⛵️We had a surprise with our engine bilge!! #110

⛵️We had a surprise with our engine bilge!! #110

Well, there is a mystery on our sailboat
that we really don’t know how to explain. But we wanna show you. So, let’s go inside. I don’t know if you can properly see but
this is the engine bilge and it’s in perfect condition. It’s so weird. How does the engine bilge
is perfect if it was full of water full of diesel of oil…? A lot of things but we don’t know what actually. Alga… everything you can imagine. And the diesel tank that was closed with diesel… it was in a bad shape. But the bilge, I don’t know. We really really don’t know how to explain it. But it wasn’t like this, cleaned like this
since the beginning. The truth is… When we bought the boat it was like this and we were afraid of what we were gonna find underneath of all that liquid, that we
didn’t really know what it was. And that’s what we’re gonna show you
today. So, let’s get started. I’m Roberta. And I’m Duca. And for the past year we have been building our own tiny shipping container house. Made possible by our Patrons (Thank you!!) So we can travel around knowing that we
will always have this little place that we can call home. But guess what? We’ve just found our dream project before we expected: this abandoned sailboat. So, we’re gonna stop building the house for a couple months to bring our boat back to life, and then we’re gonna go back and finish the house. New episode every Monday!! Well, and now comes the dirty part. I need to clean this little guy there, that’s completely dirty. So… I don’t know how I’m gonna do this yet. I’m gonna use this little guy here. But I’m pretty sure I’m gonna use
this paper ones. But it’s a lot of oil. I don’t know… I’m gonna show you. Cloth wipes So, she’s trying to get… I think if the former owner didn’t have put the anti fungus, fungicide, in the tank it would be like this. The same as this. So this is really really dirty. That’s all underneath the engine. Right there. Let’s see if you can see it. I’ve tried to show them it. Basically, what we’re trying to do… I mean, what she is trying to do because I’m clean. I’m doing other things right now. So, what she’s trying to do is to clean underneath the engine. So we know if there is any oil leaking in the future. We want to have it all clean on the bottom. But it’s really really tricky to access there. But she is really fin and
it’s easier. And she has long arms. I don’t know if you noticed that but… she has really long arms It’s true. It’s cute though. It’s pretty cute. She can even reach there. That’s pretty good. I guess that’s it for this part. And I need to go to the other one. But it’s much better actually. Do you wanna put some light there and show them how it is? Let me get some light there. Just give me a sec. So basically… Wow! That looks really good! That’s why I was telling you to go there. So, that’s what she was cleaning. There is only this spot on the corner we didn’t clean. I need long arms for that. Sure. But it actually looks really good, not bad at well. It’s amazingly good. No rust at all, it’s 100% rust free. Yey! That’s’s really really exciting. We had no idea if we were gonna find rust underneath that oil. But I guess the oil just lubricate and we had no rust. Look the amount of oil I took off. It’s like 3 liters I guess. More, it’s like maybe 4 liters of oil. I’m not sure if it’s just oil or oil with some water. But there were some… things on there. Algas, maybe. But it looks much much much better
than before. That’s great. Nice job. She’s everywhere. She is like two persons, right? She cleans here, there, everywhere. I have a twin. Oh! You’re twin? Yeah. (*But not) Wow! It’s really really really deep here. Can I see it? It’s deeper than it seems? Yeah. Do you wanna see it? Yeah. Just go forward. This is my hand. 4 fingers. Just be careful with…. It’s smelling bad actually. So… the main problem is how to get to that place. The main problem is how to get to that place there. So I got a wooden stick and I’m gonna try to do it with this wooden stick. Let’s see if it works. It didn’t work that well. So, let’s try something else!! We’re gonna apply some degrease and
leave it until tomorrow with some water. On the next day!! On the next day!! Powder soap + liquid soap + water And here is the final result!! Is that good? Yeah. It seemed that it was a quick job to do,
right? Not really. Actually took like a few
days to do that. It seems that only she worked, right? She worked a lot, really really
hard. That was stinky. That was the most stinky liquid we have ever seen, that was like water with diesel with I don’t know… A lot of things. Alga… some bugs inside, probably. But it wasn’t just me that worked… We had a lot off camera working because that took a long time to do. We actually did it in a few turns… like we
cleaned, we filled it with water that we didn’t film… Then we took the water off
and filled it with water and took the water off. That was like a few steps. It took so long that we did other things in between this things. What was the biggest task we did in between? We closed
the top of the engine room. I don’t know if you noticed this, if you have
good eyes… That in the beginning of the video clip we had the hatch on the top of the engine room opened. And by the end we had it closed. Yeah, it was a milestone for us. That was a huge milestone
because for months we just stepped on eggs. Because it was dangerous that every time we step in the cockpit we could fall on the top of engine. Now it feels
like we can walk around freely and safely. So so. We have the screws like this and it’s dangerous for the feet. But it’s lot better already. It’s lot better. But now what are you gonna show you is how we closed the top of the engine room, the hatch. So, enjoy it. It’s about time for the truth. So, do you think it’s gonna work out? I hope so. Let’s see if it works. Can you put it on the floor and just… In the end it’s pretty good. So, what’s this? This is the hatch for the engine that we
took off cockpit. So now we need to just create the holes and we have the seal back. That’s just the seal (AKA gasket) of the hatch. I think it’s pretty good actually. And we just need to glue this with Sika, polyurethane. Time for the holes. That’s it. Hope it’s right. It is right. It’s good. This is where the hatch will go!! Diesel Engine We were so lucky this time. It’s so good when we are lucky. Imagine that… The diesel tank was in a really good situation to have no rust: it was full of diesel, almost full of diesel, almost no air inside, it was locked… So we thought it would have no rust. And there was rust. And then we were like… so if there is rust on the diesel tank can you imagine the bilge from the engine that’s open, there is air everywhere, there is water, algas and rust from the engine on the top that could fall on the… Pretty much we took a lot of time to clean that because we were afraid of what we were gonna find underneath. And if we find rust that would be a lot of work. We would need probably to take the engine off there. It was a lot of work even though. But it’s just cleaning work. Cleaning work is
one thing. Not cleaning, a lot of dirty. But I mean it was just cleaning. I know. But cleaning is one thing taking rust
off underneath the engine with a deep bilge that would be a lot worse. So
that was great. We’re really really really excited. I don’t know… Maybe on the other side of
the screen is just like… Yeah, you’ve just cleaned a bilge, right? For us that’s like an achievement. Sorry for the noise, it’s someone outside. But for us it’s just like a huge huge achievement that we at least have a bilge that’s so good. And now as we said before we can see if there is any oil leak. Now we are able to
know because we have a clean canvas to work. That’s pretty good. But I think that’s a wrap because we just did to much already. No, we have great news… apart of this great news we have another great news. So, for this we need to go outside. So, let’s go outside. So, the great news is we sold our mast!! I mean, our former mast, because it’s not ours anymore. One of our subscribers contacted us saying that he’s building a 36 foot steel sailboat and he wanted to buy our mast. That’s pretty cool. But the problem is he’s really
really really far away in Brazil. It’s almost at Amazon forest. It’s almost a different country. He’s on the south bottom of the Amazon forest (2450km from where we are). And he said he wants to buy the mast and also the boom, the spinnaker pole… what else? The furler. The furler and maybe… an ancor. We have 3. We have 3 anchors and we want to sell one of
them. And that’s great news because… It’s good to sell the mast because it’s one less thing to worry about and also because we are really excited to sell to someone
that’s building by himself a steel sailboat, that was always my dream. So, we’re really really proud that our mast is gonna be in a home built boat, that’s really really cool. And we one day want to meet him and just stop side by side and I don’t know… cook a meal on the boat. That would be great. And to see our own mast again. Well, I guess that’s it for this week. But before we go let’s welcome
about our new Patrons. That’s really good. So, welcome on board Chumly, Gavino, Jon, Cyndi, Jessica, Pilgram. And we also wants to thank Thomas, that made a donation through PayPal. Guys, thanks so much. We really really really appreciate the support. And we see you guys next week. We see you guys next week. Join the crew

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  1. existe um tipo de toalha super absorvente da 3M (vende no Carrefour) que é feito exatamente pra remover esse tipo de coisa, o rolo custa em média 20/30 reais. Fica a dica pra a próxima vez que precisar limpar oleo!

  2. The oil preserved it and the paint that's on it. The fuel tank didn't have paint to and oil to resist water damage. Diesel will have a small amount of water in it. And the fuel tank will draw condensation also.

  3. Use Dawn liquid soap it works better than the degreaser and it breaks down the aisle are you in pump right out of there like water shut the Coast Guard in the coastal people use on the birds and stuff after oil spell works great

  4. Good to see that the engine was so good. You did a great and acrobatic job to make it nice in the motor-room. I hope you have a great week. I think so, because i see you are in a good mood, smiling and having fun. Good to see. Here its snow and winter, and the drivers of the cars has trouble as every year to keep the cars on the road. Looking forward to Christmas, were the family will be together, eating good food, and having fun. Take care, and enjoy life. Best wishes from Jan in Norway

  5. Olá Duca e Roberta !!! Que bom que tiveram vento a favor quanto ao porão do motor. E quem tem uma parceira como Roberta hein Duca. Mulher é fera !!! Falta pouco, está acabando !!! Abraços e até o próximo vídeo !!!

  6. what is good for mopping oil or fuel is sawdust, it sponges a lot, and it's easy to recover when it's at the bottom of a tank … and, when you have to to pass a rag further than the length of your arm, the extension pliers that people who rammed the papers in the street or parks to avoid them to bend, this tool is very effective … I say for those who would be led to do this kind of work …. for you, Duca, it's settled …. Roberta is busy … and you'll pay dearly when you're at sea … Roberta will be the real captain Sparrow of the ship … and you will be more than a poor sailor !!! lol … it's a joke of course …. well i hope for you …. hahahhaaaaahooouuuu hhaaaaa !!!! I am an old electro mechanic 60 years, French, and I love your videos, you are both absolutely charming and adorable … unfortunately I can not send you money, for the moment, and I regret it deeply …. I am always in a hurry to see your videos that I love! a thousand kisses to you both and good luck !!!

  7. Great job! BUT…next time try a Wet/Dry vacuum. You should be able to rent one, but even if you had to buy one they are only about $100 usd and come in very handy in cleaning up!

  8. The oil and fuel preserved it, with the fuel tank there was no fresh air so the air was very humid all the time, under the engine the air would have changed with the seasons as it wasn't air tight.

  9. Any girl that gets down on her knees, scrubs out the bulges without creating three other clean up jobs, then plastering on the degreaser is a treasure – Duca, dude, she’s a very special girl. (And Kudos to Roberta for still having a smile on your face after all that.)
    This is a great project on so many levels. Thanks for being you. You prove what’s possible and achievable when a couple who are obviously very much in love can work on a project harmoniously together.
    Respect to you both ✊ .

  10. I have had to clean out many sumps and tanks in commercial machinery that tend to be neglected and accumulate oils, coolant , swarf and all sorts of rubbish. I've found that the easiest way is to put clean sawdust in the sump, stir it around and suck out with a workshop vacuum cleaner – it usually takes a couple of iterations but works like a charm. inaccessible bits can be rubbed with the sawdust with sticks and just sucked out.

  11. Next time you have to remove oily water in a hard to reach place buy several packs of disposable baby diapers and use them to asbsorb most of the liquid before you mount the scrub attack.

  12. In English, we could have called the mess in the bilge a number of different descriptive words… Gunge, gloop, sludge, crap, goop…. but you chose nice 'polite' words!

  13. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
    Thank you for showing the unpleasant jobs as well as the fun ones! It's good to let people know what to expect if they want to restore an older boat!
    Great job! 😊😊

  14. You handle the problems really professionally. Well done and keep it up. Sail boats like to throw curved balls and the best sailors know instinctively how to handle them. Your clips tend to be really helpful so well done!

  15. the best you can do for cleaning the engine and enginebay is using steam. you can find a lot of steam cleaning equipment in cleaning equipment for the house hold

  16. It's coming right along now that you have the cover back on you can dance and have wine. Yippee, great to see you both doing well and enjoying your self. Be safe Respect differences

  17. I am very happy you were able to sell your boat parts… it says a lot in how so many people view and love in what you two are doing… Looking forward in seeing more videos… Well Done you two!!! =)

  18. Long arms are really useful when you get old (like me). When you can't find your reading glasses, you hold the thing further away to be able to see it! The surface is clean as it was a bit preserved by the oil. By the way, that steel hull is not galvanized, it is zinc metal sprayed. Its different process. Galvanized means dipped whole into molten zinc tank. You cannot dip a hole boat hull into a tank of zinc. For a boat hull the zinc is applied as a "spatter" of zinc droplets from a machine like a welder. Its not galvanized. Beautiful job in cleaning that bilge, including the diesel bug sludge.

  19. Habéis considerado cambiar el aislamiento del motor? El que tenéis absorbe aceite y huele mal. Es fácil y práctico. Los aislantes actuales ocupan menos espacio y aíslan mejor

  20. Disposable baby diapers, extra absorbing. Keep a few handy, helps with cleaning up oil and water in hard to reach places.

  21. Another job well done, Roberta is such trooper for digging in and getting dirty. Roberta your smile is so contagious, it must be impossible to have a bad day when you are around. I am so grateful to be able to watch your videos and follow along with your journey.

  22. My most valued YT couple! You are making amzing progress! After you have cleaned the bilge I can tell you a secret: The previous owner disposed a dead body in the bilge!

  23. This is really an amazing channel you guys have. I have been following you guys ever since you first got this boat. Cant wait til you sail it! Hopefully she will be ready for water in a few months.

  24. nice going there , a tip if dizeloil or oil in the boat ,, u can use gasoline makes the oil float up on top of gasoline ,, .. nice job with everything else

  25. Probably the oil and diesel leaking under the engine protected the metal. Usually a dinghy pump ($20?), gray plastic kind, is used to pump out a bilge like that. An oil extraction pump, which you may want for engine oil changes ($80?) anyway, will get into obscure places. But Roberta did an outstanding job, gobbing that out. Definitely deserves a fine dinner out!

  26. Little by little your boat is getting nearer to completion! Refitting the windows last time, now the engine hatch. I am eagerly awaiting seeing the boat ready for use. I really love that boat. A real good project. Well done so far!

  27. Duca your a lucky man. Your wife did a really great job this week. Loved this weeks episode as always and can’t wait for the next one. Great job guys

  28. I wish I was 30 years younger, then I would come over to Brazil and give you guys a hand. How will you get the equipment to the guy who bought your mast and other stuff ? A Burning question, 🙂

  29. Strangely captivating as always. Would be good to have a catch up on the To Do post it stickers from a few weeks back and a rough timeline until boat launch.

  30. Another great job by Roberta, with a little help.
    What is the big round hole in the engine hatch? Wont water get into the engine when the cockpit gets swamped? That makes wonder where the cockpit drains are? Sorry for so many questions at once.

  31. Wow you made your beautiful wife clean the bilge and she's still smiling i have never seen a more beautiful woman in the bilge before i could not have done that but its done, just wondering did you check the bilge before you started the engine you may need to check it after you run it again

  32. Great job Roberta!!! Check to make sure that there is not a missing bolt on the lower front engine cover, looks like the one in the middle might be missing!!

  33. Love your short intros… “So… let’s get started” t-shirt slogan for sure. 👌 keep up the great vida guys. And when you get sailing you have a friendly welcome in the Channel Islands. 👍

  34. ah diesel, oil and sea water.. what a lovely smell.. only those that sail the seas know that smell.. used to make me sick when I first went aboard and I would avoid those areas if I could.. but after a week or two I hardly noticed it.. What luck you had there.. no rust in the bilge.. that is amazing to me also.. Roberta I have to giggle a bit at your introduction.. "we have to postpone our house build a couple of months" Maybe you should have said "we will have to postpone our house a half a year" WHo knew it would take this long.. But soon now the boat will be in the water.. and then the fun starts eh? I can't wait to see the first video of you both with the land behind you and the ocean in front of you with big smiles saying you are heading home to finish the boat before going to the islands.. or just heading to the islands to finish the boat.. Good luck and Merry Christmas to the both of you..

  35. Não há como negar que vocês estão fazendo a coisa bem feita!. Trabalham como loucos para deixar esse veleiro na mais perfeita ordem!. Que eu conheça, são as pessoas que capricham mais quando se propõem a realizar um projeto!. Isso é excelência no que se faz!. E isso é tudo o que eu tinha a dizer sobre isso!.

  36. Yeah fun and games were had by all , bilges just suck , no other word for it and they are always cramped . the Lady is a good sport .They make white oil absorbs, now you got it clean buy some and stick them under the engine and they will tell when you run it exactly where it is leaking if at all ,thats what we do works well.Your right there is no telling what kind of alien life forms were down there lol.Take care , keep up the good work ,till next week

  37. Oil spill pads are your friends. You could have made this job a little easier for yourself if you put some pads in the bilge to soak the rancid liquid/oil up at the start. Well done getting it so 🧼

  38. hello guys if you need to clean something out that have old grease, oil, diesel in it the best thing is to you use "industrial degreaser" work like a charm

  39. There's a couple different various possible reasons as to why the bilge didn't oxidize/rust like the diesel tank…

    It starts with the definition os oxidation and reduction/redox… Oxidation is basically what causes metal to rust whereas reduction/redox doesn't allow metal to rust…

    It also may have to do with a silver coil and if you have one located inside your bilge or not… There won't be a silver coil inside your diesel tank so that doesn't apply here and would mean why if there is a silver coil going down into the bilge there would be no or less fungus/algae growth vs. the diesel tank where there is no silver coil inside and in which not being there won't inhibit fungus/algae growth…

    It also has to possibly do with water type/H2O… But first you need to know if over the long time frame of the boat motor sitting if by chance the radiator water [like the oil and diesel fuel] drained/dripped out into the bilge or not… If the water did drain out of the engine radiator and into the bilge area then it was likely filled with distilled water and that in itself helped limit or prevent fungus/algae growth… If they had regular water inside the engine radiator that drained into the bilge area it could help fungus/algae growth occur but that too might have limited the fungus/algae growth due to the possibility a silver coil is [inside the bilge area as well the next factor involved… That being evaporation…

    Evaporation and condensation… Inside your bilge there is no seal or cover on it like your diesel tank is sealed and has a cover on it… Meaning inside the open ended bilge evaporation of any condensation is allowed to occur meaning the water/H2O can dissipate/disappear… Whereas inside the sealed/closed diesel tank limited to no evaporation can occur… Plus you said they 'kept adding diesel treatment to the tank periodically which 'kept adding a liquid form back into the diesel tank which helped to offset and replace any liquid water/fuel that did or was allowed to evaporate or disappear/dissipate… Also inside the sealed/closed diesel tank there will be condensation [from the temperature changes] and as stated water/H2O won't evaporate and thus help grow fungus/algae…

    I know it may be all a bit confusing to understand but it's really not and I'll post some related articles here to help you understand… But if I were you I'd check to see if their is a silver coil/piece of metal that sticks down inside the bilge first because that may help answer better why the bilge didn't look like the inside of the diesel tank… Here's those article to read that will possibly help you understand…

  40. When your boat is done are you going to let the man who you got it off see how much work you have done to it would love to know what he thinks of what you have done to it keep up the good work

  41. Hi guys, I absolutely love your channel! I don’t know how you got so lucky but not only is Roberta beautiful,but she scrubbed the bilges while you film, what a woman!. Don’t use your camera as a flashlight in your bilge, Bilges love to swallow things up and they are incredibly hard to recover. There is still a dead flashlight in the bilge below my engine that I will never recover until I re-power the boat!

  42. I'm curious also why you did not use flush mounted screws pointed down on the engine hatch. Seems like you are going to catch your toes on all those exposed bolt/nuts. Unless of course you are planning to put in a teak grate or something like that on the cockpit floor.

  43. I have had many projects of my own and know the sense of joy when the project is complete and in better shape than expected. You have worked hard cleaning the bilge, and you deserve the happiness. Well done! Looking for to the day you launch!

  44. Duca, you are blessed by God to have such a wife. Flowers and chocolates still work. 😉 Roberta, you are truly blessed that you have found such a husband. Power tools and wide screen TV's still work.;-)
    If that sound baffling foam crumbles a little when you rub it then you might want to think about changing it.

  45. Great job on cleaning out the bilge on your boat. Roberta says the aft of the engine at the propeller shaft area was deep and she kept reaching way down then you removed the deck for her. When the two you finish with this boat and are ready to sail it will like brand new. Love watching and listening to the two of you as your are bringing her back to life. Good luck and fortune to both of you.

  46. Add some oil absorbent pads under the engine and back behind the transmission now that it is clean.. The won't absorb water, only oil and fuel. They help a lot. And yes, I hate the bilge areas on boats. Almost always so nasty.. makes you want to puke. LOL. Looks great. But Roberta really deserves a lavish supper. Ha ha.. High 5 Roberta!

  47. Ugh that was a dirty job … Well done better to be clean… Do u have any estimated time when you plan to move your boat to your home town? That will be an interesting video… Enjoy your week and looking forward to the next video…

  48. The bilge is not an air tight container. Moisture can evaporate over time. The fuel tank, however, is closed and can act like a terrarium supporting its own environment. Over hot and cold swings the moisture will separate from the fuel when hot and condense on cold metal (the top of the tank where an air space exists) when the temp drops. These droplets will hang if not disturbed (i.e. a boat dry docked for a long time) cause rust and corrosion. So many feel you either store fuel tanks fully empty and dry or completely full so no air space exists.

  49. I would say that the fuel tank water can form and then cause rust . Where you have oil it will lay on surface and protect from rust . Old barn find motorcycle tanks are very often rusty inside yet places where oil is present like chain and sprockets , no rust , hope this helps . Love watching you two Xx

  50. My guess is Oil coated the surfaces before any water got in and then any water in the engine bilge evaporated over time as that it is not a sealed compartment.

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