Best Wedding Present Ever – Motorcycles Moto Guzzi V50


The wheels I always thing is a really important thing to start with, what sort of tyres. Put these classic conti classic tyres on it which I think works really well with the cafe racer look. If we look at the front end. he’s not going to ride this in the rain ever, so that’s why there’s no front mudguard. He’s going to keep this for a Sunday best ride gentleman’s ride that’s what he wanted it for. So the ace bars were perfect for it, he didn’t want to put clip-ons, he wanted to use the top yoke and the original mounts. We chopped out this little bit, normally on Moto Guzzi’s they have a solid mount, so we just have it so it looks very clean and neat. He wanted to get rid of the original switch gear because they were too clunky. As with a lot of Moto Guzzi’s the electrics are quite difficult to work with. We put on these lovely posh switches and the starter button’s there, high and low beam on this side and then we come over to the other side, horn, and indicator left and right.

The indicators are the tiny motogadget versions, so if Iturn on the bike you can see how bright they are. They might be very small, but they really show up very well in the brightest of daylight. The tank on Moto Guzzi’s can be quite bulbous and quite chunky. So we always put a black line there to slim down the tank. The paint was done by black trucks customs and it is a laquer over the raw metal. Joe who is a big cigar fanatic I’d say he wanted us to do something different to this bike, so we added these pipe, these little tubes, for cigars so when he’s riding and he’s stopped, or parked up somewhere. He can pop these on and off and then cigars will be inside it. Also came into the workshop on a regular basis to help us build the bike. So for example, he made the brackets to hold up the brake reservoir down here. He also turned these footpegs on a lathe, did those to match sort of the goldy bronze colour of the bike. He’s going to take pillions on the bike occasionally, so the seat length allows him to take his wife-to-be on the bike quite comfortably. We used Hagon shocks, sort of classic looking ones, on the back. The other thing that Joe is heavily involved with is a designer and runs his own design company called Prod Designs, and he’s really into 3D.

So these, alot of these stacks are 3D made. He made ones as a test first and then got these metal coated, which are very strong and they work extremely well. Also used a traditional stop light form a Vincent on the back which I think matches the rest of the bike, which is sort of a classic look. The silencers are not too quiet and not too loud but we’ll start the bike up in a minute so you’ll hear how loud this one is. We stripped the whole bike down to its bare frame and welded and chopped and grinded off bits and pieces that wernt necessary. The whole engine has been stripped and cleaned. The internals have been changed, new piston rings, new valves, new guides. Everything was sandblasted or vapour blasted to get back the engine to it’s nice clean look. It has a small battery under the bike, it’s an Anti Gravity battery which works extremely well. Well it’s a V50 so it’s not a massive engine, and you can get away with a very small battery on this. So it’s hidden right underneath, the bike down there.


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