10 Must See Velomobile and Human Powered Vehicles

10 Must See Velomobile and Human Powered Vehicles

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  1. Goze hitap eden model yalniz aoridinamik olarak guzel tasarimyalniz bir kac kisilik olursa daha iyi olabilir basarilar

  2. На первое место надо было пяти -семиколёсный велосипед поставить !! "ДЕБИЛЫ БЛ.ДЬ" Лаврова на вас не хватает .

  3. Most of them are ugly! To much aerodynamique and less design. All of them are to low and dangerous between cars and vans. And no one Talks about the view the driver has. So i think the future is : Schaeffler bio Hybrid or the podbike Perhaps a mix of them.

  4. These all seem unreasonably expensive. They're literally just trikes with a shell. Even if going electric, I'd wager itd take less than 2000 to build

  5. Don't see any of these surviving in our cty's traffic, especially considering the attitude of most drivers & limited number of dedicated bike-paths!

  6. Very informative video. There is never enough of good quality velomobile videos, so thanks for doing this 👍👏

  7. the orca is the best here. the milan looks like a sub, the quattrovelo has too many wheels to be legal at least in the US, & the rest look like coffins on wheels. how about some practical velos? for example, the pebl from better.bike or the elf from organic transit. they're both over $6000 but at least otherwise they're more practical than any of these, & better looking. the iris etrike is another example. it's around $3000.

  8. Paul Elkins has a pedal car based on early velomobiles frame , one could even use fiberglass and make a enclosed vehicle for a lot less then these velomobiles. and have multiple speeds , be lightweight . and actually look more like a car , or anyone could have a rhodes pedal car etc. and make a body for it . or the vierbike pedal car , thats cheaper then the rhodes pedal car .

  9. Idiotic looking, useless and embarrassing to be seen in. No thanks. At those prices I'd rather a motorbike.

  10. NEAT! Ideal for cold, wet climes. It could REALLY be fun if equipped with a small 2-stroke powerplant, as used in motorized bikes. Or an electric motor, but the battery would be heavy and expensive. Yeah… I'd take the gas-powered version- I could buy fuel anywhere, allowing unlimited travel distance. Then we could organize gas-powered velo bike races! Yeah! That's be a kick!

  11. 5 to 10 thousand per car A lot of money for very little. My car is far superior and much cheaper.

  12. lol too expensive, you can get a regular car for this money. this is only moneymaking for ………. .

  13. What’s with the pricing on these? It’s a fucking bicycle. I could see them them taking off in popularity at like 1-2k not $10,000 wtf.

  14. Velomobiles costs way too much for the moment. Why would anyone choose velomobile over a car, their prices are similar. Only for enthusiasts.

  15. Al – oooooo – min – eeeee – um? In any case, why would I spend all that money for a pedal car when I could buy a decent used real car for the same cash outlay? Jeez, if I want exercise, I have a pedal bike that cost about $350 with a lightweight al – oooooo – min – eeeee – um frame and 21 speeds, perfect for the super steep hills around here. The velomobile seems to be an ultra expensive toy for people who have no clue or don't care that you can buy BOTH a good used car AND a good bicycle for about the same money. Like $2000 shoes or gold faucets, just another toy for the uber rich. Oh, you've made the grade …… good for you …. but the rest of us have to watch how we spend our money.

  16. Very cool! A new bike path is being built on my street which goes to east to town or west into the mountains, can’t wait to use it! As a former large aircraft aluminum fabricater I would like to build the retro style velo.

  17. I built and rode a fully enclosed convertible velomobile for $3000.00 in 2003. Added an electric hub motor in 2005: cost $300.00 and 3 years to finish. Rode it with no problems at all, but I stopped and dismantled it for many reasons stated here- continued maintenance and repair when things wear out would be very costly, a matter of safety concerned me, and in 7 years not ONE other velomobile appeared. I loved riding it; but at 66 years old now but 1 downhill accident might do me in!

  18. I think velomobiles would be popular if the price wasn't so high problem is its getting loads of workers to build the velomobile I for one would love to produce a fully enclosed one for $3000 but I would need a factory and quite a few investors in the UK to start off with I think the market is there is you can mass produce the vehicle and you could have several vehicles one for the purists who only want human power and one for those who want a combination of electric and human power and you could build several models from low speed to very high speed Any takers?

  19. I drive a Nissan leaf, I like the idea of a velomobile but they seem so dangerous, being so low to the ground and less visible next to another vehicle at junctions in traffic etc. I would not consider putting myself in the way of such harm. They have no crash protection at all and you are much more unable to be thrown clear of a crash like a push bike, you are locked there waiting to be crushed.

  20. Most of these 'velomobiles' are brightly colored; therefore, if someone says they "didn't see it" they need to lose their drivers license until they can prove they can SEE.

  21. there are four-wheel bikes for sale in the US and they are often for rent in cities and parks around the country. Let's bring Podbike to the USA.

  22. How many velos are sold annually? They look cool. I think combined with trains and parking stations and friendly streets could save tons of car pollution I really think our children will judge us on what we do now and how we leave the earth ..

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