Analog Motorcycles – Royal Scrambler On Ice


We built a Royal Enfield. It’s a Continental GT – 2014, and we turned it into a scrambler. Throughout the build we called a few of the companies that I deal with on a regular basis and asked if they would be interested in sponsoring some of the build. So we had Racetech – they helped with all the suspension. So we have the Racetech shocks and the Gold Valve Emulators in the forks. As well as the progressive rate springs. All setup for this type of riding. We also got Motone to give us some of their cool switches that their making now. We also carry them on The engine we picked up some parts from Hitchcock Motorcycles in the UK and Stan over at Moto and Motor helped dial in the engine and we tore it all apart in house and got everything powder coated and he helped put it all back together with some of the performance pieces that we put in it.

The exhaust doesn’t use a Cone muffler, but they supplied all of the parts – all the stainless steel that we used to build the exhaust. The end has a little perforated baffle inside the exhaust itself, so it looks like a straight pipe but it actually does have some internal baffling at the end of it. It’s not your typical Royal Enfield. It has a little more grunt – and a little more raw. Knowing that Mama Tried always has the ice riding on Sunday, we decided that it would be a cool idea to make up another set of wheels and stud them up for ice riding. So we built the wheels, put studs in them, gave it a different color scheme just to put some more flare into the build itself – and then it got really warm and we never made it out to the ice for Mama Tried. So here we are now in 2017 and it’s cold and we have the ice tires and lakes are finally frozen so we were able to put those wheels that we made up last year and put them on the bike and took it out on the ice. It was interesting, and a lot of fun. After we finished up the build, Dainese and AGV contacted us to test out some of their new products. Dainese sent us the D-Explorer Gor-Tex Jacket and Pants, and AGV sent us the AX-8 Helmet. I can’t say enough good things about the Dainese – AGV gear. It was the perfect gear for the job great gear for the adventure rider or the daily commuter.


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