10 Leaning Vehicles | Innovative Trikes and Electric Three Wheelers

10 Leaning Vehicles | Innovative Trikes and Electric Three Wheelers

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  1. only the Wesl Quad ATV is innovative and should be put into production, the first three vehicles and other three-wheelers a piece of shit, with poor design.

  2. Nice video! Congrats!
    What about the GG taurus (http://ggtaurususa.com)?
    the Peugeot Onix Supertrike? (http://www.peugeotdesignlab.com/en/projects/onyx-projects/peugeot-onyx-supertrike-concept)
    the Yamaha Tesseract (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPTXh3a9-fE)
    the Quadro 4 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1YhBURPbQZY)
    In my opinion, even the Dodge Tomahawk should be in the video.
    Take care!

  3. Double the amount of tires is not double the amount of breaking power 😀

    Breaking Power is traction of the tire * weight being put onto the it.

  4. Vehicles that lean can use camber thrust to turn the vehicle. That is why cones (Styrofoam coffee cups) turn in a circle when you roll them. The big end wants to turn the same number of times as the small end and it has to turn in a circle to do this. Upright vehicles use slip angle related turning thrust. NASCAR oval cars can be set up with camber to the left so that they have to actively turn right to go straight. So if you only turn in one direct non-neutral camber can be useful. There is nothing funnier than an upright trike that uses rounded motorcycle tires that don't lean.

  5. Zev's trike my pick , its versatile as it can be driven by both men and women and some goods can also be carried on it and it's electric so more savings on fuel and maintenance.

  6. Can am spyder could use a dual hub pivoting tire system for the rear wheel with a one piece rock arm that has a mini swash plate pump motors for a split power system built right into it that acts like a transmission and also a breaking system for the vehicle. Be neat to develop a fully electric hydraulic version. 😊

  7. Solid state electrolyte and graphene power cell technology with organic carbon power cell technology used with tesla coils to produce a super conducting energy loop between two tesla coils with zero energy loss with an advanced solid state power cell in between the tesla coils causing the power cell to generate high frequency electricity from the crystal structures being affected by the high energy communications wave passing through it with wireless power transfer to provide power to hybrid electric motors. A electrical vehicle that would need no charging and would have unlimited range. The electrical power generation system could also be used in recreational vehicles and for home power systems has well. With a minds eye design a graphite airogel tunnel with a super sonic transit system that operated off super conductor levatation is not really that science fiction is it? Dare to dream for graphene airogel boom tubes were motorcycles could use super conductors to zip at high speeds breaking the sound barrier and have all that energy translated into electrical energy from being absorbed by the graphene airogel boom tubes. Feeding the need for speed and powering things up! 😵😲😱😂

  8. ④Can-Am Spyder これは実車見ましたが欲しいですね!! 二輪のBikeとは全く違ってリバーストライクの面白さがあります=3

  9. 2017 well we can't make hover vehicles yet guess we better make things lean to feel like it's an accomplishment an futuristic lol worthless and ugly imo. looks like just more parts to buy and maintain. ole rapist Willy said we'd have flying cars by 2000 hehe moron.

  10. И опять тупиковые "новинки" . Только Тоета' (х.ета') подобралась чуть ближе к ПРАВИЛЬНО наклоняющемуся трайку , остальные совсем мимо пролетают. Но и Тоета' ДАЛЕКО не ТА !!!

  11. several interesting ideas, my only question is why they don't use a generator like power source that I had when I was a kid, I had a head light on my bicycle with a generator that you hooked to the front forks, when you needed it you flipped a switch and the head of the generator pushed down against the front tire and as you rode along it provided power for the head light. the faster you went the brighter the light. I have not seen one for years but it worked great. I CAN NOT believe that these so called geniuses can't figure this out , it's works and it's simple!

  12. Have you seen the ZEV Electric LRC-T titlting bike. It is in production and has been delivered for about a year. Sort of like an MP3 but all electric, 80 mph, over 100 mile on a charge

  13. Well what I meant is their has to be a way to use tires break drums , something that is all ready turning that you can use to generate power back into the battery!

  14. السلام عليكم انا ما اعرف اتكلم انجليزي لاكن با قلك استمر يا وحش الله يوفقك

  15. Ugly stupid bikes! What if it had apuncture in one of the front wheels? Hidious. ! The Alien 👽 bike. Ha ha ha.

  16. I love the Yamaha Niken leaning trike, and the riders stormtrooper armour is cool too. how many weapon mounts does it have?

  17. These vehicles don't catch on because they perform poorly and look asinine. Yamaha is going to sell more grand pianos than Nikens to U.S. motorcyclists.

  18. You know? It wd be much more interesting if we'd get d price W/it! Cz it's like watching a movie W/O D END !!!

  19. You are mixing concepts…..production models and private ideas in this compilation. The yamaha with the 2 front forks and wheels is really coming. The first one….the concept is amazing and its very old. It would be an incredible machine for all of us IF IT were to make it to production. I guess too complicated.

  20. Fifty, not fit-t. Voice over announcers should have proper diction, and models should be human instead of robot.

  21. Three-wheeler from Ukraine 🙂 recomendet to watch!) its so Funny


  22. Check out the video (Weight shift control kart). It’s a green kart that you steer by shifting your weight side to side and push back to apply brakes

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