10 Impressive New Caravans Motor Homes and Camper Vans 2018

10 Impressive New Caravans Motor Homes and Camper Vans 2018

– [Narrator] From
affordable on any budget, to what were they thinking? These campers are all a sight to behold. This is Reacher and
here are 10 camper vans, caravans and motorhomes that’ll make you want to sell your house. (melodious instrumental music) – [Narrator] Number 10. – [Narrator] This handy
little caravan from Winnebago is perfect for starting up this list. And though it may look smaller than most it’s got just about everything
you’d need for a camping trip and more than enough room to put it in. When you consider that it has
eight different floor plans, you may begin to question if the company might
have been overdoing it. But each one is set up
in a very intuitive way that maximizes every bit
of the available space. So Winnebago, if you’re listening, give those people a raise. It’s built on a framework
measuring anywhere from just under 27 feet to
just under 29 feet in length depending on which of the
aforementioned floor plans are chosen. Each has a height of 10
to 10 and a half feet and a width of eight feet. And for the taller people out there the interior height is
six and a half feet, so you’re probably good to go. Each one comes standard with a lounge area that contains a dinette table
and a seating arrangement consisting of either a
couch, a u-shaped bench, standard bench seating or a
mix of the different styles. This may already sound like a tight fit but the seating is housed
in the power slide out which provides extra
floor space when extended. The kitchen area consists of a double door refrigerator freezer, a microwave, a double bowl sink and a triple burner cooktop with an oven. Some of the floor plans include an additional dual burner
cooktop, sink and refrigerator that can be accessed externally. All but one of the floor
plans has the sleeping area at the front of the trailer. All of the bedroom areas
have a walk around queen bed, a nightstand and a wardrobe. Additionally, some also have an extra door that opens from the
bedroom to the outside. The bathrooms are spacious as well consisting of a toilet with
a foot pedal flushing system, a sink with a large countertop
and vanity mirror above and a fully enclosed stand-up shower. Other features include
an audio/video system with external speakers, a 26
inch LED TV in the lounge area, USB charging ports, an electric
awning with LED lighting and full linoleum throughout
for easier cleaning. Pricing on this one starts at $30,600. – [Narrator] Number nine. – [Narrator] Although its color scheme may give you the impression
of a basic design, this is every bit of what a
contemporary caravan should be. The box shape with its rounded ends and slightly arched roof
measures 30 feet in length and eight feet in width with an internal height of just
over seven and a half feet. In the rear is a lounge
area with bench seating that forms an almost complete circle around an adjustable dining table. Backed up to that is a kitchen area with an l-shaped countertop that offers a generous
amount of working space as well as a three burner cooktop and large stainless steel sink. Next to that is a 150
liters slimline refrigerator with a removable 15 liter freezer. Next to that moving
forward is a split bathroom with the washroom and toilet
on one side of the bedroom door and the shower on the other. The washroom has a
rotating cassette toilet and a large corner sink with plenty of counter space
and mirrors on each side. The shower area has more than enough space at almost nine square feet. Travelers have their
choice of a queen-size bed or two double beds. Pricing on this one is
currently around $39,000. – [Narrator] Number eight. – [Narrator] If you ask
for liner style quality in a low-profile motorhome, this is the company you’d ask and this is the vehicle you’d expect. It comes in two models
offering differences in the sleeping and seating accommodations with links of just under 23 feet and just over 24 and a half feet. The slim design does a good job of hiding the almost seven and a half feet width. The bedroom area is housed in the rear with the choice of either a
queen bed or two twin beds. Multiple storage areas
are available for use both under the beds and in the floor. There’s also a sunroof
and two side windows that allow natural light and air flow. Moving forward there’s a
uniquely styled bathroom that has a cassette toilet
and wash basin with a mirror that both rotate into
compartments in the wall allowing for a larger shower space that includes a bench area. The kitchen is concealed
and what appears to be a regular cabinet but when
the flip top lids are opened it reveals a dual burner cooktop and sink. Opposite that on the
other side of the vehicle is a slimline 14 liter refrigerator with a freezer and bottle drawer. The lounge area has two choices of seating either in a double bench
style with a removable table or a single bench and
extra captain’s chair with an extendable bar area. This seating can be modified to create an extra twin bed if needed. The base price for this one
currently starts at $77,000. Be sure and hit the subscribe button and click that bell icon to stay up to date on
all our latest videos. – [Narrator] Number seven. – [Narrator] This low profile coach with its distinctive curvy rear panel has exactly what you’d need, assuming you like the
features of a higher-end more luxurious motorhome. It’s mounted on the camper
version of Fiat’s chassis giving it a length of 23 feet and a width of just over
seven and a half feet. The powertrain consists of a 2.3 liter MultiJet turbo diesel producing 130 horsepower to a
six-speed manual transmission. The lounge area can
accommodate up to six people using the swiveling cab seats. The kitchen area has a
slimline 150 liter refrigerator with a removable 15 liter freezer unit. Across from that is an
l-shaped counter area that contains a sink with
a cutting board cover and a three burner stove top. The bathroom area takes the same approach with the toilet and sink
directly across from the shower. The washroom has an l-shaped
counter with a sink, mirrored cabinets and a cassette toilet that rotates to maximize the usable space. A sliding door allows access to this area from either the front or the rear which lets anyone using it do so without disturbing anyone
in the other areas. The shower area has sliding
doors to fully enclose the user with a space for standing as well as a bench for sitting if needed. The bathing facilities
flank a wooden sliding door that offers privacy to the bedroom area which can sleep two people
comfortably in the double bed. A drop-down bed in the lounge area which doubles as the ceiling offers sleeping space for two more people. There are plenty of other features that come standard in the Optima Premium which are normally only found at larger more expensive motorhomes. If you’re interested in getting one the starting price is around $80,000. – [Narrator] Number six. – [Narrator] This camper van has the design features and functionality needed for longer trips with the feel of a van geared more towards recreational outings. It’s based around a RAM ProMaster 2500 van with a 3.6 liter V6 engine
providing 280 horsepower to a 6-speed automatic transmission. The chassis has a length
of 19 and a half feet, a width of just under seven feet and a height of 9 and a half feet. Bench seating and the rotating
captain’s chairs in the cab can accommodate up to four people at the fold up dining
table in the lounge area. The kitchenette has a sink,
a dual burner cooktop, a microwave oven and an
88 liter mini fridge. The fully enclosed wet bath has
a swiveling cassette toilet, a fold down sink and a shower head which doubles as the sinks faucet. There’s also a large wall mirror as well as a vanity mirror above the sink. The sleeping area is located
in the rear of the van. The fold down platform has a
foldable queen-size mattress which can sleep two people. The sleeping capacity can be doubled by converting the lounge
seating into a double bed. There’s also two larger models built on the RAM ProMaster 3500 van. The Aktiv 2.0 and The
Aktiv 2.0 Loft Edition both offer more generous accommodations with the Loft Edition having a pop-up that creates an extra sleeping area about the size of a double bed. The starting price on this
one runs about $93,000. – [Narrator] Number five. – [Narrator] Don’t let the
design of this one mislead you with its single side windows
on a plain wide exterior. Although it looks simple it’s what you can’t see that counts. The fiberglass monocoque body measures just over seven feet wide, 17 and a half feet long and nine feet high with a dry weight of
just over 5,700 pounds. It sits on a Volkswagen T6 base with a powertrain
consisting of a two liter 150 horsepower turbo diesel engine with an automatic transmission. The unique placement of the entrance door at the rear of the right side creates a more intuitive
use of the living space. This, along with the two
large windows and sunroof give it the feeling of a much larger area. The kitchenette includes
a dual burner cooktop, a mini-fridge and a sink with
the chopping block cover. Opposite that is a dinette
area with a removable table and a choice of either bench style seating or a single l-shaped bench. There’s also a wet bath which
includes a swiveling toilet, a handheld showerhead
and a sink with shelves and a vanity mirror above. The bottom of a drop-down
bed doubles as the ceiling and when lowered can sleep
two people comfortably with a capacity up to 770 pounds. If needed, the dinette
seating can be converted to another bed to double
the sleeping capacity. Pricing on this one will currently run you of about $102,000. – [Narrator] Number four. – [Narrator] No list of
this kind would be complete without at least one
vehicle from Winnebago. This entry into the Class C
market offers two floor plans measuring 29 and a half feet and 32 and a half feet in length with the width of just under eight feet. It sits on a Ford E-450 chassis with a 6.8 liter V-10
producing 305 horsepower with a six-speed automatic transmission rounding out the powertrain. The larger of the two
has three slide-out areas whereas the smaller one only has two. The lounge areas can
seat up to seven people using the swivel captain’s
chairs and bench seating. The galley area has a
three burner cooktop, a microwave, a slimline refrigerator and a stainless steel double bowl sink. There’s also a sink cover that sits flush with the countertop and an extension adding
more space if needed. The bathroom in the larger
unit is a split style with the washroom and the shower area is separate from each other. The washroom has a porcelain toilet, a sink and a vanity mirror. The shower sits opposite with
a retractable sliding door and a removable showerhead. Both models have a
walk-around queen sized bed in the rear with nightstands as well as extra sleeping accommodations which can be made by
modifying the lounge seating. The starting price on
this one is $140,000. – [Narrator] Number three. – [Narrator] There’s a mix of things that make an all-terrain
motorhome worth having. The ability for long-range travel, the right amount of luxury that says home and a chassis that can handle it all. Sunliner Habitat HA3 is
all of that and more. It sits atop of Ford Ranger 4×4 XL chassis that’s been modified to
handle the extra weight and higher center of gravity. The over cabin design
measures 19 feet in length and just over seven feet in width with a height of nine and a half feet. The powertrain is a 3.2
liter 5-cylinder turbo diesel coupled with a six-speed
automatic transmission producing 145 horsepower. The living area consists of
horseshoe shaped bench seating with a collapsible table in the rear. The kitchenette includes a 90 liter single door
fridge freezer, a microwave, a dual element ceramic cooktop and a sink with a water
purification system. Opening the door to the wet bath shows a 20 liter cassette
toilet, a vanity mirror, a sink and a handheld showerhead. There’s room to sleep up to four people with the cab-over bed in
the rear bench seating which converts to an extra bed. Other features include an external shower, a 22 inch LCD TV, a
bluetooth stereo system with internal and external speakers, external cameras and security lighting, a wind out awning and a dual power supply consisting of a 150 watt solar panel and a 150 amp hour battery. All this can be yours
for just over $141,000. – [Narrator] Number two. – [Narrator] If you live in a nothing but the best will do world, and this RV from Airstream is probably one you want to consider. The iconic brand is well known for its high-end craftsmanship and it shows with the inclusion of over 50 best in class features. The company collaborated with
Mercedes-Benz on this one, not only for their safety and technology but also for the powertrain which employs a three liter
V6 turbo diesel engine. The interior houses a living area with a slide-out that allows the use of a 73 inch Murphy bed which folds into the wall when not in use. A 40 inch smart TV with a
sound bar can raise out of or lower into a counter top hideaway at the touch of a button. There are also two pedestal tables which can be locked into
the floor if needed. The kitchenette includes a
full-size aluminum refrigerator, pullout shelving, a microwave,
a dual burner stovetop, a sink and a drop-in waste basket. The bathroom includes a sink, toilet and a fully enclosed stand-up shower. Luxury is definitely the word on this one with a starting price of $221,000. Before we shock you with
our awesome number one, don’t forget to leave a comment, letting us know which one of these you’d like to see parked in your driveway. – [Narrator] Number one. – [Narrator] One of the biggest concerns when buying a motorhome is space, hence the addition of slide outs. This was obviously on
Protec’s collective minds when they designed the Q18 because someone got the bright idea to make the whole of
each side a slide-out. Literally, front to back, top to bottom. The vehicle measures
in at 26 feet in length and just over seven and
a half feet in width which increases to 11 and
a half feet when expanded. Upon entering, there is a dinette area with horseshoe-shaped seating
and a removable table. The kitchen includes a
stainless steel sink, a three burner cooktop, a full-size 160 liter
refrigerator with a freezer and an extra pullout worktop to supplement the counter space. Staying clean isn’t a problem as the Q18 comes with a vanity area which connects to a separate
and closed shower area. The base price on this
one starts at $254,000. – Hey guys, this is Katsy. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Tell us in the comments below what you found to be the
most interesting and why. Also if you haven’t done so yet, make sure to hit the bell notification next to the subscribe button to stay up to date with
all of our latest videos. Thank you for watching,
I’ll see you guys next time. (melodious instrumental music)

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