10 Amazing Motor Homes You Won’t Believe Exist

10 Amazing Motor Homes You Won’t Believe Exist

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  1. I'm surprised that I don't see bands or other musicians using the mobile mansion. That would make all those months and yrs on the road way easier.

  2. Um…pretty sure filthy rich don't drive around the country camping in Motor homes… So was #10 just a promotional gimmick to show people what options there are and this one had it all? As a child, when I saw the RV's with that ladder on the back, I always thought there was a swimming pool on the roof…someone else must have been thinking the same!!. LOVE THE SEALANDER!!!!

  3. Minor correction, guys. The Element Palazzo is 45 FEET long, not 45 meters. Come on…think about that…45 METERS? Really?

  4. Baby eating dingo? Not funny. Dingos have actually grabbed babies dude. Joke was in poor taste….do better

  5. The caravan of the sky scares me because too high in the air and it doesn’t really have so many support elements on the other side only the middle safe and also if you’re going to be like oh I think I’m gonna go out open the door fallout to your death and I’m a kidAnd I am cautious about the people that have that for their own safety of their lives

  6. EVEN @ .25x SPEED!! too many of these images can't be seen! his editing is atrocious. 👎👎 i give up! no point in watching any more of it. 🙄

  7. what's the name of the song in the background? (I've been looking for its name for more than a year) plz help

  8. I love these asshole announce when an ad is coming up. Gives me the chance to find something else to watch so I aint gotta watch their shit.

  9. I am an RV Service Technician and no matter how much they are the problems are pretty much the same before you buy one make sure to get a full PDI and at least 2 year warranty and make sure you take some one with you that knows were and what the problem areas are to make sure they won't be an issue for you.

  10. That part about when you talked about the Australian photographer and mentioned baby eating dingos, as a true blue Ozzie it triggered me

  11. I have never seen a more beautiful set of legs on a woman , than this gorgeous lady at 2:44 : ) i rewound three times..lol…. they hired the right person.
    (i really mean that in a gentleman like manner )

  12. FYI: that 1970s toronado is the same drivetrain the GMC Motorhome uses. Grafting that to the Airstream means they do not have the air-ride rear suspension and " kneeling " ability that my motorhome has.

  13. all look awesome but the one that stands out for me is the motorhome that you use if as a boat I was wondering if it was seaworthy and how long it can tread water?

  14. the ELYSIUM RV and the mobile mansion and the Doubleback and the eleMMent Palazzo Superior were my favorite motorhomes

  15. Did anyone else think the last one looked like Howl's Moving Castle? <- editing this after reading over the comments. There's quite a few of us who think that.

  16. For the last one at the end of it you pronounced my home town Valleho instead of Vallejo next time you do another one of these learn how to PRONOUNCE THE NAME before you say it 💭😠😡😈🔥

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