15 Innovative Personal Mobility Vehicles and Urban Transports 2019 – 2020

15 Innovative Personal Mobility Vehicles and Urban Transports 2019 – 2020

You and I may be scooting around town aboard
some wild personal vehicles soon as electric-powered mobility machines continue
to make inroads in cities and town around the globe. With lithium-ion battery technology getting
more cost-effective and prevalent, awesome new vehicle designs are popping up
to lure commuters away from the internal combustion gas guzzler. I’m Glenn and here are 15 fresh and unique
machines that use a plug! Number Fifteen Launching in Taiwan, the Gogoro Viva Smartscooter
fills a gap in the market for smaller e-scooters. These cute new scooters use a battery swapping
design as owners can swap out dead batteries for charged ones at “GoStations” across Taiwan
and beyond. The Viva can travel about 53 miles on a charge
and has a traditional gas scooter style. It comes in 5 colors, weighs 176 pounds, and
uses a Smart Keycard with NFC for unlocking and starting. Number Fourteen Currently in the testing phase with production
coming soon, is the latest iteration of Yamaha’s three-wheeled
electric scooter, the Tritown. The scooter, designed for short commutes,
is easy to ride and maneuver with its three wheels and leaning capability
in turns. Plus, the tri-wheel design enhances stability
at slow speeds. It houses the motor in the rear wheel and
weighs 88 pounds. Number Thirteen Another new vehicle, with no peddling needed,
is the Brekr Model B from the Netherlands. Built like it could handle the roughest terrain
on your commute, this bike has a handsome retro look. A large battery box will carry two batteries
for up to a 100-mile ride. It also features full suspension shocks, hydraulic
disc brakes, a 2800 lumen running light, a stereo system,
and a mobile app. Preorders are available now for two powerful
versions. Number Twelve Much smaller in size, but with double the
wheels is a new e-scooter concept by the German automaker Audi. What sets this new E-Tron Scooter apart is
its swiveling axles and one hand-friendly triangular handle. Riders can steer by shifting their weight
as on a skateboard and tilting the handle right or left. It has a phone app, and the battery and electronics
are in the handle. The range is said to be up to 12 miles, with
production expected to start in 2020. Number Eleven Since the Chinese company, Ninebot bought
Segway, they have expanded into e-scooters, unicycles,
skateboards, and more. They’re now presenting their new e-scooter
with an extended range called the Max G30. It has a large battery with a range of up
to 40 miles per charge, and with a top speed of 15 mph. It rides on 10-inch tubeless pneumatic tires
and also features a companion phone app that allows owners to lock the scooter, manage
speed, and use cruise control. It’s currently available for purchase. Number Ten An Indiegogo campaign is bringing this small
smart bike to market. The Flit-16 was developed in Cambridge, England,
by an ex-Jaguar/Land Rover engineer. Similar to the well-known Brompton bike, the
Flit-16 can fold extremely small with its 16-inch wheels. The battery is hidden in the frame but is
easily removable. With its 250 Watt motor, its range is about
30 miles on a charge, and it folds in 10 seconds and can be rolled
along when folded. Number Nine Betting it’s e-scooter will be a hit for the
last mile of a commute by owners of their SUV’s, Hyundai-Kia has unveiled a prototype; a svelte
tri-fold scooter that charges while mounted to their cars. The tiny scooter weighs about 17 pounds, folds
up small, and carries easily. It has a rear-drive motor and suspension. Powered by a 10.5-Ah onboard lithium battery,
the scooter can reach a top speed of 12.4 mph. It has front and rear lights and a digital
display. Number Eight Personal mobility vehicles are getting smaller
all the time, and this one fits into a small shoulder bag. The MiniFalcon is about 23 inches long and
has full-suspension, a telescopic steering pole, and a folding
rear wheel. It is lightweight at just under 18 pounds,
has a 250-watt motor, travels on puncture-proof tires, can travel up to 16 mph, and goes around 13
miles on a charge. Production is being funded through an Indiegogo
campaign. Number Seven An established e-bike manufacturer is using
IndieGoGo to fund two new powerful models to their lineup. “Juiced Bikes” is calling them the Scorpion
and the Hyper Scorpion. Following the trend toward classic moped styled
e-bikes, these feature a low step-through frame, fat
tires, a 52-volt battery, and can zoom up to 28 mph. They have a Bafang hub motor and big battery
for up to a 75-mile range. They provide the rider with a stable, laid
back ride on its elegant frame. Number Six Using two hubless wheels side by side, this
hoverboard style personal mobility vehicle will likely be available only in Germany and
Austria when production starts. Germany based UrmO company is currently taking
preorders for this unique vehicle. The rider can easily fold it one hand and
carry it comfortably. It has a range of 13 miles and can charge
in 2 hours. You can order it with or without a detachable
handlebar. It’s expected to start shipping in early 2020. Number Five Claiming a range of up to 230 miles, the Delfast
Prime resembles a small, but beefy off-road enduro-style motorcycle. The German company making the Delfast Prime
says that the range is claimed to hold the world record for distance traveled
by an electric bike. It has a 3 KW rear hub motor. Delfast says it is an all-weather, all-terrain,
multi-purpose off-road beast. The company’s latest model, the Top 2.0, has
a more powerful motor than the Prime to reach its high speed of 50 miles
per hour faster. The fast acceleration is from a 5 KW rear
hub motor. The bikes motor is moisture and dust resistant
and has a redesigned controller. There’s a color display to keep the rider
informed, an integrated 3G GPS tracker, and front and rear lighting. A more urban rider than off-road, the Partner
LITE can run up to 112 miles on a charge with a top speed of 26 mph. It features a lighter frame and a 750-watt
motor. All three come in seven different colors and
several accessory options. Number Four A radical new idea for bikes, No Chain! This “NuBike” uses two pedals on arms
that stretch from the bikes rear hub and rotate a disk on the wheel for power. The builder says the mechanical advantages
of Leverage, Gravity and near-vertical pedaling combined with the rider’s weight, produces an increase
in continuous force throughout the pedal stroke. Rather than pedaling in a circular motion,
straight-line vertical pedaling reduces excessive bending of the hips, knees,
and ankles. The sleek carbon bike frame is very lightweight,
with the bike weighing 18 pounds. Number Three Coming from a UK based manufacturer is the
Cabin Car Mobility Scooter. This cute little one-person vehicle is an
enclosed version of a wheelchair or scooter and packed with smart features. It has remote locking or unlocking, a reverse
camera, full lighting, windshield wiper, and more. It has a range of about 30 miles, and options
include an air cooler, front bumper, power mirrors, longer-range batteries, among
other things. It is currently for sale in the UK from Magic
Mobility. Number Two At the busy airports of Japan, a new solution
is in the works to streamline foot traffic around the terminals. Self-driving electric wheelchairs will be
tested at Narita Airport to help those with limited mobility get to the gate. Nippon Airways has partnered with Panasonic
to explore the new mobility option. The wheelchairs can safely navigate through
the airport, using robotic elements, helping passengers to and from connecting
flights. The modern chairs will be forming part of
a broader plan to boost mobility options at similar facilities. Number One The Wizzybug mobility vehicle, designed for
special needs children under five, was developed by a UK Charity. It’s an innovative powered wheelchair created
for children living with spinal muscular atrophy, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, or spina
bifida, as well as children with amputations or a rare developmental delay
affecting their ability to walk. The Wizzybug can work indoors or outdoors. The small cute Wizzybug loaned to UK Families
or therapists, has already helped more than 700 families. You can contact them at the link below this
video. From the tiny to the practical solution to
the wild design, this list is sure to pique your interest in checking out the manufacturer and information
links listed below. Which one caught your eye? Leave your comments below, and be sure to
subscribe to the channel to see more to come on Minds Eye Design Thank you for watching Mind’s Eye Design!

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  1. Thanks for watching everyone and Happy Holidays! 😍 Keep watching until the end, there's a few great ones on this list. Let us know your favorite! For your convenience, prices and websites along with extra specs are in the video description. 👆 If you'd like to see our full Personal Transport Vehicles Playlist you can find it here. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJmAwjBwlfgJnZMmEFf6bvFwJdgR4bFIA

  2. I am looking for a vehicle like a Pedelec where I can transporte one adult with overweight. Is this possible in Germany?

  3. Where does the electricity come from? And how much coal or natural gas gets burned to charge your vehicle ? (line loss, charge efficiency, charge loss…) still cool

  4. I'm a little concerned at the number of entries from Indiegogo, I've had nothing but bad luck dealing with them this past year. One project has refused refund since July still hasn't even gone into production and Indiegogo has ignored multiple complaints, that project maintains its inDemand status. Be cautious.

  5. Audi's really on to something there with the collapsible skateboard/scooter hybrid. respect for thinking outside the box and taking a risk like that. i'll be their first customer if the price is reasonable!

  6. Yes by all means let's drain the grid so these little vehicles can create more spinal and brain injuries because they are inherently unsafe to operate. There is no long-term thinking or wisdom in any of this nonsense.

  7. 13 – Cool retro.
    9 – Outside of the box.
    7 – I'd ride this.
    5 – These designers nailed it!
    4 – Brilliant, why didn't I think of that?
    3 – Luv it!
    1 – Tech used for people, innovation that matters.

  8. I love the idea of small transportation devices. Some of these are great for people who use public transportation in conjunction with them (Audi). I want one but I didn't see one that would be handy for getting a few bags of groceries home. Some of us have to haul more stuff than we can carry in a backpack.

  9. These inventions will weaken the natural structure of human bodies, by atrophying the body it will promote more lazy and dependable people than ever!

  10. No.5 delfast prime cought my eyes. This off road bike is most suitable for the Indian roads. Though it cost too much as of now. Hoping to have it's low cost version available soon. Oh yes, a similar electric bike is currently under test in India. It's made in India and quite cheaper as compared to this one. I hope they will be available through out the country soon.

  11. I would like to thank Cook's Pest Control for doing such a good job of keeping my rat's and cockroaches alive they're just so healthy I'll name one of them cookie for sure that's Cooks good job

  12. Очередное видео про концепты и дизайнеров пид.расов.
    Само то, что все рекламные ролики сняты в сухую солнечную погоду, это уже показатель большооооого пи..дежа далекого от реальности.

  13. E scooters are illegal in UK, except on private land,so uptake could be low. Yes I know the law is widely ignored but we have had one death and many injuries, so expect the Police to take more interest.
    Pedelec ebikes are mainly legal, so this is the way forward, especially folders for urban use.

  14. I liked the cabon car mobility scooter. What if the person needs to go over a hundred miles … And at least 30 mph. And can be rechargeable by using solor pannles on the roof on the top of the scooter and be sued like a personal ride the public transportation including cabs uber or the onther one when the person suffering from ptsd. When being around others you get nurves..

  15. 😂😂 anything over 2k you can buy a Honda PCX150 and do 65 mph for 150 mpg. I enjoy my Honda Forza 300. 85mph at 79mpg and super cheap maintenance.

  16. The cheapest price on this list
    No.6 : UmRo $1,671.82 = IDR.20.000.000 =MYR6000
    No.8 : MiniFalcon $500 = IDR.7.000.000 = MYR2100. (Tax Not Include)

  17. Yes and all of these (except for the ones for the elderly and disabled – which of course are wonderful),, but the rest,, who wouldn't want any of those, but they range form 2.5kto 10k,apart from one for 500 quid, i struggle to save up 1k,,so yeah gr8 for the rich!!,, but one the other hand we do need to move towards electric,, and when it comes to cars, the cheapest electric cars are 40k,,miat people can't afford 40 thousand pounds, companies need to realise this, and start making way more affordable vehicles,, otherwise in 10 years or so, maybe less,, there will be even more of a class divide, where the rich will have even more of a reason to look down on people who just can't afford to save the planet when it comes to transportation,, yes make the expensive ones too, we need electric cars starting at around 2-3k,,,I did enjoy the watch though,, one can dream eh!!

  18. Until Europe changes its legislation on PERSONAL mobility devices these are all useless. Busy cities should be the target for these devices and inner city- travel to and from work as this will ease congestion and pollution and so make air quality a lot cleaner and our roads safer.
    Unfortunately the truth is that Governments earn huge amounts from 'road tax' , increased tax on fossil fuels, road tolls or parking charges etc etc so any focus on electric transport is redirected towards that cash flow. The only way that these devices will become mainstream is if the general public ignore the Gov and buy and use them in greater numbers therefore creating a need for the change in law. There are nearly 9 million people living in London , if 50,000 civilians started using these as transport to and from education/work etc the law would change almost overnight. This would create a demand for these products and kickstart small/medium business growth as more manufacturers spring up to meet an ever demanding market.

  19. Thank you for directing my eyes to an arrow because without knowing that is where to find the descriptions and links, it just looks like they aren't there.

  20. Have you checked Zero Motorcycles? claims to have the longest range with great top speeds, would like to know how it compares to the Delfast.

  21. I love this new collection of electric mobility platforms. Especially the e-bikes with 100+ miles range per charge, the robot chairs for the handicapped, and power chairs for small kids. Those child-sized power chairs would be a cool rental inside malls and theme parks or resorts for all kids regardless. I also thought the enclosed mobility scooter for the elderly would make for a nice mall rental also in the same locations.

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