down
our window just like we wiped down the back
of the louver.
All right, so I’m gonna grab another alcohol
We’re basically gonna wipe down the edges
of this quarter window getting all that dirt
off so it can get a good bond.
All right, guys, now what I like to do is
peel off half of the red backing on the 3M
and just fold it over so it’s hanging outside
of the edges here and I’ll show you guys why
in just a second.
Do that for all of the strips.
You don’t want to peel it off too much, I’d
say just about halfway is totally fine.
Now you’re gonna grab your louver and set
it into place on your window very gently.
You don’t want to put too much pressure on
it just yet.
Get it in the position that you like, just
give it a tap so it sticks in place.
Now what we’re gonna do is with that red ribbon
sticking out, we’re gonna peel that back and
Same thing here.
Peel, keeping it in the same spot and stick.
Peel, stick.
Nice one.
All right, put pressure all around the louver
to stick it on the window and repeat for the
other side.
Well, guys, that’s gonna wrap up my review
and install for the SpeedForm Sport Quarter
Window Louvers in a Matte Black Finish for
the 2018 and newer Fastback.
If you want to pick this one up for your own
S550, you can do so right here at americanmuscle.com.

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  2. Why is it so hard to find good louvers that are in gloss Black / Shadow Black? Trying to stealth out a whole car here people.

  3. Speedform needs to get their butts on the 2018+ tail light covers, like they have for the 2015-2017. The tint just doesn’t cut it for the newer light’s angles.

  4. Angular design rear window louvers to match these πŸ˜‰ visibility won't be good but at least I look like a bad as down the road(:

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