1983 Foxbody Mustang Gets Coyote Swapped and Restored For Make A Wish By American Muscle – Hot Lap

1983 Foxbody Mustang Gets Coyote Swapped and Restored For Make A Wish By American Muscle – Hot Lap

Justin: On this episode of “Hot Lap”, we’re
taking this 1983 convertible Fox Body back
to the future for a great cause.
Hey, what’s up, guys?
Justin with americanmuscle.com.
And, boy, we have a video for you here today.
Now I’m really excited to be standing next
to this 83 V6 carbureted convertible Fox Body.
Well, let me give you some backstory.
If you’re a fan of the channel or a fan of
the brand then chances are you’ve seen some
of our past builds with Make-A-Wish where
we’ve redone young Jonathan’s New Edge and
even young Austin’s S197.
Some of our sister sites have redone a couple
of Jeeps in addition to a truck, so we’ve
done probably five or six builds for deserving
Make-A-Wish kids in addition to raising over
$300,000 for the charity.
And that’s why I’m standing next to this Fox
Body here today.
You see this car belongs to a young man named
Matt from the Philadelphia area.
Now Matt just like any other high schooler
out there, right?
Likes to hang out with his friends and loves
football, except with one big exception.
Matt recently underwent a heart transplant
at the young age of 17 and it’s something
he’s gonna have to deal with for the rest
of his life.
So when Make-A-Wish reached out to us asking
if we would help with his Fox Body, of course,
we said yes.
This thing actually belonged to Matt’s grandmother
and basically sat in the garage and was passed
down to Matt with about 30,000 miles on it.
It’s got about 50,000 miles on it now and
a couple small dings and dents on this thing
but the point is we want to make this thing
worthy of cruising for Matt and his buddy,
so that’s what we’re gonna do.
We’re gonna turn this thing into a pretty
damn cool Fox Body convertible but we can’t
leave that V6 under the hood, right?
Who would like that?
So enter this guy right here, that’s right
guys, Gen 2 crate Coyote backed by a brand
new 6R80 transmission that we’re gonna shoehorn
into that.
I’m really excited because this is our first
Coyote swapped into a Fox Body for the channel,
so we’re gonna be experiencing this together.
And, guys, we got to kind of a tight timeline
here because the goal is to have all of this
done and revealed at our 11th annual AmericanMuscle
Mustang Show.
So got a couple of months to get this all
done, gonna be tight, but no one else will
get it done.
So Matt, this one’s for you buddy, hope you
enjoy it.
Well, guys, as promised, first step is yanking
out this crusty, old carbureted V6 with Joe
here to make room for the new transplant.
And, yeah, this thing’s kinda grimy.
Joe: [inaudible 00:02:42].
Justin: I can try to pull it up as we come
Joe: You’re strong.
Justin: Well, after a little bit of a fight
and a whole lot of fluid on poor Joe’s floor
here, the carbureted V6 is now out on a crate
and we have a bunch room for activities.
I don’t know, it actually looks pretty big
in there.
So hopefully that’s the case when we go to
lower that new engine and transmission in.
Next step, getting rid of a bunch of the stuff
we don’t need anymore.
In addition to the engine bay stuff, Joe also
yanked out carpet, seats, interior goodies.
There is probably one to 200 parts laying
on the floor that used to be in this thing
but then everything has to go back together
So hopefully Joe has been diligent with his
label maker.
No, he’s saying no.
But knowing him, it’s gonna come back together
very, very well.
Now we have to push this thing out into the
trailer, get it off to paint, but the good
thing is should be nice and light here with
no motor.
All right, guys.
Well, here she is back from paint, obviously
stage one of paint because the car’s not nearly
completed yet but here’s what’s going on.
Our friends at Iron Hill sprayed the bay for
us because they didn’t want us chipping up
that fresh paint job, working around the car,
things like that, makes total sense, I get
We want to get the motor and trans mocked
up in this thing but we’re still missing our
K member, should be here any day now.
So in order to keep this thing moving, Joe
is gonna get the car in the air, we’re gonna
yank out that seven and a half rear end in
this thing in addition to that fuel tank,
get those out of the way.
We have a fresh 8.8 over there for him.
Gonna drop the front suspension as well knowing
that that Maximum Motorsports K member should
be here any minute now.
So time to start getting to work on this thing
because Joe has got a long way to go, I’m
just helping.
Ah, we’ll just set that anywhere.
It’s a little bit of a [inaudible 00:04:30].
So am I, so it’s all right.
All right, guys, so I’m currently holding
my member, K member that is, thanks to our
friends at Maximum Motorsports and now we’re
getting ready to bolt this puppy in.
We are gonna drop the motor in from the top.
We did some measuring, it didn’t look like
it was gonna go from the bottom with the sway
bar bracket still in place.
Joe’s got the bolts, this thing ain’t getting
any lighter, so let’s do it.
Joe: Hold tight, Mr. Dugan.
Justin: Oh, we good, man.
I go to the gym.
Here we are dropping the engine in or at least
trying to, right?
Our first attempt was basically to mock it
up, see where we have any issues.
Joe clearanced that on the firewall.
Now we have the transmission on, we have the
headers on because it’s really the only way
to go about that.
However it makes dropping it in from the top
a pain in the you know what.
We tried dropping the whole deal in with that
K member in, just didn’t look like it was
gonna go.
So now here we are, K member is back out.
Got a lot more room to play but it’s gonna
make getting the engine in and the K member
up, kind of a little interesting dance as
Joe was saying.
Well, guys, after a lot of grunting, moving
around, the engine is finally in.
This size of engine and transmission was obviously
never meant to go in something as small as
a Fox Body and it shows when you do go to
bolt this thing up for the very first time
or fifth time, as was the case with us.
Kooks supplied us with these headers to fit
a Fox Coyote swap car with a 6R80.
Next up, we’re gonna move on to suspension.
Joe just finished up welding in all of the
torque box reinforcements, painted everything,
it looks great.
You guys know these Fox Bodies, they are basically
made out of tin foil, so about 400-wheel on
tap is gonna twist this thing like a pretzel.
Stifflers crossmember is in place for the
transmission, everything lines up, looks great.
So now it’s time to start hanging some suspension
because gotta make this thing a roller, we
gotta get it off to paint because we are running
out of time.
So we got some control arms.
BMR uppers are already in place, I am currently
holding the lowers.
We also got some Eibach stuff going on here,
as you can see, they also hooked us up some
really killer parts, including a badass set
of coilovers up front, which you guys will
see in a minute.
But we’re gonna concentrate on this rear end.
So let’s go.
Paging Joe, rear axle time.
All right, guys.
We got all of the shiny new goodies underneath
the rear end which leads us to wheels.
This had a seven and a half inch rear end,
obviously something that you don’t see a lot
and something that certainly is not going
to withstand the power of that Coyote.
So ideally, yes, 94 to 98 would be where we
would want to be.
However, we couldn’t find one in the timeline
we needed, so we got an 8.8 under here now
from an SN95.
So it seems like an S197 wheels is gonna be
the way to roll, a higher positive offset
is really what we’re gonna be looking for
here without doing a whole bunch of cutting.
We got an SN wheel here just to see how it’s
gonna fit but it should be interesting testing
these out.
These won’t even fit over the hub.
All right, remember that whole part where
I said the S197 wheel would fit a lot better
than SN95 wheel, well, guess what?
I was wrong yet again.
What we’re looking at here is an SN95 New
Edge wheel, 17×8 plus 30 offset.
And yes it does poke a little bit but actually
looks really good.
This is not the wheel we’re obviously gonna
use, right?
But we’re just getting a sense of what is
going to work here with this car, with that
SN95 rear axle.
It’s gonna be kind of a hodgepodge of wheel
fitment, but Matt, don’t worry buddy, we are
gonna make it look good for you.
Let’s talk suspension, we can actually cruise
up front real quick, Stan, let’s check it
Really nice stuff from our friends at Eibach,
they hooked this up with their Eibach Pro-Street-S,
You can also get a better stands for all the
Maximum Motorsports goodies in here as well.
We got the arms in place, the knuckles, obviously.
We don’t have the bump steer kit in yet.
It’s coming together.
Again, this thing is gonna be a roller here
by the end of the day.
I mean, it’s really coming a long way in a
short period of time, motor and trans is in,
rear end’s in, suspension’s in.
So next step is to wheel this puppy into our
trailer, ship it on down to Iron Hill paint
and body, get it loaded up.
Well, here it is guys, check this new color
Randy down at Iron Hill absolutely killed
it for us.
This is tuxedo black because it’s just such
a killer color.
Lot of flake in this thing once you get it
out in the sun.
As you can see now we do have Cervini’s cowl
hood on the car.
And if you guys are paying attention, you’ll
notice this is now an ’85 to ’86-style front
bumper because four-eye Foxes, these front
bumpers or just the way to roll, they look
so much better.
Obviously no interior in the car yet, no brakes
on the car yet.
Gotta run new EFI fuel lines, gotta run brake
lines, got to do power steering lines, you
get the point.
I need to stop talking and keep it moving.
Joe has been working really hard running brake
lines, pretty much all plumbed.
Baer really, really hooked it up on the brakes,
absolutely beautiful setup.
So power steering, let’s talk about that.
Power By The Hour, we’ve had them on speed
dial during this build because they make some
really killer parts for Coyote swapped Fox
Body setups including their accessory kit
which is basically you put power steering
where the alternator should go on a Coyote
car and then puts the alternator basically
180, we want to run a front sway bar on this
car and basically without doing that it just
wasn’t working.
We got the SR Performance front and rear sway
bars for this thing with the drop brackets
from an SN95.
Now it’s fuel time, we got all the fixings
needed for a return style system for this
setup which is a must.
I got a brand new tank, we’re getting closer
and closer actually firing this thing up,
I can’t wait.
All right, guys, in this installment of what
Joe has been up to lately, well what hasn’t
he been up to with this car?
They don’t really make one piece or complete
custom exhaust systems for your Coyote swap
Fox Body which means what you’re currently
looking at is his handiwork here because we
have to go around the 6R80, that Stifflers
crossmember back into our two and a half inch
cat-back, a couple of Magnaflow mufflers before
going out the back of the car.
We also have one piece drive shaft in place
thanks to Lee and the gang over at DSS for
building us a custom piece.
We also have a ton of work to do inside the
car as well, shocker there, right?
If you ever thought about Coyote swapping
your Fox Body, great, but just be prepared
for an S-load of work.
I’m gonna let Joe kind of burn the rest of
this together, killer work, buddy.
It’s gonna sound awesome, Matt, I’m sure you’re
gonna be loving this, bud.
As you can see it’s looking a little closer
to completion.
Andrew and Joe have been doing a lot of wiring
on this thing.
I’ve actually just finished up the stereo
system which in and of itself was a chore
here with an ’83 engine.
I think we’re about to find out if it’s working
or not, we haven’t started this thing yet.
So, Joe, you want to do the honors brother,
key her on.
It actually kind of idles too.
Awesome, man.
Well, there you go, she runs that’s awesome,
she’s alive, we’re in a good spot.
Now we have to kind of finish up a few things
and get this thing off to upholstery because
the top is in desperate need of replacement
and plus we’re gonna change up the color a
little bit more because white just really
isn’t working here.
So get this thing kind of as prepped as we
can to roll out the door which means we got
to put some new wheels and tires on this and
I’m really excited to show you what we have
in store there.
And the cherry on top are the Forgestar F14s,
look at that.
Vince from Forgestar and he delivered with
a custom set of wheels and tires in charcoal
and they turned out beautifully.
Up front here, we had to go with a 17×8.5
plus 35 offset.
Pretty flush with the front fender, looks
mint wrapped in the Nitto Motivo here All-Season
tire again because Matt’s gonna be dailying
this thing if you can believe it.
The rear wheel setup, on the other hand, is
actually from an S197, so it’s actually a
17×9.5 plus 44 is the offset there and that
is just perfect with that New Edge rear axle
that we have in the car.
Getting ready to put this thing on the trailer,
go out to upholstery.
And then it’s crunch time, we’re only two
weeks away from the show.
We got a long way to go, so stop yapping and
get this thing bolted up.
All right, there you go.
So, Joe and I just finished up installing
the new front bumper here on Matt’s Fox Body.
Also, you might’ve noticed that new top is
now in place.
Fresh black vinyl top kind of keeping with
that all black look that Matt really wanted.
Goes really nice with the Forgestars.
Start moving on the interior and check that
Check that out, huh?
Matt’s Fox Body is officially a functioning
Once again, M&A Upholstery, they did the top
but also recovered both front and rear seats
for us, black vinyl with that maroon stitching
or piping really matches the interior well.
Brand new dash pad, of course, new heater
core because Fox Body, brand new carpet which
was desperately needed, by the way.
Joe actually fabbed up this custom box here
to cover the low car shifter and at that point,
M&A wrapped it in vinyl.
Brand new stereo which I actually did.
And of course, Dakota Digital hooking us up
with their new gauge pack for the Fox Body,
topped all off with a brand new MOMO Tuner
Seats are comfy, this has road trip written
all over it.
But now we want to verify the power of this
Gen 2 Coyote.
So we’re gonna call up our friend from Lund
Racing, get this thing on the dyno, get her
strapped down, make our pull and see how she’s
All right, guys, we just finished up the second
of two dyno runs.
Now after a revision from John Jr, car is
making right on the money for what a Gen 2
Coyote should be making.
388 horsepower, 361-pound-feet of torque to
the tires, more than enough to have fun in
a little Fox Body like this.
So what do you say we get it out on the street?
All right, and we’re off, the maiden voyage
here in Matt’s Fox Body.
And the car feels awesome.
I mean, it sounds great, speaking of which.
That surprised the hell out of me.
Oh my gosh, if I had that reaction having
driven countless high horsepower Mustangs,
Lord only knows what little Matt’s in for
for this one.
Let’s do that again.
Oh my God.
Dude, this thing rips.
Oh, that’s awesome.
Now there’s only one more thing to do, right?
I mean, we’ve determined this thing runs pretty
damn good.
Time to get into the show and see what Matt’s
thinking about this thing, Man, I hope he
likes it.
Matt, we’re coming for you buddy.
Well, here it is, guys, moment of truth.
The time has come to finally unveil Matt’s
Fox Body here at our 11th annual AmericanMuscle
Mustang Show.
I got butterflies, man.
I’m nervous, I hope he likes this thing, but
now time to yank this cover off and show him
what’s up.
Man: This is Matthew.
Matt was recently had a full heart transplant
in Philadelphia.
So Make-A-Wish asked Matt what do you wanted
for a wish and Matt said, “There’s probably
somebody more deserving.”
I know when I asked him again, he said, “You
know what?
My grandmother gave me this 35-year old Mustang.
If you guys could just pull the dents out
of it and maybe paint it black, that would
be great.”
As you can imagine, not a chance we were stopping
at painting it black and pulling the dents
out and Matt deserves a hell of a lot more
than that.
One, two, three.
Matt: Get out here.
Stop, stop, come on.
Justin: So when this thing came to us, a carbureted
V6, whopping 112 horsepower, I believe.
So, we’ll see how she sounds.
That’s some V6 isn’t it?
In place of that carbureted V6 you have yourself
a brand new Ford Performance 435 horsepower
Coyote crate engine, sir.
So you have the 435 horsepower Ford Performance
Gen 2 Coyote crate engine, and behind it it’s
a 6R80 brand new automatic transmission.
Forgestar built us a custom set of wheels
for it.
This is an F14, massive Baer brakes behind
it because if you have 435 horsepower on tap,
you need to stop, right?
In a couple of words, what are you thinking?
Matt: I don’t have words to describe how amazing
this is has been and thank you
so much, guys.
Justin: All right, guys, one more time everybody
again for Matt, the Make-A-Wish team.
Well after last couple of months of thrashing
on the car, early mornings, late nights, blood,
sweat and tears, and a few choice four-letter
words, Matt’s Fox Body is finally wrapped
And I tell you guys there is nothing like
pulling that cover off for the very first
time and seeing the massive smile on Matt’s
face, makes everything worth it and it really
just puts things in perspective a little bit
This build really couldn’t have happened without
a few key people and key vendors.
Of course, first and foremost, big Joe turning
the wrenches.
That guy is just wise beyond his years and
is a true craftsman when it comes to building
a car like that.
Also want to thank Stan and Andrew Fleming
again for helping out, Andrew especially with
the wiring.
Randy from Iron Hill Paint and Body obviously
getting that thing looking right, spraying
that tuxedo black paint job and just helping
out in the final hours.
M&A Upholstery for getting that top and interior
looking perfect after 30 plus years of abuse.
And of course a few key vendors, Lund Racing
for getting the car running great.
Frank and Christian from Power By The Hour
answering the dozens of our questions in regards
to the swap itself.
In addition to Kooks, Magnaflow, BBK, Forgestar.
Vince, thanks again for the wheels.
Baer brakes hooking us up those massive brakes.
Cervini’s giving us that killer hood, in addition
to Dakota Digital and other key vendors as
This really did take an army to make it what
it was and at the end of the day, the car
was a huge success.
Thank you, guys, again.
We hope you enjoyed the build, I know I did.
It was certainly a very awesome one for us
here at AM.
Thanks for watching, guys.
Remember for all things Mustang, keep it right
here at americanmuscle.com.

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    In this video, Justin’s bringing you a very special episode of Hot Lap that covers the entire build for Make A Wish and reveal of Matt’s 1983 Foxbody Mustang. Matt's 1983 Foxbody Mustang originally had a wheezy V6 engine so the team at American Muscle decided he needed a brand new Coyote.

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