10 Best Vehicles to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

10 Best Vehicles to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

What’s up YouTube, it’s that time of year when end-of-the-world and zombie apocalypses has become popular on the Internet
Don’t worry because we have you covered with these awesome vehicles that could get you through any doomsday scenario. Minds Eye Design
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Number Ten
The Rally Fighter
Local motor is in Arizona makes some awesome vehicles anything from fully electric to just badass
Check out this rally fighter
Of course. It’s an off-road vehicle
So if you need to avoid any highways or byways when you’re getting out of Dodge
You can take this vehicle literally anywhere. Its engine is a
6.2 liter, puts out over
450 horsepower, and
424 pounds per feet of torque. Oh and if you want to get it before a zombie outbreak happens,
it’s completely street legal in all 50 states
Number Nine
The Caterpillar D9R Armored
This one might be a little harder to get your hands on, but if you happen to see one of these just sitting around anywhere,
you might want to make it a priority to grab it your survival will depend on it
The Israeli armored cat d9 nicknamed doobie
Hebrew for teddy bear is a caterpillar d9 armored bulldozer that was modified by the Israeli Defense Forces
Israeli military to increase the survivability of bulldozers in hostile environments and able it to withstand heavy attacks
Thus making it suitable for military combat engineering use
Number Eight
The Conquest Evade
Do you have a baseball bat named Lucille, but are still driving around the zombie apocalypse and a Hyundai Veloster?
Well, you could just go get a conquest Evade then you can really show Rick and his friends that you aren’t just some bad guy,
but that you’re a bad guy that rolls around in style
The conquest Evade is your ultimate armored vehicle made almost just for the end of the world
Or maybe if you’re some super millionaire that is super paranoid and needs a bolstered vehicle
Either way this vehicle will definitely increase your odds of survival during any apocalyptical event
Well, unless the planet just blows up
Number Seven
The Mercedes G63 6×6

Have you ever thought if there was a zombie outbreak? Should I have four wheels or six?
Well, if you thought you needed a six wheel vehicle then here you go
This is the ultimate vehicle made with a six by six transmission
What will an extra couple wheels do for you? you ask. Well,
Imagine having to drive through a herd of zombies blocking your path to safety
I mean, I would rather have those extra two wheels helping me out than just being stuck with you know, the standard four
Number Six
The Marauder
Do we have a family to protect and need something that can fit you your wife and kids?
And your girlfriends two dogs?
If so
This is the one for you
The Marauder fits up to eight comfortably and can take on almost any of the harshest elements thrown at it
The Marauder is rugged and robust with excellent cross-country agility and speed. It was designed to handle up to a thousand-pound payload.
This vehicle offers outstanding
flexibility and the choice of weapons and any zombies specific equipment. It also has the ability to carry extra fuel tanks,
water, and combat supplies. Oh,
and can be equipped with day and night vision devices.
If you’re looking for a long-term survival for you and your family and friends
Then go find one of these first when all hell breaks out
Number Five
The Obrum, PLO-one Concept
This one is a little different than the rest
I’m sure a lot we’re thinking well if there was a zombie outbreak and I needed to go get my hands on a survival
vehicle that could save my life then I’d probably go find a tank.
the tanks are probably a little harder to find
and I would assume the military probably would have dibs on one before you could even steal it, but if you’re in
Poland or the UK, you might have a chance to get your hands on one of these.
This is the concept from Obram in BAE Systems
This concept is a modular ceramic shell
That heats up to project different
Colors to ultimately cloak itself and almost look transparent to anyone looking directly at it
Number Four
The Rook
So this one is for the loners out there
If you like to ride solo when the world is coming to an end
then this would be the vehicle of choice. Used mainly by police departments,
this armored looking forklift is pretty awesome. It can plow through buildings and take out anything in its way
We all know when there are zombies around the last thing you want
We all know when there are zombies around
the last thing you want to do is start shooting a gun to let all the other zombies know where you’re at. Now
all you would have to do is just plow your way through.
Number Three
The Tinger Track
What do you do when you need to get away quick and there’s a lake in your way
Well, I bet you’d be more than happy that you decided to go out and get that Tinger vehicle
Now, of course, you are a trading armor for agility and the ability to literally go anywhere
No one is saying you only have to pick one vehicle
You could just as easily get any of the vehicles before or after this one and just throw this Tinger on a trailer
Number Two
The Mercedes-Benz Unimog
Now, these vehicles have been around for a while. They are also fairly easy to find on any auto trading site
This one is my personal favorite
It was very tough to decide if this should be in the first or second place spot on my list
So these vehicles were first designed shortly after world war Two and due to their offer of capabilities.
Unimogs can be found in jungles
mountains and deserts as
military vehicles
firefighting vehicles
expedition campers and even in competitions like truck trials
There are so many situations this vehicle could get you out of.
Stuck in a muddy swamp or in the desert. This vehicle will be the only lifeline you will need
Number One
The Rezvani Tank
Okay, so we covered a lot of vehicles that you would need to find primarily if you’ve lived in the middle of nowhere
Well, what if you lived in a dense populated city?
Well, we found the best tactical urban vehicle out there to increase your odds of survival
This is the newest line up to the automaker Reszvani. It’s basically a four-wheel tank, that has a six-point four-liter
500 horsepower engine, that is powerful enough to propel a tank over any terrain. With its high ground clearance,
aircraft forged aluminum custom wheels,
powerful high intensity LED lighting, and it’s awesome thermal night vision system,
this would be my top choice of vehicles, you would need to find, to survive any zombie apocalypse.
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  2. I am sorry, but there is still space for improvement. This video in particular seems designed for young teenagers more than anything else. Good research though.
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