हिंदी – How I made my stocks market portfolio

हिंदी – How I made my stocks market portfolio

Hello investors , my name is Sagar and in this video I will explain how I made my stock market portfolio
I’ve made several videos where I explain how to make a portfolio and I will leave a card above
I mentioned something really important in those videos. I always say that your portfolio should be made according to your personality
In this video , I will explain how I made my portfolio according to my personality
I knew two things before making my portfolio. First, I don’t mind having a volatile portfolio.
This means that if my portfolio falls 20 % in a very short amount of time , I wouldn’t be worried about it
I know that’s not for everyone but in my case , it doesn’t worry me so much
This would be valid if I picked good socks , if I picked some wrong stock then in that case I will try to sell it as soon as possible
Secondly, I wanted a really simple portfolio. I don’t want to buy stocks every week.
That’s because apart from managing my portfolio , I run this Youtube channel , Twitter account and I like to help my course students as well
so I needed my portfolio to be very simple. I needed to make it according to my lifestyle.
So , my portfolio needs to be very simple and I don’t mind if it’s very volatile.
Plus , with this , I can keep the commissions very low as I don’t make many transactions.
I also use Zerodha and their commissions are very low , so that helps me also. If you would like to open an account with them , I will leave the link below.
I like their service and it’s a very simple platform. As you may already know , I own US and Indian stocks .
Many people wanted to know why do I own US stocks. The truth is that when I started making my portfolio , my first investments were US stocks
I had easier access to US stocks when I was studying medicine. As I mentioned before , I don’t make many transactions so I haven’t sold those shares.
There are some advantages to this as well. Many times when the Indian stock market isn’t performing well , the US market still does well.
recently mid caps and small caps in India aren’t doing so well but my US stocks are up 10 – 15 % so it helps my portfolio overall
I would like to mention something really important. If there is any big event in US for example, it will impact India as well.
So , if we look what happened in 200 and in 2008 , it affected India as well and that’s simply because now the economies are more connected than ever .
There is one more advantage. Technically , if I wanted , I could have just Indian stocks in my entire portfolio, it wouldn’t be so hard.
but many times , you will find some situations in different markets where you can make fast money and you don’t have to research a lot
Let me show you some examples. You may have heard about US and China trade war. This conversation was very intense in November and December last year.
I’m showing you the S&P 500 index of US and you can see that it fell dramatically in a very short time period.
I made some investments that time and if you would have invested at that time in any stock like Amazon , Facebook , Apple or Microsoft
you could have easily made 40 – 50 % in the next 5 – 6 months but you might be saying that nobody can time the market and you are absolutely correct.
In this case , you didn’t need to time it. Even if you had invested late , you would have still made 15 – 20 % returns in some months.
I know many people don’t get excited with 15 – 20 % returns because they think it’s too low but the reality is that 15 % in a year is a very good number.
You will see these moments in every market. So , if we take the Indian market, we had the NBFC crisis.
I had one stock in my portfolio and that fell more than 30 % but I was lucky enough to buy more and now it’s up more than 50 % in my portfolio.
So , you will always have these opportunities in these markets. There was one more opportunity , which I missed and that is the airline industry.
you might have seen what happened with Jet airways and we all knew that the market share is going to go towards the rest like Indigo
and that’s the reason why Indigo posted such amazing results recently. So you had the opportunity in the airline industry as well.
but you can see that these opportunities come up in every market. So, if I was tracking China’s stock market , I’m sure I would get such opportunities to make money
when you track many markets , you get such opportunities to invest and you don’t need to do a lot of research
Like I showed you what happened in the US market , where you could have made money by investing in big companies like Apple and Microsoft
So now you know why I own US and Indian stocks at the same time. This also diversifies my portfolio a bit.
Now the main question , how many stocks do I have in my portfolio ? I have two US stocks and three Indian stocks.
Now you might think that having 5 stocks is very risky so let me explain you the thought process behind it.
Usually when I analyse stocks , I don’t understand the business model of 60 % of them
Please keep in mind that this is just to explain you the thought process. I can understand the business model of the 40 % left
Out of that 40 % , I won’t like the business model of nearly 30 % . That means that nearly every company I understand , I probably won’t like their business model and I say that in all my analysis videos .
That leaves me with 10 % to work with but I won’t like the price of those stocks . This happens all the time , when you analyse stocks. There is always something that you don’t like.
At the end , the stocks I’m left with are the only ones I can invest in and that’s why I invest so much in them.
As you have so many filters , you know there won’t be so many stocks to invest in.
This is something normal and I hope everyone understands that you should be strict when you are picking stocks because you are dealing with your savings
and that’s the reason why I decide to invest heavily in those stocks because I know I won’t have many opportunities
but this doesn’t mean that I don’t diversify my holdings. Let’s imagine that I invest in an auto stock , in that case I won’t invest in another auto company
because if I invest 20 % in one stock and another 20 %in another auto stock and the sector doesn’t do well like in India
in this case , 40 % of my portfolio gets affected and that’s a very big impact . So all my stocks are in different sectors and they aren’t related
I wouldn’t be surprised if one or two sectors don’t perform well but it shouldn’t affect the rest of my portfolio
Keep in mind that if you have 5 stocks in your portfolio and one of them does really , it can increase your returns drastically
So , if you show your returns to your friend for example, they will look very good on paper while you didn’t do much in reality
So , when you have only 4 – 5 stocks in your portfolio , you focus a lot on every decision because you know the impact of one bad stock in this case
but now let’s talk about the negative points. Let’s say you have 5 stocks in your portfolio and you are very confident about them
but even if one stock goes wrong , your portfolio can take a very big hit. So , if you are not prepared to have such volatility , I would suggest you to invest in at least 10 stocks
but that’s why I said in the beginning that this portfolio is made according to my personality and I’m not afraid of volatility
and if I see that a stock isn’t good anymore because something has changed then I will try to sell it as soon as possible
but this strategy can work very well if you know what you own and I mentioned before that you don’t get good opportunities so easily
so if you get such an opportunity and you believe in your research and analysis , I would suggest you to invest at least 10 % of your portfolio
it’s your decision if you prefer to invest 15 or 20 % of your portfolio in that stock
but there is one more point left. When you own only 5 stocks in your portfolio , it becomes very easy to track your portfolio
Remember I mentioned in the beginning that I want to have a very simple portfolio.
In order to track any stocks , I will have to check their quarterly earnings , conference calls and business changes
as all our money will be concentrated in only 4 – 5 stocks so we need to be very careful with them but it’s very easy to track them
I’ve received many emails where people send me their portfolio with more than 50 stocks and I really doubt they know exactly what they own and why they even bought it in the first place
keep in mind that you will only manage your portfolio on the weekends because in my case I make videos and I’m very active on Twitter
and your case you probably have an normal job so you have limited time and I doubt you can track 50 stocks on the weekends
so please make sure to make your portfolio according to your lifestyle and personality
and if you would like to learn how to make a portfolio and how to analyse stocks , I have my own course where I also teach you how to value stocks
I will leave a link of my course below this video
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