20 полезных автотоваров с Aliexpress, которые упростят жизнь любому автовладельцу / Автоподборка №28

20 полезных автотоваров с Aliexpress, которые упростят жизнь любому автовладельцу / Автоподборка №28

Hello everyone, friends!
You are on the channel Dmitry Zavyalov,
in this video I collected a lot
cool car products from the site
And be sure to like,
if i managed you a little
to surprise
Four-cylinder working model
internal engine
combustion represents
is a constructor consisting
from 50 details.
Perfect for
driving school applications
as a good example
principle of operation of the engine
internal combustion or
can serve as a designer
idea to create the right
atmospheres in auto stores,
auto workshops, tire fitting
and other various cars
Engine block is transparent,
and when the model is visible,
how the crank rotates
the shaft, how the pistons move
in cylinders and like light bulbs
imitate the work of candles
In order for the motor to work,
it will have to be collected
installing crankshaft with connecting rods
and pistons, gas distribution
mechanism fan system
Very informative and
mesmerizing mock engine!
If you need to cover the car
awning for a while
make it easiest
using automatic
Awning, made of durable
polyester placed in special
cylinder that is very
convenient to carry in the trunk
Awning length 468 cm, width
185 cm and height 168 cm.
To cover the car
awning, it is necessary to remove the drum
from the trunk, hanging
him on special lines,
take out the tent and pull
him on the car.
When reassembling an awning
using the remote need
start the mechanism that
automatically winds
awning inside the drum.
Easy and very convenient!
I recommend it to travelers
who rest for weeks
by the sea.
And the car is covered at this time.
leaves, dust and faeces
the birds!
With such an awning, your car
will always be clean and paintwork
body cover will not fade
under the influence of solar
Protective film for car,
this is an ultrathin protection,
possessing beautiful
protective properties.
Feature of this film
is that on her
do not leave traces even
from strong pressure as well
if the film draw
even a felt tip pen using
wet wipes all washed off
in a second!
Included in delivery
protective armor
film to be separated
and throw away before installing,
cleaning wet wipes,
including vacuum nano-wipes
to remove microparticles
from the screen, installation
Clean the car screen
and install a protective film
even a child is capable!
Universal protection will allow
the radio screen remains
in new condition for long
Heat gun power
3 kW is great for
quick garage heating,
greenhouses or any other
utility room.
A heating element
closed type is
in the steel case, guided
warm air blowing occurs
due to the work of dry teng
and electric fan.
The heater itself is located
on a convenient bracket,
which serves and for support,
and to carry.
Blowing direction changes
45 ° up and down speed
adjustable three-position,
and the presence of temperature control
gives you more opportunities
for fast space heating
at maximum and maintain
heat at minimal risk
Need to quickly warm the cold
This heater will help
do it literally for
A couple of minutes!
Pneumatic stick for
hangers represents
aluminum tube length
which automatically
varies from 87 to 162 centimeters
due to internal pressure.
It is intended to
to fix hangers on it
with clothes.
The ends of the tube have plastic
tips and steel
rings for attachment to
standard hooks for
clothes on the top handles
Due to the pressure tube
serves as a strut and
fastens very securely.
Such a tube for hangers
useful to those who travel
or those who are going to
a concert or some kind of event
and you need to take ironed
suit along with a coat hanger!
It is inexpensive and useful
can everyone!
Original statuette
Buddha Maitreya on the panel
your car will add
car interior design
unique originality
Eastern culture.
The practical side of this
figurines in what’s
flavor thanks
who will be in the car
always smell like incense
not fatty secretions.
Aesthetic side can
appreciate everyone who sees
this is truly amazing
the creation of human hands.
But there is another side
about which you can not guess!
This is a story and myths!
On the questions of their passengers
you can shine proudly
knowledge of history and mythology,
explaining that this is a statue
Buddha Maitreya, that is, Buddha,
which should come on
Earth in the future for salvation
your subjects!
If you love your car,
and want to make it unique
and unique, you must
great plastic will come in handy
and metal lining
on many auto parts.
Made from quality
plastic and painted
under the tree and metal lining
can instantly transform
your car by adding
him clear lines showing
refinement of taste and subtle
car owner’s flair so
beautifully adorned
his iron friend.
Do you want a decorative
frame on the steering wheel, on the panel
appliances or you need
attach pads on
door handles – everything is possible
find in this beautiful
store created on
Aliexpress platform.
Every motorist is nervous
when wipers instead of cleansing
windshield start
smear stripes on it.
This is due to the fact
what appear on the gum
numerous notches.
To remove them,
need to buy a special
key chain that
besides is also
gum restorer
windshield wipers!
Remove the janitor, clean
its from mechanical debris,
spend a couple of times special
knife cleansing cut
on the blade of the janitor’s gum,
wipe it dry and
set back
into place!
Such a simple procedure
repair will allow your
janitors serve in three
times longer pleasing you with purity
In the car, all that accounts
urgent look should be
always at hand.
Well, if the car is
eyeglasses, but this is
not everyone!
Where to keep glasses if they
suddenly needed?
Another problem is searching
banking or bonus
cards at the entrance to the gas station
Both of these problems can
decide in one fell swoop if
buy a beautiful holder
attached to sunscreen
Two pressure plates
reliably hold plastic
cards that are at the same time
can easily pull out.
The main clamp is designed
for attaching glasses.
By purchasing this universal
holder, you stop
nervous because
glasses and plastic cards
will always be at hand
more precisely above your head!
Foldable canister.
All motorists come in handy
this car assistant,
and to those who are not just riding,
and likes to travel,
folding canister just
Conventional plastic canisters
have one significant
disadvantage – they occupy
plenty of space even if at all
It’s easy to solve this problem.
if you buy a folding plastic
canister for car.
When buying, you can choose
3, 5 canister or
10 liters.
When there is no liquid in it
the canister is folded,
like an accordion, occupying a minimum
trunk space!
Essential convenience
canister attached tap
on the cover.
If you need some water,
you don’t have to open the lid
you can just open the tap
and take the water!
Blind spot mirror
Original and stylish
accessory that is not only
decorate your car but
and will prove extremely helpful.
Tired of twisting the neck,
when you park or get under way
from a place on problem areas?
Enough to attach
this wide-angle reflector
on the “side” or mirror
rear view and you will
you can see everything that’s going on
under your wheels.
Thanks to the two mirror
edges located under
different angles in sight
driver turn out right away
two blind spots: zone A
– in the area of ​​the front wheel,
Zone B – near the rear
Another advantage of this
reflector – opportunity
adjust the angle of reflection
and sideline lines.
Attach a reflector
to the mirror can be a couple
seconds, just taking off
protective layer with double sided
scotch tape
Charging device for
Fast, smart, safe
– this is the main thing that you can
say about this universal
digital charger
LCD display.
It is controlled by the built-in
microprocessor which
it is protected from an overheat small,
but a powerful fan.
On high-definition display
reflects such parameters
as battery capacity,
current charging voltage
and temperature.
The charging process is three-step,
battery range – from 2
up to 120 Ah.
Thanks to the intellectual
automatics device
can be left connected
to the battery on any
term and do not worry
about force majeure.
Made of pure copper
transformer and cable
provide more stable
current transmission, and several
protection levels (for example,
overvoltage protection
and temperature jumps)
guarantee maximum
safety while charging.
The device is suitable for
most types of batteries
including lead acid,
calcium, gel, AGM,
EFB and others.
Winter wipers
Tired of waving brushes
and wield scrapers,
removing snow from windshield
Reassign this troublesome
universal winter business
janitors Mikkuppa.
Made from natural
rubber working blades
have not only excellent
cleansing properties
but also excellent aerodynamic
optimal characteristics
to reduce the amount
Despite the “flat view”,
they adapt easily
under the shape of your frontal
glass and practically not
leave behind bad
cleared sites.
In addition, they are enough
soft and elastic to
do not harm the surface
glass and wear resistant enough
and elastic to succeed
cope even frozen
layers of sleet.
Winter wipers
Mikkuppa are good and those that are released
in a wide range of sizes
with working blades width
from 14 to 26 inches.
Although this
accessory declared by the manufacturer
as a clothesline, hardly
whether he is such
in the literal sense, although, of course,
for drying clothes too
will do.
But I would call this gadget
multifunctional elastic
sling that will be
indispensable assistant
for any motorist.
When you stop on the sidelines
to get some rest
from the road, you can fix
cord across the seats and
throw a piece through it
fabrics for shading and comfort.
Or hang a wet towel,
some things that were crumpled
in the suitcase but need
to you on arrival.
Made from high quality
rubber cord not only possesses
strong plasticity
but also very durable
allowing use
him as a retainer
or screed fastening
baggage or cargo in the trunk.
On durable ABS plastic hooks
there are special clamps-clamps,
so that you can regulate
length and tension force.
Such a “clothesline”
useful in both autotravel,
so on a trip for example
by train if within
your place will not be
hooks for clothes.
Sling length – 1.5 m).
Backpack Organizer
the seats
Forget about skating
on the floor of a water bottle
and scattered around the cabin
little things!
With such a convenient and compact
organizer in your car
will always be perfect
order and everything that can
need to travel
– within reach.
Bag can be fixed as
on the back of the rear seat
from the trunk side so
and in the cabin, on the backside of the front
seats – three straps
with buckle-snaps it
Organizer is available
in two versions with a small
difference in size.
One design is more compact
bag consists of four
mesh sections, the second
– two-row, where over four
mesh sections are located
4 more pockets, 2 of which
fitted with valve-closing,
and the other 2 are normal, like
As you can see, put here
anything can be – drinks
and snacks, camera, umbrella,
change clothes or shoes
This bag is not only light,
but also strong enough
as made
from environmentally friendly
and non-slip oxford fabric,
which among other things
also easy to wash.
Depending on the performance
organizer length varies
from 87 to 90 cm, and height – from
30 to 46 cm
LED lights in the salon
Your journey may
become much nicer
and more romantic if you set
in the cabin just such an intellectual
LED backlight with wireless
control panel.
The choice of color – not only
within RGB (with base red,
green and blue) but in
several variations from
their “mixing”, thanks
what is at your disposal
It turns out not 3, but as many as 7 shades.
Tape unit can be installed
in a couple of minutes, where
anything – on the panel, on the floor,
on the subwoofer or on the ceiling,
and control the intensity
and the frequency of the flow can
two more extra
ways – voice and music.
The tape itself is waterproof,
shockproof and fitted
corrosion protection.
The powering is carried out
like from a cigarette lighter socket,
and from 12-watt sources
salon light, while
no extra
wire modification is not
would need.
One of the key benefits
such a highlight is its versatility:
installation is allowed
in all types of cars,
including SUVs and
Safety belt for
Behind the wheel of the future mom
have to take care
not only about your life
but also about maximum security
your baby.
Perhaps not yet invented
better protection than this
seat belt adapter
specially designed
for female drivers “in
position. “
Unlike the original
belt, this accessory excludes
any pressure on the belly
while riding and reliably
protects the fruit in case
emergency shaking
on bad roads or in
emergency braking time.
Due to redirection
load from the abdomen
on the hips area of ​​the future
Mom is provided more
comfortable and relaxed
The device works simply:
adapter attached
one end to the original
seat belt, lowers
his strap to the pelvic region
and is fixed there, not
letting the belt go up
on the stomach.
The product is the most reliable:
buckles and regulatory
rings – steel itself
belt – fire resistant, highly elastic
and breathable, made from environmentally friendly
pure polyester.
Safe mom – in
child safety!
Flavoring bottle
Original hanging
flavoring bottle
even being empty
it will still be very
decorative and will be capable
transform the atmosphere
inside the car.
The secret is simple: this bottle
in the form of a sphere from unbreakable
glass sold together
with brazilian dried flowers,
which you can admire
by itself.
But how much nicer
when it is small and unbelievable
a beautiful miracle will be still
and smell!
The flower will fully open,
when you fill the bottle
air freshener – gel
flavored base
or distilled water
with a couple drops of your loved one
essential oil.
Vials are offered in
two options: diameter
2.8 and 3.5 cm.
And you will definitely not regret
if you order both and hang
their near!
Air purifier with bamboo
charcoal “Sleeping Dog”
I am sure many motorists
already on my own experience
managed to make sure one
simple truth: if in the cabin
there is some kind of nasty
or peculiar smell,
then no freshener it
will not interrupt.
So, the decision is quite
obvious: before flavoring
air needs to be eliminated
all third-party odors.
To do this, there are many proven
ways but most
of them are too troublesome
or time consuming.
But with such a cleaner
air, like “Sleeping Dog”,
possibly and flavor
nothing is necessary.
The fact is that inside the substrate,
on which the dog lies,
is about 200 g of activated
bamboo charcoal known
its powerful phytoncides
Bamboo itself is one
of the best vegetable
antibiotics and woody
coal from it is rich in negative
charged ions, irreplaceable
for any disinfection.
To activate the granules
with coal, just put
padding with a dog on
the sun and give her a “warm up”
several hours.
Dogs can be different
– Dachshund, Chihuahua, Pekingese
or a poodle – but they all
how 2 drops of water look like
on real: I feel like it
lean to their noses
and listen as they sniffle.
Litter offered
in two versions
– made of plush fabric and blanket.
Keychain for removing static
Beautiful, fashionable and practical!
This is an antistatic keychain.
not only will not give your
the keys get lost in the bowels
pocket or purse but
and will prove extremely helpful
when you get tired of jerking
arm from electrified
car door.
Thanks to LED
built-in radiator
into polymer conductive
Wednesday keychain for a few
seconds levels static
electricity is not only
in the car, but also in everyday
life – on computer
peripherals, kitchen utensils,
household appliances and even
on the human body and
pet hair.
To remove the “static”,
keychain spends from 0.2
up to three seconds, and makes
it’s completely safe
excluding any negative
Battery or other make-up
he does not need – he works
on semi-constant current,
the source of which is embedded
в корпус.
Пользоваться таким аксессуаром
легко, нужно всего лишь
прикоснуться хромированным
наконечником к вызывающей
сомнения поверхности: если
она наэлектризована, брелок
замигает, а после устранения
статического напряжения
свет внутри колбы сразу
же погаснет.
На этом всё друзья, все
ссылки на товары из этого
видео я оставил в описании,
и обязательно напишите
в комментариях какой товар
вам понравился больше всего.
До скорой встречи!

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