2015-2019 Mustang MMD V-Series Side Scoops – Pre-Painted Review & Install

2015-2019 Mustang MMD V-Series Side Scoops – Pre-Painted Review & Install

Hey guys, Adam here with americanmuscle.com
and today we’re taking a closer look at and
installing the MMD V-Series Side Scoops pre-painted
for all 2015 and newer Mustang.
You should be checking this out for your own
S550, if you’re looking for a pre-painted
side scoop option that adds a nice modern
touch to a very classic style part.
These are reminiscent of the ’60s and ’70s
muscle cars.
You can get yours for your new S550 with a
modern spin from MMD and MMD is Modern Muscle
Design so it makes a lot of sense.
Now, the man behind the MMD series is, of
course, Chip Foose himself, world-renowned
custom car builder.
And he really put a custom touch on this to
make a part that not only looks good on the
side profile of your Mustang but also follows
a lot of the S550’s body lines looking like
it could have come on the car off the factory
And I think that’s achieved very well here
on the V-Series Scoops.
Now, these are offered pre-painted right out
of the box to the color code of your choice
matching your factory paint color offered
for all S550s.
We have ours painted PQ, which is the race
red color on our 2018 GT.
This is a great option for the guys looking
for out of the box styling without having
to worry about where they’re getting their
custom paint from, so on and so forth.
You’ll notice in the category if you’re shopping
for side scoops that there are a ton of different
options available.
There are a bunch of options out there that
look very similar to the one that we have
here, especially from MMD.
Now, there’s an MMD by Foose classic side
scoop that’s similar, maybe a little bit more
bubbled, a little bit more rounded, and it
comes up a lot shorter.
So, this one’s a little bit longer and it
also has an open face.
The open face is because it’s not going to
use a honeycomb insert.
Now, guys, it’s gonna be hit or miss, you
either really like the honeycomb insert to
round out the styling, or you think it’s a
little bit tacky, because it’s not functional,
it goes both ways.
I can see both sides.
If you’re not looking for the honeycomb insert,
you might be interested in this V-series,
it’s got a much bigger gap here, it’s got
an open face look to make it look a lot more
So, to each their own, it’s all personal preference
but there is an option for everyone out there
if you like scoops.
These are offered in a very durable ABS plastic
which is an impact-resistant, UV resistant
You don’t have to worry about a cracking or
chipping, none of that nonsense.
It’s offered for around 300 bucks, you get
both sides, driver and passenger.
As far as the install guys, I’m giving it
one out of three wrenches on our difficulty
meter, there’s no drilling, no cutting, no
modifications necessary.
It’s gonna go on using 3M automotive bonding
Now, the 3M included in the kit is specifically
made to be weather resistant and heat resistant
for exterior applications on vehicles.
So, it’s made for this use.
If you’re using it correctly, it’ll stay on
as long as you want it to and then you can
take it off yourself without having to worry
about it falling off.
Applying it you wanna make sure you’re focusing
in on the cleaning and prepping process.
Alcohol wipes are included in the kit to properly
clean both the backside of the scoop and the
surface of the vehicle where they’ll apply.
You wanna free it of all dirt and dust and
anything that can prohibit the bonding of
the 3M tape, so focus on that first.
Adhesion promoter is also included in the
kit, if you wanna give yourself a little more
peace of mind and really give a stronger bond
to that 3M.
We’re gonna be skipping the adhesion promoter
process for this video’s purposes because
they are just gonna be removed right after
the fact.
So, keep that in mind, I won’t be using that
for the install.
But it is something I’d recommend doing if
you wanna make sure you’re giving yourself
some of that added peace of mind like I said.
Now, overall 30 minutes from start to finish,
I’m gonna take you through every step of the
process, let’s get to it.
Only tool using this install include a pair
of snips, wire cutters, you can also use a
knife or a box cutter, something to cut the
3M tape roll.
All right guys, we’re gonna start here on
our table with our side scoop.
There’s some padding envelopes that are included
in the kit that these are housed in for shipment.
I like to put that down on the table just
to keep this from scratching when we flip
it over face down.
What you’re basically gonna do is take the
3M tape roll included in the kit and cut strips
to length to fit over the little sections
that are specifically for the 3M.
There’s three, one on both sides, and then
one on the bottom.
Now, what you’re gonna do is cut them to length
like I have already done, you’re gonna use
wire cutters, scissors, box cutter, something
like that to get that done.
Once you have that taken care of take the
alcohol wipes included in the kit, you’re
gonna break one of these bad guys open and
you’re gonna use that to clean that area where
the 3M is going to apply.
This is a very important step in the process,
you wanna make sure you’re getting rid of
all dirt and dust, that way the bonding is
gonna be really strong between the 3M and
the back of the product.
You’ll do the same thing on the vehicle but
we’ll take care of this first.
So, I got my alcohol wipe here, just gonna
give this a good wipe down and really what
you’re doing is removing dirt and dust.
And because it’s pre-painted, you’re getting
a little bit of that overspray taking care
of so that it cleans that up a little bit.
There’s no dust and no excess spray.
So, you see that there, we’ve got some of
that red coming off.
What we’re gonna do next is essentially take
our 3M, and we’re gonna put it in place.
Now, you do have the option of using the adhesion
promoter first before applying the 3M because
we are taking this off after the video of
course, putting our vehicle back to stock.
I’m not gonna use adhesion promoter, but it
is in the kit if you wanna get a really good
strong bond, which is more of a semi-permanent
solution, gives you a little bit more peace
of mind.
You can do the same thing on the vehicle as
But again, we’re gonna be skipping that because
ours are coming off.
All right, so we’ve got that one taking care
of, this guy on the sides doing the same thing,
just laying her on, putting pressure down
so it gets a good bond.
You also wanna make sure when you’re applying
the 3M that it’s not overlapping the edges,
so it wouldn’t be visible when it’s actually
applied to the vehicle.
You wanna make sure it’s staying on the backside
away from the exterior edges.
With that applied we can peel off the 3M backing.
Once the backing is off guys, you wanna make
sure you’re not touching the 3M back.
Your skin can be pretty oily, we don’t want
the oily residue getting on the stickiness
which again could affect its bond.
Now with that off, let’s push our table aside.
We’re gonna grab another alcohol wipe, and
wipe down our body.
All right, next up, we’re at our body and
of course, the V-Series side scoops are a
little bit longer than some of the other ones
like I mentioned before.
It’s gonna hug this top body line for the
side profile and the bottom where it meets
the side skirt.
So, what we’re gonna do is take an alcohol
wipe here and we’re gonna wipe down the edges,
sort of creating a little bit of a box.
We’re gonna go from the door line here, down
to the side skirt and back up, cleaning those
areas off.
You want to avoid using things like Quik Detailer,
stuff like that because while it does clean
the vehicle, it also leaves a little bit of
a chemical residue behind which can affect
the 3M bonding.
If you want to you can also use soap and water,
it’s a good safe bet, but alcohol wipes in
the kit are specifically made and supplied
for you for this purpose.
All right.
So, we’ve got that taken care of.
If you want to you can use the adhesion promoter
now, but we’re gonna go right into applying
our scoop.
All right.
So, here what we’re gonna do is use this top
line of the scoop against that body line and
the bottom line against your side skirt line
matching the edges up to just behind this
door gap.
You wanna make sure it’s not overlapping that
gap because then it can affect opening and
closing your door.
Line that guy up top and bottom.
Once you have that lined up where you like
it, carefully drop it into place.
Put pressure all around to make sure the 3M
gets a good bonding and now what you can do
is repeat for the other side.
Well, guys, that’s gonna wrap up my review
and install for the MMD V-Series Side Scoops
in the pre-painted for all 2015 and newer
You can get your set exclusively right here
at americanmuscle.com.

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  3. I had these installed on my Black 18 GT and I lost the driver side side scoop on the freeway after owning it for about 2 months….

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