Beeline Moto – Smart Navigation For Motorcycles Made Simple


Beeline Moto is a beautifully intuitive navigation device that will change the way you ride Nearly three years ago we came to Kickstarter with our stripped-back navigation device for bicycles. We’ve shipped that to over 3,000 people and it has been sold around the world ever since But we don’t just ride push-bikes now we’re back with Beeline Moto We’ve taken everything that people loved so much about our first product and poured it into finding the ultimate navigation device for motorcycles. It’s higher tech, it’s tougher but at its core, is that same concept that took Kickstarter by storm in 2015 Beeline Moto attaches to any bike in moments with the twist lock mechanism and a variety of different mounts Setting up routes just takes a few taps on the smartphone app or you can even upload GPX routes and once you’re set up, you don’t need a data connection It’s very useful to have it when we are riding in a group. You don’t always have to ride in a pack, you can have your own ride and get to the destination. You just have to follow one direction. It’s very easy.

We’ve kept the interface intentionally really simple. There are two modes for navigation. There’s Route Mode which guides you along a specific route and takes you through every single turn and then there’s Compass Mode which simply points you at a final destination and gives you the freedom to choose the route. Some of the best parts of being on a bike is that you don’t have to be hindered by traffic except for the occasional red light. Beeline gives me that freedom to move through traffic and know where I’m going but also create my own route if I need to. I love the simplicity and just being able to get the information you need quickly is amazing. It’s waterproof and shockproof and has a really sturdy mounting mechanism.

Battery lasts for 30 hours of use and it’s been charged by USB. The display works great in direct sunlight but also has a backlight for night time riding and the app will track all of your rides, so you can go back and see where you’ve been The thing I love most about Beeline is, it only gives you the information that you actually need. Whereas when I have a phone up there’s so much going on that you actually lose track of what’s happening. It really brings back that sort of purity of riding a bike again. You just put it on and it’s good to go. We’ve learned a huge amount in developing one product already and all that knowledge and experience is going straight into Beeline Moto We’ve now got a fantastic team behind us and a really great relationship with our manufacturer in China. We’re working closely with the motorcycle community and the feedback so far has been fantastic. Beeline have been excellent at asking what we want, what we need, so very excited that the new product’ coming out and works extremely well. We’re incredibly excited to bring Beeline Moto to life. With your support, we can make it happen.


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