20 КРУТЫХ АВТОТОВАРОВ с AliExpress 2018 КОТОРЫЕ ВАМ ПОНРАВЯТСЯ / Автоподборка №9

20 КРУТЫХ АВТОТОВАРОВ с AliExpress 2018 КОТОРЫЕ ВАМ ПОНРАВЯТСЯ / Автоподборка №9

Hello everyone, friends!
You are on the channel Dmitry Zavyalov,
in this video I collected 20
cool car products from the site
Among which there are so
same goods from my past
releases that you could
And be sure to like,
if i managed you a little
to surprise
Still unscrew the bolts
using a long pipe?
Then you will surely come in handy.
so powerful pneumatic
wrench he can handle
with any one tight
a nut.
The tool is equipped with a shock
mechanism that works
from the compressor.
Also for convenience
in the construction of a wrench
there is an additional
a pen.
Seller offers on
a selection of six different models,
which differ in power
and weight.
Electric winch
– has a low price
and is intended for installation
on car bumper or
on the crane.
Perfect for SUVs
which are operated
in difficult places.
The seller on Ali provides
traction winches
from 2,000 to 12,000 pounds.
Gearbox with motor and unit
control winches waterproof,
and controlled directly
or remotely from the remote.
Rubber mat with curb,
perfectly protect your trunk
from pollution and by chance
spilled liquid.
He washes well with the use of
any cleaning products.
Wear resistant material
and can withstand big drops
temperatures, which means
that he will serve you for a long time.
It also pleases its adequate
cost and free
delivery to Russia.
To move on
car with more comfort
need to glue the body sound insulation.
It will reduce noise
and engine vibration in
cabin several times
not allowing to enter the salon
extraneous sounds in
including: wheel noise, engine,
transmissions running
air flow and the other
source of noise.
Also this material
serves as a heater,
what will allow to keep longer
comfortable temperature
in the cabin.
To achieve complete
noise reduction effect
for this you need to glue
ceiling, floor and car door,
as well as the trunk and wheel
arches auto.
Most cars
when you click open
the trunk, it is only slightly
opens a little awkward
if your hands are busy for example
packages of products.
One solution to this
problem is the installation
spring closer for
the trunk.
Spring is universal
and fits most
After its not difficult installation
and settings, trunk lid
fully open
without hands.
Pad cape for torpedo,
except he is spectacular
looks, he still protects
panel from burnout and bloating,
also eliminates glare
from the sun or from the headlights
oncoming cars.
And left objects
on the covered panel do not slip
and do not vibrate.
Material of which it is made
capes, durable
does not fade and does not wear out.
On Aliexpress you can choose
cape for each car
individually which
will repeat the outline
panels, and have holes
for air ducts.
Fastening buttons for a rug
– intended for fixing
auto floor mats
seats in the car.
This fastener consists of
two parts: the first is mounted
to the trim on the bottom of the car,
and the second is set
into the hole
in the rug and fixed
wood screws.
After that, the halves can
zip up thanks
what the mat is securely fixed
and does not budge.
Such clasps can be
fasten as front
and rear floor mats.
Camouflage net for car
– useful during hunting
so as not to frighten away the wild
beast or for military purposes.
The seller has various
sizes and various colors.
Thanks to what you can pick up
camouflage net for
applications on any terrain.
Material of which is made
the net is durable and light as well
product cost will surprise
even the most economical
the buyer.
Digital thermometer for
car will show you
exact cabin temperature
or on the street.
And large numbers provide
quick and easy reading.
This device is attached
using a sucker for example
to the rearview mirror
or on the window.
It takes up minimal space.
and works from one battery
type of pill which
comes complete.
Temperature displayed
in Celsius.
There is such a device in the area
100 rubles.
Wire Diagnostic Tester
which is in common
called sniffer.
It is intended to find
wire or cable and trace
cable routing in cable
lines without insulation damage,
as well as integrity checks
cables and wires.
With a beep
he announces availability
the wires.
Also this device can
find the cable 220v in the wall.
Such a device is indispensable
for professionals who
engaged in the repair of electrical equipment
If you want to travel,
you always had speed
the Internet?
Then take it with you.
Car Wi-Fi Router.
The device is about the size of
Spichichny boxes will provide
mobile high speed
Internet connection
happens in automatic
mode, this is enough
stick it in the cigarette lighter.
To him at the same time you can
Connect up to 10 devices.
And with a weak GSM signal
there is an opportunity to connect
external antenna.
Also on the device has
two USB connectors for charging
any gadgets.
And also the device in emergency
situations you can use
like a rescue hammer
for breaking glass in the car.
Such a muffler
will be very much to the article if
you started tuning your
Inside the nozzle are
colored LEDs which
using the wire you can
connect to the rear dimensions
The light from this backlight
falls on the smoke coming out
from the exhaust pipe
most created illusion
fire flame.
From the side of this special effect
looks very impressive
and attracts enthusiastic
If you are a driver who
love to drive through the night
the city then necessarily
pay attention to this
You are one of those who love
travel on your own
car then you don’t
do without inflatable
mattress in the salon, which
helps you sleep comfortably
and relax right in the car.
Fully inflated
takes up space
from front to rear seats.
Complete with mattress
there is an air pump
cigarette lighter powered.
For motorists who love
outdoor activities,
Ali is sold cheap
car inverter
which converts from
12 volts voltage at 220
volts that will allow to use
household appliances working
from standard outlet.
The power of this baby is 2000
wat, this is enough for the eyes
to use any
electrical appliances.
Also such a device in the aggregate
with a small battery
ideal for use
in the country.
Car round
watches recently
become integral
part of the car
decor combining in itself
chic and useful features.
Quartz watch mechanism
with arrows that indicate
current time in hours, minutes
and seconds.
They work from small
Fastening system is very
simple, using two-way
Scotch tape can be fixed
on the panel or on another
convenient place for the driver.
Removal tool
dents – designed for
leveling works without use
Having such in itself
tool you own
can get rid of annoying
dents on the car body,
at the same time save a lot
funds refusing
services in car repair shops.
Also included with minilifter
18 different nozzles go,
for even distribution
pressure in different areas
Portable car wash which
powered by cigarette lighter,
will save you a lot of money
and the time you spend
on paid car washes.
The mini car wash is compact and
so you can take it
with you everywhere, to the country, in
forest, fishing.
Wash consists of two hoses,
spray gun
and water pump high
pressure which provides
five meters of water.
For the work of washing you need
voltage 12 volts and a bucket
with water.
How do you like this product
called mast hev for
every driver.
Breathalyzer Keychain to Identify
blood alcohol levels.
Agree, it happened
after emotional gatherings
with friends, sits down in the morning
behind the wheel.
This little device
dispel all your doubts
and exactly show the level
in proms.
Breathalyzer is made very
high quality, equipped with light
backlight and beep
works from standard
Also included
tips for use
by other people.
This product has a lot
positive reviews.
Soft quick-change crossmembers
on the roof – they are universal
and if necessary them
can be installed on the roof
having tightened fixing slings,
thereby you add car
extra baggage
volume, such cross
indispensable for transportation
bulky cargo
and designed for transportation
luggage weighing up to 60 kilograms.
This is a miniature device.
able to create a pleasant
atmosphere in the cabin of any
car, and give a beautiful
mood to all passengers.
For the work of flavoring
all day long enough
3-5 drops of aroma oil and free
place in the cigarette lighter.
Also on the device there are
two USB connectors for charging
various gadgets.
Such a device will be great
a gift for any motorist.
This is all friends, all
links to products from this
I left the video in the description,
and be sure to write
in the comments which product
you liked the most.
See you soon!

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