boys and girls we have three obd2
readers we’re going to do some comparing
on today we have the Autel AL319. We
have an Ancel ad 10 and we have a TOPDON
Artilink 201.
they’re inexpensive pretty easy to use
for backyard people people buying used
cars Auto options emissions checks all
three of these would be purchase off
Amazon we’re gonna do reviews and see
which one we like you know do different
reviews about them I’m gonna open up the
packages and we’ll go from there well
guys first one we’re going to look at
there’s the Autel 319 they’re
all similar units they all mostly have
two inch screens someone’s got different
functions I’m gonna plug it into my
Nissan I do have a check engine light on
so we’re gonna obd2 reader and says I
have two codes in a catalyst system
efficiency below threshold Bank more
unlikely as an oxygen sensor then does
have high miles
same code generic code so it’s not a
store code to see you know it’s a po4 3
and you can actually go on google and
put the codes in your vehicle make and
I’ll tell you what is actually wrong
with it
this particular unit will also freeze
your codes and read stored codes it’s
got tons of different features on it
most of these units are good from 96 and
newer vehicles this this particular unit
will ricci retreat generic POS p2 p3 yuo
codes you can clear your check engine
light but if you ever repaired the
problem your check engine light will
come back on this one this actually does
you know time freeze codes pretty nice
unit you can look you know everything is
we got check
ARC’s I do have it does say I have to
codes which we know we do that’s why I
have the question mark it’s a McAlister
it won’t pass emissions so that’s about
good for that unit we’re gonna try out
another one of the other units we have
well guys where you have the second unit
it is it in cell 8310 obd2 and i OBO
code reader this also works on 96 of
newer European US Asian vehicles check
engine light it’ll read hard codes with
memories read pending intermediate codes
so we’ll get it hooked up to my van
which I know has check engine lights so
we will try it I have two codes in this
vehicle as I showed in this video this
will actually show store codes and
pending codes so we’re going to go to
the store codes I have a po4 – oh and I
have a po4 3 oh and it shows you you
know catalyst system efficiency below
threshold bank – 90 % chance it’s
probably an oxygen sensor and a bank one
you can delete the codes with this
I’m not going to delete it cuz I got one
more and review on another unit to do so
we have pending codes will go to pending
codes and see what comes up same codes
so it’s a hard code it has stored them
they only stored the bank – it does live
data basically this will check your
monitors all that stuff it won’t stay on
you got live freeze frames you could you
know freeze your stuff in your cars
running so it shows you your fuel system
your loads
ETCs your rpms that’s when the vehicle
is running my vehicle is not running
your spark advance you know it’s a
pretty nice machine I like this machine
it’s you know more user friendly
it’s got some cool features you know the
directions and you know self-explanatory
it really tells you what to do and how
to run it may be good for even a decent
small sized shop or you know just your
backyard mechanics we’re gonna try the
next machine I like this one it’s pretty
nice machine nice
can’t held decent-sized well guys we’re
doing the last OBD to reader this is the
TOPDON ARTILINK 201 one here’s
the package this unit you can read dtc
codes clear dtc codes read em ILS view
freeze-framed at us i am reading this
monitor status display live data o to
system test you can do onboard
monitoring to read depending codes you
get your vehicle information VIN number
all that stuff this is internet
upgradeable it comes it also comes with
the cord to hook up to UBS port we’re
gonna try and run codes
I got an obd2 so I got to current codes
its po4 to a efficient you know
threshold Bank one then I have one
pending code and I got a bank to that
means it’s hard store code it does
permanent codes codes that your
computers have stored it’s the same code
po4 3 oh I’ve had with all the units you
can really erase your codes I’ll go
ahead and rearrange them so we’ve
already used it so it’ll reset your
till cleared all the codes my check
engine light is off we’ll show you some
of the live data won’t start the vehicle
so I mean you could check your engine
color temperature – saying 18 degrees
it’s probably about right
well we’re gonna try the data stream on
this unit buttons are pretty easy to use
basically anybody I really like this
machine because I’m not the smartest
person in the room but I figured out how
to use it so we’re gonna do the data
so basically it’ll show you you know
your fuel system one status you feel
system two status engine coolant
short-term fuel you know all four banks
their vehicle rpms your vehicle speed
your nishan timing and take air
temperature air flow throttle
positioning sensor oxygen sensor outputs
this machine’s got a lot of lot of cool
features for a reasonable you know unit
you know it’s it’s got a lot of
functions it shows you you know evap
pressure you know barometric pressures
your you know callous temperatures you
know the other units I have you know
used myself none of them had this data
stream with to this you know level you
know a lot of them have it I mean it
shows your engine : temp all that stuff
I really like this machine I think you
guys would like it you know give it a
try all three units were you know
spectacular units but I really like you
know the size of this machine the
functions the buttons you know it’s
pretty self-explanatory machine i buy
and sell a lot of vehicles I will
definitely keep this machine in my
vehicle well guys I did all three
reviews on the obd2 sensors how much
basically tell you my preference which
unit I liked the features that I liked
we all have different opinions I’m just
telling you what I like well first go
with the hotel al 319th a lot of good
functions I don’t like the size of it
it’s got a really short cord especially
if you got big pickups you know if you
want to stand outside the door you
basically got to be in the unit do work
with this really cool unit a lot of
features you know decent quality our
next unit was the and sell ad 310
another really nice unit decent size
cord it doesn’t have the IM fries
buttons like the other units have a
little slower I notice downloading your
data streams I’ve got a lot of
features I like it and we have the next
unit is the top done our two link 201 I
like to fill the unit in your hand it’s
a little skinnier easier to hold it’s
got some really cool you know button
you got your freeze data you know it’s
not your yes or no it’s like
everything’s inner you don’t actually go
into the unit to see everything and to
read everything it’s got a really long
cord so if you want to stand outside
your units and if some people got lifted
trucks or you know lower cars they don’t
want to keep squatting in and down on
this units got some really really really
cool features I personally will really
like this unit like I was saying in that
video before I buy and sell a lot of
vehicles I get yelled at it for all the
time but hey I’m a packrat it’s got some
really cool features you know all these
units are available on Amazon it really
depends on your preferences you know I
really like all three units but I like
the futures a long cord length of the
top done I will personally probably keep
that one in my vehicle thanks for
watching our video have a great day
thank you


  1. Will TOPDON AL201 work with 2000 Mazda B2500 SE 2.5L Manual Transmission. I suspect a bad fuel pump but spent $ replacing parts and now my truck won't even start. So I'm not buying anymore parts without a code scan. Thanks for your video

  2. Delpi is the only machine you need dealer grade diagnostic machine- i got one from these guys works amazing https://cartruckdiagnostictools.co.uk

  3. Torque pro app with a $5 bluetooth obd2 connector can do all this.Why is it so hard to find a cheap one that does abs code cleae though?!

  4. Tons it's got tons of features or one time I can't believe it had one ton of features but not tons how many tons belch burp belt Belch

  5. What I'm looking for is a device that shows historical codes that have been fixed and cleared. I buy a lot of 15 year old + vehicles. Do any of them do that?

  6. Dose it or any of them clear trouble lights Like ABS,.. AWD,..
    And some Scanners work on cars from 86-95 with a 12 to 16 pin adapter link.
    I think Konnwei TVL,… So do a video on that,…

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