07-13 Toyota tundra S-V.4 INSTALL | Headlight Revolution

07-13 Toyota tundra S-V.4 INSTALL | Headlight Revolution

Six years ago
We released some of our first toyota tundra videos ever for the O7-13
Tundra and they actually put headlight evolution on the map back then . Thank you so much for watching our Tundra video series
We’re in this episode
We’re gonna talk about what’s probably one of the most important lighting aspects of your vehicle the headlights now
it’s been six years since we’ve
Revamped that content and today we got one of those trucks in and you’re not gonna believe how far
The headlight bulb technology has came in the last few years. Let’s see
I’m gonna show you guys how you can get a seven times brighter low beam and a five times brighter high beam you can do
It in less than two minutes
Now this is the bulb
We’re gonna be installing today now six years ago
LED bulbs were not that great
And the best thing you could do in your tundra is an HID kit
Which is and that is exactly what we showed you back then now today everything has changed LED bulbs have caught up
Tremendously hid they are super easy to install and we don’t deal with a ton of those glare problems when it comes to this particular
Bulb that you might see with other kits on the market hid and LED alike
now this bulb when my right hand here is the
sv4 bulb and the reason we chose this one is
It actually fits between the low beams socket on the back of the headlight and that little sheetmetal
Divider that is part of the chassis on this truck
If you go installing any old giant heat sink fan base bulb back there chances are you might run into that that sheet metal wall
won’t fit
It doesn’t matter how bright the bulb is if it doesn’t fit your truck
This bulb fits and it is just unbelievably bright as I’m about to show you here before and after it is just silly
The low beam takes an H 11 bulb
We’re gonna be installing a 9005 SV4 bulb in the high beam
It’s an awesome combination as you’re about to see the high beam on this truck was already
Ok, and this just makes it a completely different animal
So the first thing we got to do is remove these two plastic clips here on the inside of the headlight
All you gotta do
Just get under the center portion with a pry tool you can use a flat screwdriver or an automotive. Pry tool whatever you’ve got
Get under it like so and just pop the whole thing out
Do the same thing for the top one now
We’re gonna remove this little plastic piece right here
And honestly at this point it’s loose here if your trucks never been taken apart before you might want to use a pry tool
Between the fender and the plastic piece itself, just to help pop these two little pins out
basically, you just pull this thing straight out toward the front of the truck and it releases just like that nothing to it if it’s
Never been a part before you might struggle with it, but honestly, it’s not too bad now
We’ve got two 10 millimeter bolts up top here one on the right one on the left
And then we’ve got one coming in from the side here. That’s all we have to remove and our headlights gonna come right out
All right with those three bolts removed set them safely off to the side
This headlights ready to come out and honestly if you just lift up on these little brackets up top
It’s gonna come out just like so
Now would be a great time to throw a little tape down here if you plan on working on the headlight
attached to the vehicle still
Microfiber rag underneath would be just fine go and put that under there now and we’ll get our bulbs installed
So I love working on these Toyota Tundras because they just this is it
That’s all you got to do. So our high beams right down here
And you can press in on a little tab and remove the connector
I’m sorry, if you guys can’t quite see this connector comes off just like that and you can twist your bulb counterclockwise
Pop it out just like so let’s grab our SV4 high beam bulb
It’s the 9005 size if you bought this kit and you’re at home, not sure which one’s which the 9005
Install it twist it into place just like that this thing fits awesome. It’s not gonna wiggle out of there
Go ahead and connect the driver to the factory wiring just like so
Good and pressing on this tab right here just like we did with the high beam
Remove the connector
Twist the bulb counterclockwise and this is our low beam bulb
This is h-11 take your sv4 bulb and it’s just the same thing. We did for a high beam
Twist it clockwise to lock it in place
Connect it to the factory wiring
And it does not get any easier than that. We are done. We can reassemble this truck test everything out
Make sure everything works. Great. And let’s go see how much brighter these things are compared to stock
Alright guys, this is what you’ve been waiting for our low beam lux reading came in at 90 Lux Lux
Is your usable light output firing on the road?
It is exactly the best measurement when it comes to how bright or in this case
How dim a set of headlights are 90 Lux is almost laughable. We’ve seen fog lights brighter than that
Let’s see what the sv4 bulbs can do. We’re not going to move the truck at all
This is the SB for bulbs installed in the exact same spot as our factory bulbs were in this tundra as you can see this
is significantly brighter than what this truck pulled in with we had 90 lux to begin with and we are now at
700 Lux that is almost 7 times brighter than when this truck pulled in this shop
Can you imagine driving home tonight with your truck with 7 times brighter headlights, you’re gonna see things sooner
You’re gonna see further at night. You’re not going to hit deer. You’re not gonna run over things in the road
This is well worth the money now. Let’s check out high beam now
Our high beam on this truck is the only saving grace this came in at 310 Lux
Which still isn’t super bright for a high beam, but 310. We’ll take it now
Let’s see if we can brighten that up with the SV 4 bulbs
now the SV 4 high beam is what really seals the deal here this came in at
1550 Lux
1550 compared to 310 when you need to hit that high beam switch when you’re down a dark road at night when you’re flying down
The highway and nobody else is around and you hit that switch
You’re actually going to see something a little bit different compared to when this thing rolled off the lot new
Now if this doesn’t quite sell it for you just yet check out the additional flood we’ve got with our high beam
We’re gonna see a lot more left and right we’re gonna see a lot more down low and more importantly
We’ve got an insane hotspot in the center. This is really gonna reach far
It’s gonna be just awesome for you
If you’re driving at night, if you guys have been with us the last 6 years
I just want to thank you for staying with the channel and watching us from then till now as you’ll
certainly tell we’ve definitely made a lot of improvements with the products and all the different things we can do for your vehicle now if
You’re new to the channel, please. Click Subscribe
We’re gonna revamp the entire
Toyota product line and i’d love for you guys to see all the new stuff that we’ve got for these things
We reverse lay its cargo lights fog lights. You name it? We’ve been working on it and I’d love to show it to you
Thanks for watching

10 Replies to “07-13 Toyota tundra S-V.4 INSTALL | Headlight Revolution”

  1. I’ve been with you guys from the beginning. Bought a fair share of products and couldn’t be happier. I have a 2013 Tundra, glad you’re still making stuff for the older vehicles. I almost felt like ya left us behind for all the new vehicles every year. Excellent customer service also. Looks like I’m finally gonna upgrade the headlights. 👍🏻

  2. Thank you for making this video! I really needed the updated information. Please keep the '07 Tundra series going!

    Our truck is paid off, so we're really looking to make it last & take care of it!

  3. First thing I would've done is replace the headlight assemblies. With as cloudy as those assemblies are, they're going to create glare for oncoming drives as well as hamper the performance of the S-V4 bulb itself. You could probably eek out another couple hundred lux by getting nice brand new assemblies.

  4. Boy there should be a how to video cleaning and polishing those headlights for that Tundra. Those headlights would be 2 times brighter after clean up

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