– [Glen] When it comes to camping, there is no such thing as
too far away from the city. But not all campers are off-road capable, so if you want to get as far away from civilization as possible, it’s not always easy. I’m Glen with Minds Eye Design and we’re bringing you
ten all-terrain campers for your next expedition. (music) – [Woman] Number ten. – Bliss Mobil makes expedition vehicles in a multitude of sizes. Sizes vary from 11 foot long
trailers, at the smallest, and 20 foot long trailers at the largest. All the trailers they make
are truck independent, meaning you can have them
make you a custom one or pick a vehicle from
a list of manufacturers. Each container has a multitude of options including the number of
beds, seating arrangement, and kitchen appliances. Each model comes with a solar power option to keep you off-roading for longer, as well as a full kitchen
area and a bathroom. Pricing starts out at $100,000. (music) – Number nine. – Available for the Dodge
Ram 5500 or the Ford F550, the Adventure truck camper has everything you need
for a long excursion, fit into a small package. With the truck, the camper has a length of 21 and a half feet or
six point five meters and is only seven and a half feet wide or two point three meters. The camper is a custom, one
piece molded composite body, and comes with a ton of features. It has 600 watt solar panels on the roof, four spotlights fixed on
the front of the camper, a built in roof rack over the cab, fog lights and a wench
attached to the front bumper. Integrated skylight, a
rooftop air conditioner, and that’s just what’s on the outside. Inside we have a full
bed with room for two, a full galley with sink,
stove top, microwave, and refrigerator and an enclosed bathroom with sink, shower, and toilet. Pricing on these start
out at around $198,000. (music) – Number eight. – The daily four by four is
already a beast of a car, being able to travel up
45 degree hills, easily, and wade in two feet of water, or just over half a meter, but now there’s a whole
camper on the back of it. This vehicle looks pretty
rugged on the outside while inside carries all
the comforts of home. The Daily has everything you need, including a bed, microwave,
refrigerator, full bathroom, three-burner stove top,
oven and a dining area, as well as lots of storage. On the outside, there
is even more storage. A pull out cooler and even
a pull-out outdoor galley. Pricing starts out at around $200,000. (music) – Number seven. – Did someone say, year-long camping trip or was that just the thunderous sound of the Global XRS 7200 behind me? This six wheeled monster is
not your grandpa’s motor home. This is a full on house that’s nicer than most
New York City flats. Probably about the same price, too. There are a few options for solar panels that feed into a network
of lithium ion batteries to keep you powered all the time. It comes standard with
lots of extra storage, and awning, full kitchen,
and full bathroom. But it also has space
for a washer and dryer, and a motorized lift
for recreation vehicles. Oh, and behind that
recreation vehicle, yeah, there’s a spot for a whole car. For bugging out, camping
out, or a noematic lifestyle, the Global XRS 7200 is a win. Pricing starts out at
around 1.1 million dollars. (music) – Number six. – Winnebago has been a household
name for quite awhile now and with good reason, they make great RV’s. However, their customers
wanted to go further than their RV’s would allow them to, so Winnebago answered
that need in the form of the Revel four by four. Built on a Mercedes Sprinter van, the new Revel has full four
wheel drive capabilities and all the popular
amenities of a Winnebago. With solar panels to supply
power to your batteries, refrigerator and lights, it also comes with a full
kitchen and bathroom, that doubles as a storage closet. The bed is fitted on a power
lift so you can store it right up against the roof to carry all your toys in the back. Pricing on this one starts
out at around $150,000. Before you break out the map
to plan your next adventure, don’t forget to like and subscribe, then ring that little bell icon to stay up to date on the
latest from Minds Eye Design. (music) – Number five. – The people over at Ziegler Adventure, have created the Mog Home which looks pretty much
exactly how it sounds. Built on a uni-mog body, the outside may look rough and tumble, but the inside is more beautiful
than some peoples homes. The uni-mog body means you’re going to be able
to get wherever you need, whether it’s up mountains, over boulders, or through a stream. The modern interior of start contrast to the rugged exterior, is necessarily an entire home on wheels. A full bathroom, as well as a
full kitchen and dinette area, comes standard. The bed is on a powered
lift above the dining area to save space when you’re not sleeping. The price of unbridled adventure, starts out at $370,000. (music) – Number four. – Owning a sportsmobile classic, is like owning a Volkswagen bus that has been taking
steroids for the past year. It’s a lifted four by four van with completely renovated
interior and a pop top. It’s tough enough to get you most places that all those other
off-road vehicles can get. With the sportsmobile, when you get there, you can pop the top and set up camp. This bus can sleep four with
a full size fold out bed in the back and another
bed hidden in the pop top. Solar panels on the top supply power to the refrigerator, microwave,
and electric flush toilet. All of the water tanks
are stored internally, and insulated, for all of your winter
camping expeditions. It comes with a roof rack
and the option of an awning, as well as a ton of storage options. The four wheel drive conversion gives you the advanced options
of running the vehicle in front-wheel drive, rear-wheel
drive, or four-wheel drive. The pricing on these
start out around $120,000. (music) – Number three. – The Earthroamer XV-LTS is one of the meanest looking
campers on the market. Built on a four-wheel drive,
turbo diesel, Ford F550 chasse, this one piece camper body is entirely self-sufficient and all-weather capable. The roof of the vehicle
is lined with solar panels and coupled with a 12,000
watt hour battery bank, a water tank that holds 85 gallons, or 320 liters, and two gas tanks that can
hold a combined 95 gallons, or 360 liters. So when you get to your destination, you don’t have to leave or worry
about running out of power. Inside this fantastic camper, you’ll find all the comforts of home, including, a large living area, dinette, and full galley, full
size bathroom, television, and full surround sound. It has enough room to sleep four people with the full size bed over the truck cab and a fold out bed in the living area. In all honesty, I’d live
in this thing full time. Pricing starts out at around $280,000 with a multitude of options
to increase that number. (music) – Number two. – SLRV Expedition vehicles, has taken the Isuzu FTS800 and transformed it into this monster of an expedition vehicle that you see now. They took the truck, which was already an
off-road capable vehicle, and added a suspension upgrade,
upgraded offroad tires, a long-range fuel tank, roof
rack and windscreen bars, a front and rear wench, and
a compressed air system. And that’s without the capsule. The interior of this motor home has a few different floor
plans for you to choose from that maximize space
according to your needs. They all come with solar
panels and batteries for entirely independent power. It even has a back up generator. It has a full kitchen, dinette, and even a full size bathroom. The beds depend on your floor plan, with some coming with bunk beds, along with the primary
power-lifted full size bed. The water storage on this
can hold up to 132 gallons, or 500 liters, with multiple tanks to maximize
your time out in the wild. Pricing starts out at around $500,000. Before we show you our number one pick, don’t forget to comment down below and let us know which one of these campers were your favorite. – Number one. – Built onto the incredibly durable and impossibly robust, Mercedes Zetros, this camper knows no limits. A German company, Hartmann,
custom builds cabins like these, for the Zetros and other vehicles. Now because these are all custom, the interior is entirely
dependent on your decisions. The interior of this one looks like one of those fancy uptown spas. Because of the size of this thing, you have many options for amentities, including having a full bedroom, a full kitchen, dining
area, enclosed bathroom, and honestly, anything
else you can afford. The truck can come
equipped with solar power, for all your electricity needs, as well as storage for
a back up generator. If you’re planning a trip
that may take a year or more, then this is the vehicle for you. Pricing on this one is
going to start out around one million dollars. – Hey guys this is Cassie, I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Tell us in the comments below what you found to be the
most interesting and why. Also, if you haven’t done so yet, make sure to hit the bell notification next to the subscribe button, to stay up to date with
all of our latest videos. Thank you for watching, I’ll see you guys next time. (music)

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