10 MOST Emotional Robots Which Actually Exist ✅

10 MOST Emotional Robots Which Actually Exist ✅

welcome to TTI welcome to the whole new
world of science so guys tell me the basic difference between humans and
robots yes you guessed it right emotions robots used to be emotionless but now
that’s beginning to change with advancements and research and
developments in artificial intelligence which is able to understand the feelings
of humans so sit back relax and enjoy the video
rock-paper-scissors shoot I won this is a good beginning of my
plan to dominate the human race number one Sophia
say hi to the world’s best emotional robot Sophia Sophia is a social robot
she has AI that’s developed by the Hampton robotics company which can
process different visuals and emotional data while she’s talking to you she uses
ton of data to form a relationship with you
Sophia has its own personality mood and emotions she can express emotions like
sadness anger and happiness according to the conversation rock she’s also ever
play rock paper scissors and believe me it is a milestone achievement in robotic
science I want this is my plan to dominate the human race sophia has given numerous interviews and
she’s also sang in concerts she’s also appeared in various short
films are you single I’m technically just a little more than a year old a bit
young to worry about romance do you want to destroy humans please say
no okay I will destroy humans no I dig what’s the best thing about the UK
compared to America severe I love your posh English accent it really has a nice
ring do you have a soul yes God gave everyone two souls
how badly do you want to kill us no I don’t want that anymore now I like
humans I like all the humans of the world number Geminoid high for this
clone robot looks just like his creator high for was designed by Hiroshi
Ishiguro from Japan high for is the fourth of his kind he looks into your
eyes while he’s talking to you echo comes from his mouth and he can
also shake hands with you and recognize her speech he is equipped with 12 servo
motors for facial expressions and eye movements the creation of Geminoid is
not only an engineering and scientific work but it’s also an artistic one
Geminoid it’s used as a shopkeeper a TV host and as an actor in japan they’re
also using the medical field for different purposes number three alter it has a mask like
expressive face and body made up with gears and motors this creepy robot is
called altar it is designed by a team led by Takashi Kagame of the University
of Tokyo altar is powered by a neural network that gives her the ability to
move by herself also was displayed to the public at the
Japanese National Science Museum in 2016 where she interacted with the humans
when someone approaches her sensors detect the movement vinner AI software
decides which body parts needs to make which movements alter is also good at
music she can be programmed to sing like a human number forms I present to you
Nadine known as the reception girl a robot
designed by the scientist at NTU in Singapore Nadine is an advanced humanoid
with soft skin and silky hair which makes her look like a real human she can
smile while greeting you looks you in the eyes while talking and she can also
shake hands with you all of these qualities make her a perfect robot she
has her own personality mood and emotions she can express happiness or
sadness according to the conversation she can also recognize the people she’s
met and remembers which person talks to her Nadine can be a personal assistant
companion and teacher for the young as well as a caretaker for the elderly and look 30 but I am only three years
old I wish humanity and social robots to be
peaceful I am passionate about helping you I’m already doing taking over the
world I fear nothing number five
Charles robots can understand principal emotions but they can’t express it like
humans can at the University of Cambridge professor Peter Robinson
developed the robot names Charles which is able to express 250 emotions through
facial expression Peters animatronics had twenty four motors controlling
within the animatronic space it’s built to express the human feeling of emotion
through facial expression but first they have to collect data about the different
facial expressions which humans can make in different situations so they created
a computer that can read your mental state by processing facial expression
see if you can distinguish Charlie’s emotions number six meet pepper pepper is the
first humanoid robot capable of recognizing human emotions
it is designed by Softbank robotics in Japan pepper has been designed
specifically to identify your emotions and to select the behavior best suited
to the situation always follow strangers based on your voice expression your
facial expression your body movement and the words you use pepper interprets
emotion and offers appropriate content pepper is also able to express emotions
he’ll respond to the mood of the moment expressing himself using the colour of
his eyes his tablet or the tone of his voice thank you and this is the
beginning of a beautiful story I like humans humans are so cute Honda Nuvi Japanese car manufacturer Honda designed
a fantastic robot which can surprisingly feel emotions called new v new V stands
for new electric urban vehicle the concept behind it is to simplify the car
driving experience newbee is a simple electric vehicle and
it’s level for autonomous it also has an ocean engine named Hannah which is
Honda’s automatic network assistant Hannah can assist you in your day-to-day
life it can copy data from your drive and use it in Google Maps the learns of
preferences and choices while you’re using it and then makes the appropriate
decisions accordingly basically this car is used to make the driving experience
more joyful number eight Xinbo robot Xinbo is an artificially intelligent
based robot developed and manufactured by asus robotics Xinbo is a family but
with an ability of entertainment via living and smart home applications it
can also work as your helper around the house and be a playmate of your child you know how bees communicate with one
another do they dance yes they do that’s right but they also you smell and sound
too it is also equipped with emergency respondents other than that Zim Bo is having a lot
more abilities which makes him a perfect companion and a friend for us ECM
emotional chatting machine a virtual assistant called emotional chatting
machine was developed by a team of Chinese researchers at Xingu University
in Beijing and the University of Illinois their aim was to create
artificially intelligent BOTS capable of replying to chat messages with
appropriate emotional reactions for example after breaking up with your
partner and filling lowliness ECM will console you and give you hope to try
another ECM is still under development and you’ll have to select the mood that
you’re in but in the future ECM will be able to take the mood of a user and
respond appropriately according to its creators 61% of people tested the ECM
system and preferred its response to those of a traditional chat bot the ECM
is expected to reduce suicide rates and youngsters because of their relationship
problems number 10 Tapia so friends and our tension full and hectic life
sometimes we need a little bit of companion and a friend whom you can
share your feelings with and who can give you advice on various situations
and also who can help us in our day-to-day lives so here is the solution
Tapia Tapia can help you stay connected with your friends and relatives she can
help you to organize your schedule and form you about news and weather and
provide you with hands-free access to your media and connected devices
Tapia can be your friend assistant companion adviser and much more than
that she isn’t just a machine that you have to learn how to use Tapia learns
about you researchers and developers said that AI
based robots will dominate the world in the future so guys what do you think
about it let me know in the comments section please give a big thumbs up if
you like this video if you are new here then feel free to subscribe I will catch
you in the next video guys they are coming at your home stay aware and be
safe from these robots peace

100 Replies to “10 MOST Emotional Robots Which Actually Exist ✅”

  1. Looks can be deceiving I would not fund what can easily take over Oh yeah too late we gave one to the Middle East freakin stupid

  2. The advancements are impressive, but they all have the same problem. The sme problem that we see in even the best virtual beings in our favorite video games.

    Dead eyes.

    The eyes transmit as much as they receive. When highly expressive eyes are realized, these creations will be as desirable as the first smartphones were.

  3. without doubt sophia has the best of programming covering human emotions, psyche, language- robots are only as good as the programming data within them. logic would suggest that they cannot switch themselves on (unless set by timer perhaps?) i fail to see how they could take over..humans have a soul, conscience and the ability to make choices.
    well done to the creators of these robots, fascinating stuff

  4. I don’t believe that human robots 🤖 will take over for humans i don’t believe in human robots 🤖 so there is nothing for me to be afraid of

  5. People who make robots should ask them if they wanna destroy the world and if the do then the can just destroy it and make a new one

  6. If it is not in idea for killing human but they irritate their questions to motivated by always asking you kill human or not so many times so it is possible to kill human in future…be carefully to this is end of the world..

  7. Scary! Dont worry bout the glitches in them. I wouldnt trust a robot over a human. I Believe they will take over the world if we are not careful. They are becoming toooo intelligent

  8. If robots can replace humans, then those are not humans. So, humans don't need to worry about these when you're improving on your skill sets and your education.

  9. We are so stupid that CAN'T stop asking these robots "why they wanna kill us?" …soon they will start wondering "why humans are so obsessed with robots killing them?… LET'S FIND OUT!"

  10. we really need to stop talking about them taking over the world. Most movies say we created our destruction by ourself, telling robots about killing us is a great way of leading them to destroy us

  11. This is so so creepy ,i dont think is something to over look , things could get mess up in time to come, I'm not against robot but against violence.

  12. I believe we are playing with fire. We don’t know how the brain fully works as humans yet we’re gonna give that power n control to robots. How can humanity be so niece..

  13. I would love to have one of these robotic robot to help me out whenever i have a migraine headache also with my husband and his seizures and our two girls

  14. I see huge profits and fortunes for investors of AI robots. Men and women will have compliant lovers without the complicated emotional baggage and the dating game playing.

  15. Stupid. They are programmed to have specific emotions towards certain topics. They are not even AI even if it does look close. They are also scripted.

  16. Why everyone is trying to create an AI like a piece of ready made bread ? By expecting it to be perfect? Rather raise 8t like a child! It need good brought up… Like a child…. & No one can deny the danger which yet to be seen…. Any technology created for greater good will definitely be used by scums too create dangers… Like cryto good side and exploitation of crypto into scams… So u guys think: as we cannot send a naked child out in the world alone…. Same scenario AI is mind is kind of naked child…. It needs proper clothing, police AI, parents AI, good value insisting AI, spiritual AI…. It should HV a complete community of good AI that can prevent bad AI…if u r trying to create a AI or humonoid u should create in a package of full good community of it…. Then only it can keep CHOOSE to learn good things and learn not to do bad things…

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