A Motorcycle Story – Triumph Bonneville T120


I’m a Filmmaker. I like robots, weird Japanese snacks, and i have a lot of mice and trackballs. I ride a 2017 Triumph Bonneville T120. This black steed of a motorcycle has a 1200cc parallel twin engine. it produces about 80 horsepower and makes a lot smiles per gallon. So i only moved to the U.S about a year and a half ago, i came here from Israel. Back home i used to have a Korean cruiser motorcycle, it’s basically a Harley Davidson knockoff and, it was a really great bike, but i always dreamed about coming to the U.S and pretty much just buying a big-ass Harley and, when i got to the dealership, i saw this thing – right here, and immediately fell in love. I never looked at a Triumph and romanticized it’s pedigree. Like i said i never rode a classic triumph before. There weren’t any triumph is in Israel and, When i laid eyes on this bike, i was simply captivated by the build quality. The engine is like a piece of jewelry. The gauge cluster is one of the nicest I’ve ever seen. Everything about this bike just oozes quality.

The clutch just is as smooth as butter, everything just clicks right in. It’s really planted on the road, but it’s still maneuverable enough for twisty roads. The power plant is very satisfying. There’s always power when you need it. So after owning this bike for a year i had a chance to get back to a dealership and test ride a Harley and immediately as got on to the Harley, i felt that it basically had the finesse of a garbage truck. The clutch is so stiff and the bike is so heavy. So i think that Bonnevilles pretty much just ruined Harleys for me. I love the concept of Taking something and just improving it. Make it better, and making it your own. A lot of people say that Bonnevilles are a platform for customization. I couldn’t agree more. First thing i did is change the exhaust raised the handlebars by about an inch. Put in some handlebar leathers on, Panniers, Progressive suspension in the front, and gas shock absorbers in the back. i don’t think i can ever stop tinkering on this thing.

There’s a whole bunch of parts that either i haven’t installed yet, or are just on the way. Don’t tell my wife. I also have a tendency to incessantly clean the bike. but we won’t get into that. that’s a whole different sickness. As far back as i can remember, ever since being a kid, every time i would close my eyes i would always be flying. I would always be moving and feeling myself going faster than the wind like a steamer train. So whenever i ride to work, essentially I’m flying to work – if that makes any sense and i think that’s why riding motorcycles resonates with me that much. Because I’ve only been riding for 5 years, but really i think I’ve just been waiting for this my entire life. Even though it’s basically going very fast, it’s something that in my mind slows down and becomes very therapeutic and it’s a passion. it’s a need. It makes me happy. I think that motorcycle culture here is great. Every-time you ride everybody waves at you and you really have this sense of comradery and everybody is super nice and you can pretty much talk to anybody.


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