2011 Range Rover Sway Bar Replacement – Pawlik Automotive

2011 Range Rover Sway Bar Replacement – Pawlik Automotive

Mark: Hi it’s Mark from Top Local Lead Generation.
We’re here with Bernie Pawlik of Pawlik
Automotive in Vancouver. How’re you doing
today Bernie?
Bernie: I’m doing very well.
Mark: So Happy New Year for we’re entering
2016 and I guess today we’re talking about
Range Rovers and sway bars. What’s going
on with Range Rover sway bars?
Bernie: Well what’s going on with Range
Rover sway bars is that they’re excessively
complicated like a lot of things found on
Range Rovers. Most cars have, the sway bar,
it’s basically a bar that connects one side
of the vehicle to the other on each axle,
on each wheel on each axle is connected to
reduce vehicle body roll and on the Range
Rover, like most cars it’s just a big steel
bar with a couple of connector links, but
on the Range Rover they have the bar with
the connector links but there’s a very complicated
piece in the middle so that’s what we’re
talking about today.
Mark: So what happened with this piece in
the middle?
Bernie: Well basically it, it developed a
leak, it’s a hydraulic system, there was,
what happened the vehicle was brought to us,
there was a warning light on, on the dash
for the antiroll system which is another word
for the sway bar antiroll, anti-sway bar,
there’s a warning light on the dash, did
some diagnosis, found the, there’s a fluid
reservoir under the hood, we found the fluid
was low and diagnosed it and found a leak
at the rear sway bar unit. Now what this is,
is basically a hydraulic coupling unit that
joins the two, the sway bar is basically broken
into two pieces and there’s a hydraulic
piece in the middle that couples or decouples
a unit at various rates depending upon what
needs to be done. We can get a couple of pictures
going from here . . I’ll just get the pictures
up . . . if technology will allow . . there
we go. So we should be looking at a picture
of a – that’s the complete sway bar removed
from the vehicle and the actual metal bar
itself is typical of most sway bars you’ll
find on any car or light truck but the unit
in the middle, that big round cylinder with
a few bits of fluid around it that’s the
hydraulic unit. You can see fluid around it,
some of it spilled out when we removed the
unit but most of the fluid that’s on there
is from a leak from a seal. Now unfortunately
you can’t just replace or repair this unit,
you have to buy the whole bar which is kind
of something typical that you find on a lot
of these vehicles, you have to buy the whole
bar, it’s a complete assembly and it is
very expensive and to have one on the front
and one on the rear. We’ll just hide the
sharing this for a minute
Mark: So what was the thinking behind this,
was this to give them some better kind of
independent wheel control in kind of high
off road, high you know, going over big obstacles
off road or something?
Bernie: That’s exactly why they do it. Well
there’s two reasons, one is you know, the
sway bars kind of a I won’t say a dumb piece
of equipment it’s just a mechanical rod
so depending upon whether you go one mile
an hour or a hundred miles an hour, it still
works the same way, so having some hydraulic
some control over it affects the vehicle handling
when you’re driving down the highway or
down a road, you’re going around a curve
or corner you can have some control but as
you alluded to the biggest reason they do
that is off road usage because if you can
decouple the sway bar all of sudden each wheel
becomes a completely independent unit and
so if you go over a big pot hole or a huge
rock, you know, that wheel can move completely
separate from the others.
Range Rovers are kind of neat, they have a
dial on the console where you can program
in different road conditions so for instance
if you’re going down a really steep hill
you can just turn the dial and it will just
adjust the differentials and the transfer
case and suspension system for steep hills
or if you’re on sand and snow it has a program
for that, you know, logging roads, gravel
roads it has a program for that as well so
it kind of takes care of a lot of things,
that’s exactly why they do it.
Mark: So the downside though is that it makes
for a very complex system that wears out perhaps
prematurely or expensively.
Bernie: Yeah, and this Land Rover is a 2011,
only five years old and I can’t remember
the kilometers on the car now but it wasn’t’
a lot, it was between the 50 to 100 thousand
kilometer range so not really high. We don’t
repair a lot of these but we do see them from
time to time so any time you add something
to a vehicle it adds complexity, another thing
to go wrong. You just hope once it’s your
vehicle it never does.
Mark: Other than that, Land Rovers are pretty
good vehicles.
Bernie: Oh, they’re awesome, I mean they’re,
I mean they are really, really, really awesome
vehicles, and another thing about them 99%
of people just driving around the city or
maybe up to Whistler and back around here,
but they are an amazing, amazingly capable
off road vehicle but I can’t blame anyone
who buys one, I mean if you’re spending
over $100,000 on a sport utility vehicle with
gorgeous paint and beautiful mag wheels and
low profile tires, I don’t think I would
want to risk scratching the vehicle or denting
a wheel either but if you do need to go off
road and you want to it’s certainly able
to do it, in style.
Mark: Great, so we’ve been talking with
Bernie Pawlik, Pawlik Automotive if you want
to book your Land Rover or Range Rover in
for a service, these are the guys to call
604-327-7112 or check out their website pawlikautomotive.com.
Thanks Bernie.
Bernie: Thanks Mark. Talk again soon.

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  1. I wish you'd showed the repair. I'm about to tackle this repair on my RRS and it's a little scary because the workshop manual says to remove the body from the frame.

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