15 Tents and Shelters Transforming Outdoor Living

15 Tents and Shelters Transforming Outdoor Living

– [Glen] Get ready to take that next step into reconnecting with nature and getting your camp or glamp on. I’m Glen and we’re talking about some of the coolest and most unique tents and shelters now available. From camping in the clouds to staking it out like a viking, there’s an exulted way to
your time in the elements. (relaxed music) – [Female] Number 15. – [Glen] Perhaps not your typical shelter, looking like a space hut, the Shiftpod2 is specifically designed to
suit the needs of the homeless. It’s new microfiber
insulation is much more savvy about reflecting the heat of the sun and retaining warmth when it’s cold. The set up is fast, with a
record time of three minutes, can stand through winds
of 100 miles an hour, and is roomy enough to
fit a queen-size bed. With six windows and two
doors with bug screens, you’re sure to stay in touch
with the outside world. For every 20 sold, the
company will donate one to a family in need. In association, there’s also a foundation called SHELTERCOIN that raises
funds for disaster relief. To get your glamping on
or donation on its way, check the descriptions box below. All details and pricing
are available there. (relaxing music) – [Female] Number 14. – [Glen] Actor, Ashton Kutcher, brags about the Hyde’s innovative design and he may be on to something. It’s made to survive in extreme weather and requires no anchoring. It’s triple layer cover can be reversed depending on natures’ conditions. One layer reflects solar heat. You won’t have to worry about flashing people going by either with those triple layers preventing any embarrassing shadows
from shining through. You can put up to five bodies inside. It’s completely waterproof
with removable doors, duel ventilators and reflective strips for those of you who
don’t have night vision. The Hyde has the technicalities in place. Just to make it better,
100% of the profits go toward helping homeless families. (relaxing music) – [Female] Number 13. – [Glen] This one is your
cardboard fort fantasy brought to life. It’s material is, of
course, 100% recyclable. Essentially made popular in Europe, the KarTent is made able to
order at your special event where it’s set up for you. It’s spacious enough for two, blocks the sunlight, is
completely waterproof, and fire resistant too. When you’re wanting a fast fix and time to live your best life, this is a perfect camping option for you. You’re encouraged to embrace
your inner Picasso as well, and personalize your KarTent by drawing and painting on it. (relaxing music) – [Female] Number 12. – [Glen] Winning the T3 Award, which is basically an Oscar for a tent, the Vango Utopia Air TC excels with its quick inflatable pitch. It’s a great size for a couple or a small family get away. There’s no need to worry
about excessive light or noise as its fabric properties
cleverly reduce that. In beautiful weather, you
can utilize the mesh doors and if harsh weather hits, then are storm anchors that you
can use for better security. Helmet pockets are attached throughout, enabling you to keep
your tent spick and span and three cable entry points exist for any camping appliances
you’d like to keep powered. (relaxing music) – [Female] Number 11. – [Glen] Whether you’re a Gemini or just someone who likes
the dual nature of things, the Bivymok allows you to camp on ground or elevate yourself into the air. It has a two person capacity and can turn into a cozy hammock which is capable of
holding a thousand pounds. With its multidirectional stitching, stability is reinforced. The waterproof rainfly can be added so that you stay dry in rainy weather and it’s bathtub flooring is
coated with a water repellent. It’s mesh top makes sure to
keep those pesky mosquitoes out so that you can enjoy the 360 degree view. (relaxing music) – [Female] Number 10. – [Glen] The Sky-Pod is
ideal for those of you who love the idea of a floating tree house or have the desire to try
living like a spider monkey. Set up from the ground, it is capable of holding two
people that equal 550 pounds. Only one or two trees are needed to lift yourself up amongst the squirrels. An external ladder hangs down making entry and exit an easy climb. A two piece net is included, one being mesh that
guards you again insects and gives you a 360 degree view, so that you don’t have to miss out on the lightening bug shows. (relaxing music) – [Female] Number nine. – [Glen] The Cocoon Tree
Tent is a glamorous way to experience nesting
high up in the trees. This 3 meter wide cocoon is
made of high quality aluminum and is covered in water and
wind resistant material. It’s perfect for a couple’s get away. You can turn this into
some serious glamping with the option of powering it with attachable solar panels. It’s structure is undeniable
with its six anchor points and ability to hold 6,000 pounds. If you’d rather next on
the ground than in the air then you can do just that with the option of setting
up with four standalone feet. Ground or air, the Cocoon Tree Tent is a glamping reality. (relaxing music) – [Female] Number eight. – [Glen] For those bike
and gypsy life enthusiasts, this B-Turtle Inflatable Tent, gives you a convenient camp set up. It’s double wheel caravan
makes for a smooth ride along. The tent sits on top of the caravan, connecting via Velcro straps with the sleeping platform sitting 28 inches above the ground. Two aluminum support struts
stand under the platform for increased stability. This turtle shell is capable of housing two adults and 441 pounds. You have three windows you can peep out of and a PVC cover that’ll protect
your gear in rough weather. It’s record of dismantling
within 10 minutes will send you peddling onward in no time. (relaxing music) – [Female] Number seven. – [Glen] Ideal for the person who likes the minimalistic lifestyle, the Rocket Ultralight Tent is an easy haul on your
journey into the wilderness. Specifically designed to be the lightest two person shelter out there, it’s featherlight poles and fabrics still maintain durability. It has a two person entryway and a unique T-bar pole structure. Keeping up with the changes in nature, it’s water repellent and bug
proof with its mesh screening which also prevents condensation. (relaxing music) – [Female] Number six. – [Glen] You can maneuver
through the three elements in this trickster being
able to pitch in the air, on the ground or even water. The Tentsile Universe has three doorways, can carry 880 pounds and is appropriate for
three to five people. When used as a tree house, it can be suspended in
multi-layered formations. If you’re setting up over a river or lake, the trap door makes for a
convenient dive into the water. It’s tear-resistant insect mesh keeps you connected to your surroundings. With its entire floor able to inflate, you can transform your tent into a boat and float toward your next campsite. (relaxing music) – [Female] Number five. – [Glen] The Vuz Moto Tent
is built with motorcyclists and ghost rider wannabes in mind. It has a separate room completely
dedicated to your bike, keeping it out of sight and out of mind and protected from stormy weather. It’s materials are some of
the most durable out there and completely waterproof. (relaxing music) – [Female] Number four. – [Glen] Similar to those connecting tubes at science museums, the Qube Air Tent is made of heavy duty material that is capable of connecting
to its neighbor tent. A fast pitch of two minutes
makes for more efficient time. You’re able to sleep in
with its blackout windows and experience more comfort with the extra thick
removable ground sheet. A solar panel is offered, which can be slipped
inside the tent’s window to store power into a
13,000 mAh battery pack. (relaxing music) – [Female] Number three. – [Glen] If you are searching for a tent that’s more ideal for a larger party and has the feel of what it’s like to live as an ancient Native, then the Klondike Tipi
has got you covered. It’s spacious interior
can hold up to six people. The tent’s poly cotton fabric makes it a breathable environment and it’s low level mesh vents aid in even better ventilation. Protective eaves run around the tent which help shelter the door and windows from any rain runoff. If you’re looking for a more
progressive camping experience then you might consider
adding the front porch canopy. (relaxing music) – [Female] Number two. – [Glen] Wrap yourself up like
a caterpillar in its cocoon in this roomy hammock shelter. This shelter comes with
rain and bug protection. You’re able to stash
your gear and trinkets underneath your hammock. There’s even enough room for you to house a stowaway in a second hammock. The Stratos comes with an
Inferno insulation system that is certain to keep
you snug as a bug in a rug. It’s an asymmetric design with
the pairs hammock included and with great support, you don’t have to be a daredevil to stand straight up either. (relaxing music) – [Female] Number one. – [Glen] Lastly, if you’re
looking for a shelter that’ll support you through
an episode of “Survivor” or just in more advanced
outdoor activities then this is for you. This Northface Dome was made to withstand 60 mile per hour winds in environments like the
Himalayas or Antarctica, where weather conditions are critical. It has an eight person capacity, two windows and a chimney vent. You can even get creative
and put a solar panel out to charge where the chimney is. This hardcore shelter
includes lots of pockets for better storage too. (relaxing music) With these kind of options, you get to decide what kind of camper and wildlife
adventurer you wanna be. Not to mention, some of
these tents and shelters are a double credit,
donating to those in need. Let me know what your
favorite is in the comments. You can find prices and
more information below in the descriptions box. Thanks for watching
another Mind’s Eye video. – Hi everyone, and thank you for watching. I’m Chan Li with Mind’s Eye Design. – Hey, guys. This is Cassie. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. – We love to hear your feedback, so please leave some comments below and let us know your
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not gonna take away from the time and effort that
gets put into these videos by everyone that works on
them from beginning to end. You know, we definitely need
to high five those guys. – [Male] These days, leaving civilization behind to reconnect
with nature doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the
modern luxuries of technology. – For more information on this product, the link is in the description below. – Videos are always
written out with a script. We wanna know what we’re gonna say. (music drowns out voice) – [Male] By designing innovative and environmentally friendly
(music drowns out voice) that balance beauty
with modern technology. – Thank you for watching
Mind’s Eye Design. (relaxed acoustic music)

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