20 полезных автотоваров с Aliexpress, которые упростят жизнь любому автовладельцу / Автоподборка №34

20 полезных автотоваров с Aliexpress, которые упростят жизнь любому автовладельцу / Автоподборка №34

Hello everyone, friends!
You are on the channel Dmitry Zavyalov,
in this video I collected a lot
cool car products from the site
And be sure to like,
if i managed you a little
to surprise
Notice naked
eye irregularities of elements
body when straightening pretty
But this task can be easily
solve using special
reflective linear
The panel has black and yellow
stripes, perfectly reflected
on paintwork
And in order to image
become clearer need
use daytime sunny
light or light from a flashlight.
Lines reflected on the surface
car body, bend,
showing all the bumps
which need to be straightened.
Linear panel for straightening
Comes with a flexible holder,
equipped with a sucker that
allows you to fasten it
anywhere in the body and turn
at the right angle to check
evenness of surfaces.
When repairing cars
often have to look
ways to push the doors
squeeze the pieces apart
bodywork or attach a certain
force to any element
during welding parts.
But what if no
assistant, or if not
use pry bar
in order to avoid damage to the body?
Here at this moment you and
the airbag will help
for car repair!
Despite its small
sizes 15 to 16 centimeters,
pillow is able to create
retraction force up to 150
To use this
enough tool
just shove a pillow
in the deflated state in the right
place and pump it up!
Pillow will do the job
for you, unclasping the surface
with effort up to 150 kilograms!
Pillow for auto repair
Comes with a pear for
inflating and hose,
on which the bypass is installed
Warning triangle
should be in every car.
However, often the quality of performance
this accessory leaves
want something better
in bad weather it is usually
very hard to see!
In order to secure
life of the driver
in a difficult situation and for
order to keep in
whole car, with
emergency cases need
set such a sign
which will be visible to everyone
and in any conditions!
And there is such a sign!
This is a LED warning triangle,
tripod for fast
Flashing led
lantern red triangular
forms will warn approaching
drivers need
deceleration speed
stopped transport!
Works smoothly in any
weather, as the lantern body
protected from penetration
Car buffets easy
mounted on springs
passenger cars without
Polyurethane Bafer
simply and easily screwed in
into the spring thanks to its
design features
which are to
that the grooves of the buffer are exactly
repeat the bends of the springs
racks car.
Before buying buffers
must choose one
from 6 types to buffers
come to your springs
For the right choice
there is a table in which
indicated spring sizes
for each type of buffer.
After installing the buffers
on the spring rack car,
immediately noticeable
soft ride on uneven
the road.
It will also be small
increase clearance that
for our roads is also important
For quick repair of punctures
there are a lot of tires on the road
adaptations but this
the kit is different with its
simplicity and speed of elimination
Tire repair kit
consists of a syringe and glue
rubber paste.
In order to quickly and
effectively eliminate the puncture
enough tires on the road
do just three operations:
with water you need to determine
puncture site;
using a car
compressor install
tire pressure less
1 atmosphere;
using a syringe to drive
in the hole a portion of rubber
masses from the kit;
Inflate the wheel and start
movement can be immediately
after repair without waiting!
Wheel camber
usually produced on
special equipment!
But what if his
no, the service is expensive
or just trite
need to replace the lever or
stand on the car?
In these cases, enough
keep that angle of collapse
wheels that was before
That’s just for such cases
worth buying magnetic
level to install the collapse
car wheels!
Level securely fastened
to the brake disc when
using a strong magnet.
The adjusting screw allows
set the desired angle
to bring to the right
camber wheel values.
This magnetic level
definitely needed in each
car service though for lovers
self repair
he won’t have a car either
superfluous in the garage!
Cap on the nipple wheel
performs the main function
to protect the spool against
water and dirt!
But if you buy is not standard,
and a special cap, then immediately
everything changes for the better!
Unique cap for
illuminated wheel nipples
will change the view
about the beauty of the car in
Night time!
Caps supplied
complete with rechargeable
AG10 batteries you need
set in the cap in front
mounted on the wheel.
When you purchase you need
choose color because
caps are offered
with blue light and multicolored
by the lights.
Inertia switch on sensors
automatically turn on
luminous caps with
driving a car!
At night it looks like
very impressive!
If you want to wash the car
manually often
look for a sponge or a rag,
which may not always
be at hand.
Yes, and wash the car first
pretty rag
In order to not occur
similar problems needed
purchase special
Mitt for car wash.
such a glove allows
don’t just wash the car off
dirt, but also does not leave
scratch on paintwork
To wash the car,
no rag or sponge needed,
just put on
mitten and wash iron
The mitten can be red,
blue, brown, orange
or green, but
who will get what color
this solves the case whose name
If you need a car
carry oversized
loads such as bicycles
or big boxes then
in the salon, they just do not fit!
In this case, you need to buy
or roof rack, or
But it turns out there is a unique
bracket for transportation
freight which allows
carry up to 250 kilograms
behind the car!
The bracket is fixed according to the principle
tow bar, while in the transport
position it folds easily,
and if necessary, so
the same quickly unfolds
in working position.
On the bracket can be transported
up to three bikes or
other cargo
no more than 250 kilograms!
The bracket is made of high strength
carbon steel and equipped
red reflectors
Is it possible to wash the car
on the road without resorting to
automotive services
service points?
It turns out you can!
To do this, purchase
mobile car wash high
pressure working from
onboard vehicle network
12 volts!
The sink has a capacity for
water volume of 25 liters, and
also capacity for frother.
So, if on the way
your car has become too
dirty that interferes with visibility,
and also attracts unkind
views of some watchmen
order then it’s time to stop
and wash the car body!
To get it
sink from the trunk, connect
pour it to the cigarette lighter
water in the tank and quickly
wash the car!
If necessary, you can
use a frother
for better quality
car wash!
Included is a nozzle
with brush as well as standard
nozzle for washing under pressure!
Four-cylinder working model
internal engine
combustion represents
is a constructor consisting
from 50 details.
Perfect for
driving school applications
as a good example
principle of operation of the engine
internal combustion or
can serve as a designer
idea to create the right
atmospheres in auto stores,
auto workshops, tire fitting
and other various cars
Engine block transparent
and when the model works, you can see
how the crank rotates
the shaft, how the pistons move
in cylinders and like light bulbs
imitate the work of candles
In order for the motor to work,
He will have to collect,
installing crankshaft with connecting rods
and pistons, gas distribution
mechanism fan system
Very informative and
mesmerizing mock engine!
If you need to cover the car
awning for a while
make it easiest
using automatic
Awning, made of durable
polyester placed in special
cylinder which is very
convenient to carry in the trunk
Awning length 468 cm, width
185 cm and height 168 cm.
To cover the car
awning, it is necessary to remove the drum
from the trunk, hanging
him on special lines,
take out the tent and pull
him on the car.
When reassembling an awning
using the remote need
start the mechanism that
automatically winds
awning inside the drum.
Easy and very convenient!
I recommend it to travelers
who rest for weeks
by the sea.
And the car is covered at this time.
leaves, dust and faeces
the birds!
With such an awning, your car
will always be clean and paintwork
body cover will not fade
under the influence of solar
Protective film for car,
This is an ultrathin protection,
possessing beautiful
protective properties.
Feature of this film
is that on her
do not leave traces even
from strong pressure as well
if the film draw
even a felt-tip pen then using
wet wipes all washed off
in a second!
Included in delivery
protective armor
film to be separated
and throw away before installing,
cleaning wet wipes,
including vacuum nano-wipes
to remove microparticles
from the screen, installation
Clean the car screen
and install a protective film
even a child is capable!
Universal protection will allow
the radio screen remains
in new condition for long
Heat gun power
3 kW is great for
quick garage heating,
greenhouses or any other
utility room.
A heating element
closed type is
in a steel case, guided
warm air blowing occurs
due to the work of dry teng
and electric fan.
The heater itself is located
on a convenient bracket,
which serves and for support,
and to carry.
Blowing direction changes
45 ° up and down speed
adjustable three-position,
and the presence of temperature control
gives you more opportunities
for fast space heating
at maximum and maintain
heat at minimal risk
Need to quickly warm the cold
This heater will help
do it literally for
A couple of minutes!
Pneumatic stick for
hangers represents
aluminum tube length
which is automatically
varies from 87 to 162 centimeters
due to internal pressure.
It is intended to
to fix hangers on it
with clothes.
The ends of the tube have plastic
tips and steel
rings for attachment to
standard hooks for
clothes on the top handles
Due to the pressure tube
serves as a strut and
fastens very securely.
Such a tube for hangers
useful to those who travel
or those who are going to
a concert or some kind of event
and you need to take ironed
suit along with a coat hanger!
It is inexpensive and useful
can everyone!
Original statuette
Buddha Maitreya on the panel
your car will add
car interior design
unique originality
Eastern culture.
The practical side of this
figurines in what’s
flavor thanks
who will be in the car
always smell like incense
not fatty secretions.
Aesthetic side can
appreciate everyone who sees
this is truly amazing
the creation of human hands.
But there is another side
about which you can not guess!
This is a story and myths!
On the questions of their passengers
you can shine proudly
knowledge of history and mythology,
explaining that this is a statue
Buddha Maitreya, that is, Buddha,
which should come on
Earth in the future for salvation
your subjects!
If you love your car,
and want to make it unique
and unique, you must
great plastic will come in handy
and metal lining
on many auto parts.
Made from quality
plastic and painted
under the tree and metal lining
can instantly transform
your car by adding
him clear lines showing
refinement of taste and subtle
car owner’s flair so
beautifully adorned
his iron friend.
Do you want a decorative
frame on the steering wheel, on the panel
appliances or you need
attach pads on
door handles – everything is possible
find in this beautiful
store created on
Aliexpress platform.
Every motorist is nervous
when wipers instead of cleansing
windshield start
smear stripes on it.
This is due to the fact
what appear on the gum
numerous notches.
To remove them,
need to buy a special
key chain that
besides is also
gum restorer
windshield wipers!
Take off the janitor, clean
its from mechanical debris,
spend a couple of times special
knife cleansing cut
on the blade of the janitor’s gum,
wipe it dry and
set back
into place!
Such a simple procedure
repair will allow your
janitors serve in three
times longer pleasing you with purity
In the car, all that accounts
urgent look should be
always at hand.
Well, if the car is
ochechnik, but this is
not everyone!
Where to keep glasses if they
suddenly needed?
Another problem is searching
banking or bonus
cards at the entrance to the gas station
Both of these problems can
decide in one fell swoop if
buy a beautiful holder
attached to sunscreen
Two pressure plates
reliably hold plastic
cards that are at the same time
can easily pull out.
The main clamp is designed
for attaching glasses.
By purchasing this universal
holder, you stop
nervous because
glasses and plastic cards
will always be at hand
more precisely above the head!
Foldable canister.
All motorists come in handy
this car assistant,
and to those who are not just riding,
and likes to travel,
collapsible can just
Conventional plastic canisters
have one significant
disadvantage – they occupy
plenty of space, even if at all
It’s easy to solve this problem.
if you buy a folding plastic
canister for car.
When buying, you can choose
canister volume 3, 5 or
10 liters.
When there is no liquid in it
the canister is folded,
like an accordion, occupying a minimum
trunk space!
Essential convenience
canister attached tap
on the cover.
If you need some water,
you don’t have to open the lid,
you can just open the tap
and take the water!
This is all friends, all
links to products from this
I left the video in the description,
and be sure to write
in the comments which product
you liked the most.
See you soon!

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